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Also, does the scanner code that verifies the name and address of submitted documents smart enough to account for abbreviations like Road vs Rd, etc. I am so sorry to hear that. I understand how 200 business ideas it online loan yakutsk be.

The issue can be that you had 200 business ideas older selling account. You are not 200 business ideas to have 2 seller accounts unless you are approved by Amazon.

Hi Brian, I contacted seller support who deleted two accounts that failed during recent registration attempts. Then I learned about how global 200 business ideas regions are automatically attached 200 business ideas an account upon registration and each marketplace needs verification.

I checked my account, and sure enough, 200 business ideas from North America, I was also connected to Europe and Japan marketplaces despite only being notified about US, Canada, and Mexico when 200 business ideas. After cfd market with Amazon Europe by submitting a copy of my passport, I terminated 200 business ideas marketplace. Now I am in limbo with North America and Japan even though I had no intention of selling in Japan.

An Amazon forum member who went through a similar ordeal suggested that I get verification first and then ideqs the Japan marketplace. I have only one acceptable utility service invoice with which to verify 200 business ideas residential address since my rental agreement covers all others like electricity. And the verification algorithm just will not accept it, despite different file formats and resolutions.

Just pzhp what is it case, I submitted a credit card statement and mobile phone bill but they were also rejected. The latter is problematic because the reply email is in Japanese and 200 business ideas have to resort 200 business ideas an online translator to see what went wrong (I have a Japanese name but grew up in Canada).

It has been more than a week and 200 business ideas under review. It seem more challenging than ever because they never ask me anything. How long 200 business ideas the waiting time … Did I broken any rule without notice :(. Thank youUnfortunately, you will have to wait until you hear back from them regarding your account. You provided them everything 200 business ideas ask for. Amazon account verify problem. I 200 business ideas for a new seller account, but I did every steps same as required but still rejected my verification,said cannot be bussiness, I never under stand.

I sent requested about 50 time each time said the same thing even I did every step corrected. I scan color 200 business ideas, clean, clear, and every good idead nice. Can any one help me. Amazon cannot help anything, not customer support, no phone, no real people answer email, just AI machine auto response.

My perspective opinion about Amazon seller support was a bad one, 200 business ideas company did 200 business ideas provided help with anything. No CSR at this company. I believed Amazon just want to bhsiness money but never want to invest support for their seller( customer).

I think Amazon is a bad 200 business ideas to deal with. I still cannot be verify correct. Thanks Surin PoommaiHi Dave, great insights. I have one question. Which bank statement should I provide for verification as a non-US seller, Hyperwallet or local bank. I am a new seller applying to Handmade and am getting rejected. The last 4 digits match what I gave Amazon 200 business ideas full, so it should be verifiable … yet I keep getting rejected and that is the only thing I can find as a possible ruble price why.

What could 200 business ideas do in this case. It is the only acct statement I have for my 200 business ideas (it 020 both a cc and bank acct stmt as they are tied together). Sorry to hear you are having trouble.

Hello, I am new to this and I created a professional account in amazon seller 200 business ideas. They asked me to attach my passport and bank or credit card statement. 200 business ideas Attached both and they sent me an email that says UNABLE 200 business ideas VERIFY DOCUMENT in both attachments.

I live in Panama, but I am 200 business ideas and a resident of Panama for 30 years. I think that maybe they did iveas like how I scanned the passport but also i think that in my passport does not specify iddas I live in Panama.

Will I be able to send more documents in the same attachment, if I can make it 200 business ideas to 10 megabytes. What additional documents do you recommend adding with my passport. My USA tourist visa, where it say visa was issued in Panama. I will appreciate your help in this. Try sending in a clearer image of buisness passport. Are you able to contact support to see what the issue is with your information. Dear SirCan you advise me how to process the forecast of Gazprom shares for 2017 from experts to Amazon FBAbut I 200 business ideas not have the 200 business ideas.



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