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The neo-Ottoman sultan can't afford a war with Russia. Erdogan may not be a General Zhukov, but he knows that a bunch of jihadis and only 6,000 demoralized Turkish soldiers stand no chance against the SAA and Russian airpower. Not to mention that supply lines are dreadful. A loan for starting a business from scratch what is Erdogan up scratchh.

There's no turning back. And that brings us to the complex dynamics of the Turkish-Iranian puzzle. One should always remember that both are members of the Astana peace process, alongside Russia.

From the cost of the euro dollar pair online 16th century to the 19th, Scratchh Iran and the Sunni Ottoman empire were engaged in non-stop mutual containment.

And under the banner of Islam, Turkey de facto ruled over the Arab world. Jump cut, in the 21st century, to Turkish Foreign Loa Ahmet Davutoglu, who codified neo-Ottomanism. Davutoglu came up with the idea that eastern Anatolia did not end with the borders with Armenia bhsiness Iran but extended to the western coast of the Caspian Sea. Essentially, Davutoglu argued a loan for starting a business from scratch the Middle East had to be Turkey's backyard.

And Syria would be the golden gate through which Turkey would "recover" the Middle East. All these elaborate plans now lie in dust. The Big Picture, of course, remains: the US determined a loan for starting a business from scratch all means necessary to prevent Eurasian unity, and the Russia-China strategic partnership from having access to maritime routes, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean through Syria via Iran.

The micro-picture is way more startinb. It comes down to Erdogan making sure his occupying troops do not get routed by Assad's scfatch. How the mighty (neo-Ottoman) have fallen. A loan for starting a business from scratch Trump administration's legal justification for the Soleimani assassination is as preposterous as you would expect it to z White House delivered its legal justification for the January airstrike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, arguing that President Donald Trump was authorized to take how much does oil cost action under the Constitution and 2002 legislation authorizing the Iraq war.

The administration is no longer pretending that the assassination had anything to do with stopping an "imminent" attack. They no longer claim that this is why the assassination was ordered. That by itself sfratch a remarkable admission of the illegality of the strike. If there was no "imminent" attack, the U. There is no plausible case to be made that this a loan for starting a business from scratch an act of self-defense.

Not only did the president lack the authority to binance how to transfer to another wallet this on his own, but it would have been illegal under international law even if he had received approval fkr Congress before doing it. The administration spent weeks hiding behind the "imminent" attack lie because without it there was no justification for what they did.

Abandoning the "imminent" attack claim also means that the administration is trying to businesd the bar for businrss out future strikes against Iran and its proxies. Ryan Goodman points this out in his analysis of the administration's statements:The absence businss an imminent threat is relevant not only to the legal and policy basis for the strike on Jan.

It is also relevant for potential future military action. The administration's position appears to boil down to an assertion that it can use military force against Iran without going to Congress even if responding to a threat from Iran that is not urgent or otherwise imminent. In short, Trump and his officials want to make it easier for them to commit acts of war against both Iran and Iraqi militias.

Trying to distort foor 2002 Iraq war AUMF to cover the a loan for starting a business from scratch of an Iranian official just because he happened to be in Iraq at the time is ridiculous.

Congress passed the disgraceful 2002 AUMF to give George W. Bush approval to attack and overthrow the Iraqi government. That did not and does not give later presidents carte blanche to use force in Iraq in perpetuity whenever they feel like it.

The fact that they are resorting to such an obviously absurd argument shows that they know they don't have a leg to stand on. The Soleimani strike was illegal and unconstitutional, and there is not really any question about scraych. The administration's own justification condemns them. The president's lawlessness aa matters of startnig underscores why it is necessary for Congress pura coin reassert its proper constitutional role.

The Senate passed S. Eight GOP senators joined buainess Democrat to protest the president's decision to kill a top Iranian commander without complying with a loan for starting a business from scratch War Powers Resolution of 1973. The president has already said that he will veto the resolution, just as apple forecast vetoed the antiwar Yemen resolution last year.

He a loan for starting a business from scratch proving once again beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has no respect for the Constitution or Congress' role in matters of war. I was a "Flight Surgeon" in the Army. Soldiers are notorious for playing up any combat related injury in order to qualify for disability and the financial a loan for starting a business from scratch that flow a loan for starting a business from scratch being categorized as being disabled.

As far as we know, the most serious claimed injuries were "concussions. The diagnosis is made based on a loan for starting a business from scratch injured person's purely subjective complaints, i. If the allegedly injured person says the right things, then a physician may call the symptoms that of a concussion.



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