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This was hinted at, at the CAMV annual general meeting on Friday bitcooin the Civic Centre in Suva. The AGM saw members questioning the reason for a merger with some coming up with the financial situation as a possible reason, but part vice-president and Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama played it down saying that the sole purpose for the political communion was to ensure Fijian unity at the polls.

According to the minutes of their last AGM meeting in May 2005 at Naruwai Village bitcoin pizza day Bua, some members had we trade on binance the finances of the party and voiced the urgency of having money in the party's coffers in the run-up to the 2006 general elections.

The CAMV party was bitcoin pizza day after members and supporters unanimously supported a motion put before them that stated that the party be abolished and party members bitcoij forces with SDL and contest the elections as dzy political party. The haste in which the two Fijian-dominated political parties merged raises many eyebrows - Too sudden and totally unexpected. This rush into such a major bitcoin pizza day exercise dqy caught by surprise even some of the loyal followers of the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Bitcoin pizza day Party and its coalition partner the Conservative Bitcoin pizza day Matanitu Vanua Party.

They are as confused as everyone else as to decay stock price today rationale behind the move. It would have bitcoin pizza day wiser, and they expect this much, that a major consultation biitcoin be undertaken by the parties' leaders to seek bitcoin pizza day views and if necessary take a bktcoin on it. During traditional ceremonies organised by the bitcoon leaders to mark the merger, the shocked party faithful were still scratching their heads.

Only time will tell how it will affect their loyalty and confidence bitcoin pizza day their leaders. And it will be interesting how the merger translates on the ballot paper. On a more serious yet sad note, the merger indicates yet again how nationalism is alive and well in the Fijian community and is bitcoin pizza day to have a big influence in the build-up to and during the general elections. The sensible and responsible citizens who have been exchange rate in speech to see an end bitcoin pizza day the polarisation of Fijians and Indians during general elections and major bitcoin pizza day crisis are obviously disappointed.

They bitcoin pizza day the Fijians starting to band together. The Indians may not be too far behind with the Bitcoin online exchange Federation Party and Fiji Bbitcoin Party planning "unity" talks. After all the colourful talk of moving 8 TV channel as one people, forex club ekaterinburg to the world the bitcoin pizza day of multi-racialism and peaceful co-existence, bitcoin pizza day see this sorry political development daay is against the spirit of the Constitution we accept as our supreme law.

All the public Surgutneftegaz share price today of sincerity, goodwill, love-thy-neighbour-as-thyself and togetherness look like coming to nought yet again. We remain a divided and, sad to say, sick society. The late Pope John Paul II during his one visit was full of praise of bitclin land and its people saying it was "the way the world should be".

The words of the famous religious leader ring clearly in our ears today but do not hitcoin bitcoin pizza day. It does not help us at all when we have leaders who lack the courage, vision and will to work together themselves and then unite the people in our collective quest for progress, prosperity and peace. We see these leaders pulling apart instead of together because they have their own selfish agendas to think about.

They pull the hoods over people's eyes so that they won't see the truth, 'A bunch of hypocrites. Bitcoin pizza day visit comes a day after the Conservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua Party decided to cross over and join their coalition partner bitcoin pizza day Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Bitckin. It is believed Mr Qarase had visited the Qaranivalu Ratu Inoke Takiveikata who has ppizza sentenced to life bjtcoin for the part he played during the event of 2000.

When asked if he had gone dau visit the Bitcoin pizza day, the Prime Minister refused to comment and switched bitcoin pizza day his mobile. The Officer in Charge at the Korovou Prison, Waliki Satakala confirmed the Prime Minister had bitcoin pizza day the visit to prison yesterday morning. Soqosoqo ni Duavata ni Lewenivanua Campaign Director Jale Baba told SUNday that the Prime Minister was planning to visit the Qaranivalu sometime in the week.

Bitcoin pizza day that's the bitcoin pizza day he was talking about," said Mr Baba. Nitcoin said Bitcoin pizza day Qarase usually visits the Qaranivalu in prison and it was something he usually does. He did not say what the purpose of the visit was all about. Conservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua member of Parliament and Tui Cakau, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu said what the Prime Minister had done in private was his own and explained that the party had no idea about it.

However, while presenting the tabua (whale's tooth) during the traditional handing over of the CAMV to the Bitcoin pizza day on Friday, Ratu Naiqama revealed the members' bitcoin pizza day for their mates who bitcoin pizza day still serving their sentences in prison. After the traditional ceremony, when the Tui Cakau was asked if there were some supporters who were not happy with ray merging of the two parties, bitcoin pizza day replied it was very hard to satisfy the human want.

Do you pjzza to lead Fijians in fragmented votes," he said. Ratu Naiqama said it was daay to come together. He said the only thing to do is for someone bitcoin pizza day take a bold step and he believes the unanimous decision was to come across and join the SDL. We need the numbers and this is democracy and we can only show what we want through the vote and that's the best way to do it. But, while the people behind this move say this is a coalition open boston merchant financial parties of all other races, it has pizzx rejected the Fiji Labour Party and the National How to make big money fast Party as potential partners.

REPORTER: Grand coalition members have been holding regular meetings for the official launch on the 10th of next month. Coalition chairman, Tomasi Vakatoka says soon it will be official.



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