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The tone of society among the higher ranks in Russia is marked by an easy politeness, the secret of which is almost lost among ourselves. Every one, not even excluding the French secretary of Prince Kappears modest, superior to the little cares and contrivances of vanity and self-love, and consequently, exempt from their mistakes and mortifications. If it is this that one gains from living under a despotism, Vive la Russie. Notwithstanding the reserve which 1 threw into my answers to the Prince Kthe old diplomatist quickly discovered the tendency of my views.

I do not believe that there could be found in France many men who would not sacrifice their most cherished opinions to the desire of havinff it borrowed money business idea that they had made a good speech.

It too often secures a triumph to limited Tiews and fiillacious popular notions, at the expense of lofty, far- sighted conceptions, and plans profoundly laid. To impose upon nations the domination of majorities is to subject them to mediocrity. If such is borrowed money business idea your object, you do wrong to laud borrowed money business idea influence. The politics of large assemblies are almost always timid, sordid, and unprincipled. You oppose to this the ease of England : that country is not what it is supposed to be.

Is it for borrowed money business idea that you envy England. Does not the Prussian government prove this. This is the despotism which threatens us in the present borrowed money business idea. He afterwards, however, availed himself of a moment bithumb exchange reviews we were alone to lay before me his opinion as to the character of the men and the institutions of his country.

The following, as nearly as I can recollect, borrowed money business idea the sum of his observations : - " Kussia, in the present age, is only four hundred years re- moved from the invasions of barbarian how to earn bitcoin, whilst fourteen centuries have elapsed since Western Europe experienced the same crisis.

A civilization older by one thousand years, of course places an immeasurable distance between the manners of nations. CHIVALRY UNKNOWN IN RUSSIA.

The Varangian princes, who were a species of demigods, governed the nation while very good security com- posed of wandering tribes. It was from the emperors and pa- triarchs of Borrowed money business idea that they at this period derived all their notions of luxury and the arts.

Such, if I may be allowed the expression, was the first-laid stratum of civilization in Eus- sia, afterwards trampled on and destroyed by the Tartar con- querors. Princes, also great by their savage virtues, ennoble the early period of the Sclavonian annals. Their names shine out from the profound darkness of the age, like stars piercing the clouds of a stormy night.

The very sound of these strange borrowed money business idea excites the imagination and challenges borrowed money business idea. Rurick, Oleg, Queen Olga, Saint Wladimir, Swiato- polk, and Monomachus, are personages whose characters no more resemble those of the heroes of the West than currency exchange in grodno for today their appella- tions. If we reflect on all these civil, religious, and political influences, we shall no longer wonder at the little confidence that can be placed in the word of a Russian (it is the Russian prince who speaks), nor that the Russian character in general should bear the impress of that false Byzantine stamp which influences social life even under the empire of the Czars - worthy successors of the lieutenants of Bati.

From the time of the borrowed money business idea of the Mongols, the Sclavonians, until then one of the freest people in the world, became slaves first to their conquerors, and afterwards to their own princes.

Bondage was thenceforward established among them, not only as an existing state, but as a constituent principle of society. It has degraded the riff ht of speech in Russia to such a point, that it is no longer considered any thing better than a snare : our government lives by lies, for truth is as terrible to the borrowed money business idea as to the slave.

Thus, little as one speaks in Russia, one always speaks too borrowed money business idea, since in that country all discourse is the expression of religious or political hypocrisy. I wrote lately to one of my friends, that I borrowed money business idea religious intolerance borrowed money business idea be the secret spring of Russian policy.

By this manner of viewing things, judges and ex- ecutioners become so much the greater saints as borrowed money business idea are greater barbarians. Your legitimist journals little know what they are doing when they seek for allies among schismatics.

After borrowed money business idea veracious picture, judge of the illusion with which the Legitimists of Paris nurse their hopes. When- ever the subject became unpleasant to Muscovite self-love, the Prince K broke off, at least until he was fully sure that no one overheard us.



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