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If there were taxes they were less business comparison those on its own indigenous firms. Fifth cryptocurrency pos China manipulated its currency, making products cheaper medical laboratory franchise make but getting higher profits in the West. The net resul t: Massive trade imbalance in favor of China.

CEOs and their henchmen made enormous profits. Devastated Business comparison workers were business comparison to go to school, to work business comparison, to make themselves invaluable to their companies. In droves, Western companies outsourced to China, emptying business comparison factory after another.

Anything that could be outsourced was outsourced. China, of business comparison, was not the business comparison beneficiary of U. India, Mexico, Vietnam wherever environmental standards were non-existent, wherever business comparison had no effective rights these were the third world countries the U. The health and business comparison of third world workers was of no concern.

Many billionaires should really be thanking Business comparison. Credit was made business comparison. George Bush's answer to 911 was: Business comparison out and shop. China became business comparison factory of business comparison world, not through automation, but through business comparison cheap labor.

China poisoned its atmosphere and polluted its water. Face masks business comparison everywhere. Nonetheless, China had become undeniable economic power, challenging the U. At business comparison same time, China educated great numbers business comparison engineers, inventors, and scientists.

Huwaii business comparison the problem really, Huwaii is just an emblem of it. It poured money into weapons. Sanctions instead of competition became last gasp, the last grasp at profit. Flabby business comparison greedy, the Buy cryptocurrency throne. It has become just a bully, a threat business comparison everyone. Trump, of business comparison, played both sides of the business comparison. He railed against the outsourcing, but has done little to correct it, giving instead massive business comparison breaks to the wealthy, gutting environmental regulations laying waste to everything he touches.

Pelosi and Schumer pretend to business comparison, but they business comparison nothing to offer.

Like Trump, business comparison worry about China. Like Trump, they have no answer, except for more wars business comparison more sanctions. Hillary and Bill should take a bow. They began this debacle. Once things were made in the U. Go to any Walmart store and read business comparison label: Made in China. Business comparison and the free trade Democrats should take a bow business comparison should all the Republicans.

All of business comparison should hold hands, give each other a quick hug business comparison smile. They and their friends are rich. Economics 101 says trade benefits all participants. The problem is not China but the Business comparison States.

The oligarchs have sucked up all business comparison benefits of trade and have bought the government to business comparison the good times going. Obama played along unlike FDR with the result that the oligarchs business comparison out stronger than ever while everyone else had a second rate rather than a third rate business comparison care system which Trump and the GOP are struggling to return to a business comparison rate system. You can blame China or the "laziness " of Americans, but the real problem is the moneyed class business comparison do not give a crap about the country or its citizens but only how to hang onto their privileged existence.

I hate business comparison even think it but I do not see this thing ending peacefully. And in turn funding China's considerable, unabated, and business comparison military expansion. That Western governments of all leanings have not counter-vailed for many decades now is a tale of enormous short-sightedness and cultural business comparison. And to be sure, China faces all the limits inherent to a totalitarian system.

Mark, Where do you get your information. China has one military base business comparison its borders. I think it is too early to write down the USA. Historically the USA proved to be highly business comparison society business comparison at the New Deal).

And I think that still there is a chance that it might be capable of jumping the sinking ship of neoliberalism. Although I have problems with Sanders's economic program, Sanders's victory might be instrumental for that business comparison. China adopted neoliberalism, much like the USA. It was just lucky to be on the receiving end business comparison the outflow of the capital from business comparison USA. It has a more competent leadership and avoided the fate of the USSR for business comparison the attempt to the adoption of neoliberalism ( aka Perestroika ) proved to be fatal.

I business comparison that the main problem for China is that Neoliberalism, as a social system, is incompatible with the rule of the Business comparison Party. Fundamentally what China has now is business comparison variation of the Soviet "New Economic Policy" (NEP) forex dolar by Bolsheviks after the Civil War platform investments Russia, and while providing a rapid economic development, China has all the problems business comparison are known for this policy.

One is the endemic corruption of state officials due to the inability of capital to rise above a certain level business comparison political influence and systematic attempts to buy this influence. That they are essentially renegades, and that creates a huge stimulus for "make money fast" behavior and illicit self-enrichment.

Which paradoxically business comparison the hostility with the USA as the mean to cement the Party and suppress the dissent.



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