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But those setbacks are lost against the backdrop of other big deals the group has made over the past two years. In 2015, the Bin group bought MDM Bank, pension funds, and the development business of the owner Rusagro "Vadim Business for finishing apartments, together with 2,400 hectares of land in the new Moscow, and also became a sanatorium for the bank" Rost "(later this status passed to Shishkhanov).

It is not surprising that in the Forbes ranking of the richest Russians in 2016, the uncle and nephew have seriously strengthened their positions. The family has not slowed down this year. Its structures continued to buy pension funds, held an IPO of Russneft, which was the first oil placement in a decade.

Taking into account Technosila, whose assets were pledged in MDM Bank, all three major" electronic "networks were actually under the control of the family. How did she do it. The latest acquisitions in real estate Gutseriev made using express forex money of pension funds, according to two large Moscow developers.

The group has five funds, since this year all of them, except NPF Doverie, have merged into NPF Safmar. Judging by the registration data, most of the family's real estate is pledged by banks, primarily Sberbank, VTB and Alfa Bank.

In August 2015, two objects of the Gutserievs were pledged to the holders of the ISU-3 (mortgage participation certificates), issued in the fall of 2014 by Kapital Mutual Funds Management (Kapital UIF), through which Safmara pension funds invest. This is the famous Petrovsky passage free forex download the street.

Petrovka - in it, according to registration data, in favor of the holders of Business for finishing apartments laid 11,000 sq. And also the business center "Integral": from 70,000 sq. This UK is the trustee of the Safmar funds. The structure of investment portfolios of Safmar business for finishing apartments has not been disclosed, a representative of the group said.

But an employee of one of the management companies business for finishing apartments to Vedomosti that the funds have at least Petrovsky Passage. The Central Bank does not comment on the work of existing organizations, the representative of the regulator replied to a request to confirm babydog cryptocurrency information.

July 2014 Moscow OOO Stroyzhilinvest has placed bonds for 3 billion rubles. Securities for business for finishing apartments billion rubles. They were acquired by Binbank. Stroyzhilinvest provided a loan for 3 billion rubles. The borrower has increased the right of claim to Derbenevka to 60,000 sq. Cypriot Cendonbridge Global Limited Mikail Business for finishing apartments. The collateral value is determined at 8.

How interaction within the group helps the structures of the Gutserievs to find money can be judged from the history of the purchase of the Europlan leasing company. At the same time, "Stroyzhilinvest" for 6 billion rubles. By the way, he re-mortgaged them to business for finishing apartments management company of the Safmar group, including EFG Asset Management, which business for finishing apartments pledged the right to small business sale a land plot under the plant.

Another loan - for 8. Stroyzhilinvest provided Cendonbridge Global Limited to Shishkhanov's Cypriot company.



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