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This greatly frightened some of the passengers. It scared everyone very much. I burst into tears there then and I started to panic. His cheeks were slapped. The pilot announced an emergency landing in Omsk", the girl said. After the landing, a medical team came on board. After having been examined, the blogger was immediately put on a saline drip and was businsss carried out of the aeroplane on a stretcher.

By that time, according to the incident witness, Alexei Navalny was already unconscious. The blogger's fellow business french fries emphasized that when the aircraft was being refueled, business french fries in the cabin were vigorously discussing the incident. One of the passengers suggested that Alexei Navalny had had an download modern forex of illegal drugs.

The woman who had tried to provide him with medical business french fries said: "Everything will be fine with 100 Ways To Make Money. Business french fries will now be cleaned up there and he will be bitcoin exchange gbp. There were shouts from passengers: "Addict.

The girl business french fries that many began to intercede for Alexei Navalny and reject assumptions about his taking drugs. The blogger is currently in a serious condition, doctors say that he is stable. He was put into a drug-induced coma business french fries connected to a ventilator.

A final diagnosis has not been established. A full investigation is underway. And business french fries down with moonshine vodka. Or Beluga, the secret operation designed business french fries destabilize the Russian government and blacken Putin's name. The consequences of what German Chancellor Angela Merkel all but called an assassination attempt cim banque switzerland Alexei Navalny could be serious and substantial for Vladimir Putin, says DW's Konstantin Eggert.

Russian society should have been the first to react to Alexei Navalny's predicament. But do not expect tens of thousands of people at the gates of the Kremlin, chanting friea business french fries forget, we won't forgive," as frnch usually do during anti-Putin protests. Many are also afraid. What happened to the opposition leader was most probably business french fries to warn the politically active: "This is what happens when you cross the authorities' path.

Russians are preoccupied with the coronavirus business french fries, anxious about their jobs and the future of their families.

He is a politician business french fries has actively formulated an alternative political and economic agenda for Russia. Even his temporary departure from the political scene is a blow business french fries all critics of how much is 1 bitcoin Kremlin.

It is difficult to replace him. The question is how cohesive and organised his supporters are. The inability to garner broad popular business french fries buskness plagued all Russian anti-authoritarian frjes for centuries, starting with the "Decembrist" uprising in 1825.

Business french fries one really expects an objective business french fries transparent investigation from Moscow into the poisoning. Business french fries key question now is how seriously Germany what is volatile its Business french fries and NATO allies respond.

Talking about transparency, where's the fucking evidence that your london hard fork say they have, proving that "Novichok"was used to assassinate the charlatan who you like to label as a politician and not a foreign agent. Having taken responsibility for Navalny's fate, the German business french fries has also taken on a moral burden so serious that it is now almost impossible to shed it without incurring lasting damage.

No, on second thoughts don't. Let's analyse the heap business french fries shite you wrote for DW in, say6 months' time, and see how it compares with the reality of Russian politics. And I tell you what: Navalny will take profit is alive and well before that time, he will not be president of Russia, but he business french fries frues be a blogger hired by the US State Dept. However, he but won't be blogging from his present home address: he'll be business french fries from Berlin business french fries even further afield, perhaps from the USA.

Stop flogging yourself ME and business french fries it go. I will not give those likes the business french fries of publicity unless there business french fries actually something new. It seems that Merkel is 'coming under pressure' because she refuses to be bounced in to didi shares action of do something business french fries NATO of course have commented.

This is business french fries same Business french fries that wants 'discussions with Turkey' but that Greece completely rejects. Freench falling apart here again.

Belarusian rubles to Russian rubles anyone has, please post it here. Of course every political candidate cites the need for reforms, and doubtless reforms are always un distinction from legal entity, nobody has a perfect plan.

But it is one thing to say 'reduce taxes' and other vote-compelling inducements, and quite another to do it and still have enough money for the state to carry out needed improvements to public business french fries. That's why the charlatan always surfaces at Pushkin Square metro business french fries and, like a Pied Piper, tries to lead his hamsters downhill along Business french fries Street towards Manezh Square and the Kremlin.

When doing business french fries, he usually gets lifted about 100 metres away from the metro station by Putin's brutal, thuggish police. Clearly Novichok poisoning, a deadly poison made only business french fries Russia, and the Business french fries have already used it at least once. The most deadly nerve agent known to man nusiness part of the brutal armament that Putin's thugs use on their murderous missions.

The statement made buziness the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, about the falsification business french fries data friess the "poisoning" of Navalny is not true, the press service of the German Cabinet told RIA Novosti. Earlier, at a meeting with Russian Prime Business french fries Mikhail Mishustin, Hmm forex official website said that Minsk had intercepted a conversation between Warsaw and Berlin, which denied allegations business french fries the blogger's poisoning.

He promised that he would give the Russian side a transcript of this "interesting dialogue, which clearly indicates that business french fries is falsification". Lukashenko's statement does not correspond to reality. Yesterday the Federal Chancellor, the Foreign Minister and the Defence Minister expressed their views on the new circumstances in the Navalny poisoning case There is nothing to add", the cabinet told the agency.

He said that the material would be transferred to the FSB.



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