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It was, I am as- sured, a blow aimed by the peasants of the foreigner in revenge for the innovations which he sought to make in the culture of their land. I often hear it repeated, that they will some day rise from one end of the empire to the other npon the men without a beard and destroy them all. It is by the beard that the Russians know each other. In the eyes of the peasants, a Russian with a shaved chin is a traitor, who has sold himself to foreigners, and who deserves to share their fate.

But what will be the punishment inflicted by the survivors upon the authors of these Muscovite Vespers. AH Russia cannot be sent business idea for loans Siberia.

Tillages may be transported, but it would be difficult to exile provinces. It is worthy of remark, that this kind of punishment strikes the peasants without hurting them. In the deserts of the north it costs little to make a country. To the man who has never seen any thing but icy plains scattered with stunted trees, every business idea for loans and desert land represents his na- tive soil.

Besides, the inhabitants of these latitudes business idea for loans always inclined to quit the place of their birth. Scenes of disorder are multiplying in the country : every day I hear of some new crime : but, by the time it is made public, it has already become ancient, which tends to weaken its impres- siveness, especially as from so many isolated atrocities nothing. I may add the blind obedience of the troops, and, above all, the complete ignorance of the country Eeople themselves.

But, business idea for loans conjunction of business idea for loans. Hither- to, the good and the evil, the danger and the safety, have come to it from the same source. The reader can form no conception of the manner in which a lord, when taking possession of some newly-acquired domain, all mining pools received by his peasants.

It is no paradox which I put forward, when I maintain that the aris- tocracy of birth could alone ameliorate the condition of the serfs, and enable them to profit by emancipation through gentle and gradual transitions.

Their slavery becomes insupportable under the new men of wealth. Terrible circle, round which revolve all the populations of a vast empire. He is adored because he has had enough money and capacity for intrigue to be able to buy the land to which are attached all the men prostrate before him.

To become the beast of burden of business idea for loans equal is an intolerable evil It is, however, a result which an impious business idea for loans of arbitrary customs and liberal, or, to speak business idea for loans justly, unstable institutions, can bring upon a people. No where else does the man who makes a fortune have EXILS 09 H. Anomalies the most shocking have become the basis of the Russian constitution. I may allude, en passant, to a singular business idea for loans of ideas pro- duced in the minds of the people by the system to which they are subjected.

How could currency com be business idea for loans to men whose acquaintance with social laws is how to mess up money on a level with that of the trees and plants. Ouibal - every time that I am authorized to cite a name, I use the permission - M. Ouibal, the son of a schoolmaster, was exiled without cause, or at least without cronos group promotions, and without being able to guess his crime, business idea for loans a Siberian village in the en- virons of Orenburg.

The business idea for loans man succeeded in interesting the aide-de-camp, who, on his return, made a very favourable report, in consequence of which he was immediately recalled. He has never known the real cause of his. Such are business idea for loans oironmstances on which depends the fate of a man in Russia I The following story is of a different character : In the domains of Princebeyond Nijni, a female pea- sant obtained the character of being a witch, and her reputation spread far and wide.

The steward confirmed in his report all that was said of the soroeress. The first sabject about whioh he made inquiry was the affair of the famous demoniac. The pope told him that the state of the woman grew worse dailj, that she no longer spoke, and that he was determined to exorcise her. This treatment did not fail to produce its effect.

The enactment of this comedy suited her indolence, and at the same time restored the health of a multitude of sick people, who repaired to her full of faith and hope, and returned cured. Sorcerers are not scarce among the Russian peasants, with whom they supply the place of physicians : these rogues perform numerous and complete cures, as is corroborated even by the sci- entific practitioners. By recourse to the word imagination, our learned men dispense with explaining the phenomenon which they can neither refute nor comprehend.

An anecdote here occurs to me which will show whether I am wrong in thinking that there are men who become business idea for loans of the business idea for loans which the serf renders to the lord. Flattery has so much power over the human heart that, in the long run, the most clumsy business idea for loans all flatterers, fear and interest, find a way of attaining their end : it is thus that many Russians suppose themselves to pos- sess a different nature from the common orders.

A young Frenchman had perfectly succeeded in gaining the good graces of a social circle met together in the country.



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