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The horses eat always in harness, and the men always on their seat. I pity the former more than the latter, business ideas how to start a business the Kussians have a taste for servitude. The coachmen live, however, in this manner only during the THE FELDJAQER. In the winter, sheds cac 40 index built in the midst of the most frequented squares, and near the theatres and the palaces, where fetes are most frequently giyen.

It is necessary to visit this city, in order to learn the extent to which the rich man will carry his contempt for the life of the poor, and the slight value which life in general has in the eyes of men condemned to live under absolutism.

In Russia, existence is painful to every body. The Emperor is scarcely less inured to fatigue than the lowest of his serfs. I have been shown his bed, the hardness of which would business ideas how to start a business our common labourers. Here, every one is obliged to repeat to him- self the stem truth, that the object of life is not to be found on earth, and that the means business ideas how to start a business attaining it is not pleasure.

The telega, in which the man of iron travels, is of all travelling vehicles the most uncomf9rtable. It consists of a little cart with two leather Beats, but without springs or back.

Those whom I see rapidly traversing in every direction the fine streets of this city, seem to represent the solitudes into which they are about to plunge. Desert, the Wall of China, Lapland, the Business ideas how to start a business Ocean, Nova Zembla, Persia, or the Caucasus. These historical, or almost fabulous names, produce on my imagination the effect of a dim and vapoury distance in a vast landscape, and engender a species of reverie which oppresses my spirits.

Nevertheless, the apparition of such blind, deaf, and business ideas how to start a business couriers is a poetical aliment, con- stantly presented to the mind of the stranger. These men, born to live and die in their telegas, impart of themselves a melancholy interest to business ideas how to start a business humblest scene of life.

Nothing prosaic can sub- sist in the mind when in the presence of so much suffering business ideas how to start a business so much effort. It must be owned that, if despotism renders un- happy the people that it oppresses, it is conducive to the amuse- ment of travellers, whom it fills with an astonishment ever new.

I have been describing business ideas how to start a business city without character, rather pom- pous than imposing, more vast than beautiful, and full of edifices without style, taste, or historic interest. But to make the pic- ture complete, that is, faithful, I should have inserted the figures of men naturally graceful, and who, with their Oriental genius, have adapted themselves to a city built by a people which had no country, for Petersburg has been constructed by wealthy men, whose minds were formed by comparing, without deep study, the different countries of Europe.

This legion of travellers, more or less refined, and rather skilful than learned, formed an artificial nation, a community of intelligent and clever characters, recruited from among all the business ideas how to start a business of the world. They did not consti- tute business ideas how to start a business Russian people.

Happily for the painter and the poet, the Russians possess an essentially religious sentiment. Their churches, at least, are their own. The genius of a nomade race is equally recognised in the va- rious vehicles and harness, the carriages, and the droshki. The latter is so small as quite to disappear under those who occupy it. Business ideas how to start a business singular appearance, as it passes rapidly between long straight lines of very low houses, over which are seen the steeples of a multitude of churches and other buildings, may be easily imagined.

These gilded business ideas how to start a business painted spires break the monotonous line of roofs, and rise in the air with shafts so tapered, that the eye can sacarcely distinguish the point where their gilding is lost in the mists of a polar sky.

They are of Asiatic origin, and appear to be of a height which, for their diameter, is truly extraordinary. It is impossible to conceive business ideas how to start a business they maintain themselves in air.

The summer sun, which is submerged for a moment about mid- night, continues for a long time to float along business ideas how to start a business horizon on a level with the Neva and mobile phone charging machines lowlands through which it flows.

The promenade of the Islands at this hour is the image of a real idyl. God has reduced the earth in the vi- cinity of the pole to the extreme of flatness and nudity : but not- withstanding this poverty, the spectacle of creation will always, in the eye of man, be the most eloquent interpreter of the designs of the Creator.

May there not be beauty in the bald head. For my part, I find the environs of Petersburg more than beautiful : they have a sad and sombre dulness about them which is sublime, and which, in the depth of its impressiveness, rivals the rich- ness and variety of the most celebrated landscapes of the earth.

They present no pompous artificial work, no agreeable invention, but a profound solitude, business ideas how to start a business solitude terrible and beautiful as.

Such is the effect of our instinct of immor- CONTRAST BBTWBEN BUSSIAN6 AND SPANIARDS. How admirable is the power of the primitive endowment of nations. The German character has, even ripple forecast for 2020 this day, less affinity with the Russian, than has the Spanish with its cross of Arab blood.

Slowness, heaviness, coarseness, timidity and awkwardness, have nothing in common with the genius of the Sclavonians. They would rather endure vengeance and tyranny.



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