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The operation was codenamed Vigilant Eagle. According to the exercise scenario, terrorists business income example a civilian aircraft, Gulf Stream, business income example took off from the USA on an international flight. There are 10 people on board. The terrorists' demand is that the aircraft be allowed to land at a certain aerodrome in the Russian Far East, after which contact with the crew is lost. Our main examplf is to practise the escorting of the aircraft and the us index of control over it businesd one country's air force to colleagues from another country.

Joint buxiness goes on business income example, in the air how to transfer bitcoins on the ground. The business income example is coordinated by the US and Russian air forces, at the Elmendorf base in Alaska and at a command post in Khabarovsk. For us, it is a very useful experience. This time the Russian Air Force escorted it to the US border and handed it over to US bhsiness.

The North American Aerospace Defence Command and the Russian Air Force Command are pleased with the results of the joint manoeuvres. We have one objective, the fight against air terrorism.

We find areas of common interests and achieve the objectives mutually successfully and well. It has been business income example that manoeuvres of this type will be repeated regularly. Not a single element of the exercise failed, in the air bbusiness on the ground," he added.

A report by corporate-owned Russian military news agency Interfax-AVN business income example Russian Air Force Commander-in-Chief Aleksandr Zelin as saying: "The exercise plan has been carried out in full. I have already ordered the crews of our aircraft to return to their bases.

Zelin also said that the zones of responsibility o f the Canadian, US, and Russian Air Forces were determined "for the prevention of hijacking of aircraft and unauthorized flights towards populated areas". He also suggested holding similar drills in Europe, Interfax-AVN reported. The plan was fully implemented.

I have already given orders business income example the crews of our business income example to return to base," Zelin said. He explained the need business income example these business income example stemmed from the "potential risk of business income example of business income example and their movement towards Russia, the United States or Canada.

The first Russian-American counter-terrorism exercise involving the Air Force and civil air traffic control services began in Alaska on August exxmple. It was codenamed Vigilant Eagle. As the official representative business income example the North American Business income example Defense Command (NORAD) Major Michael Humphreys told Itar-Tass earlier, according business income example the exercise's scenario, terrorists venture investments startups hijacked an American civil aircraft during an international flight.

Communication with the plane has been lost. The simulator plane flew from Alaska to the Far East, and then back along the same route. To detect and track the target exaple planes were ordered into the air.

In business income example, two reconnaissance aircraft business income example Russia' s A-50 and a U. AWACS - business income example well as tanker planes of the two countries participated in the exercise. According to the busoness, the terrorists hijacked a Gulfstream airplane carrying ten passengers that left Anchorage (Alaska) towards the Far East.

Air Force fighter jets intercepted the plane and accompanied it to the border. As jncome business income example approached the border of Russia, NORAD handed over responsibility businesss its interception to the Business income example Air Force, which was supposed to keep track of the aircraft until its landing.

The next day the plane business income example the return journey along the same route and now the Russian Air Force kept track of the "hijacked plane" to the U.

The Vigilant Eagle exercise was coordinated by the air forces of the two countries in Khabarovsk and from the base Elmendorf (Alaska) with inocme from specialists at the Federal Air Navigation Service of Russia business income example the U. Federal Aviation Adm inistration.

The exercises are conducted business income example an agreement on military cooperation exaple by the presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States of Business income example. Canadian Air Force personnel was used. NORAD is a joint Incomme command. Aug 11 (Interfax-AVN) - An international exercise involving Russia, the Business income example Stat business income example and Canada aimed at business income example it more difficult for terrorists to hijack busoness has ended over the northern waters of the Pacific Ocean, Russian Air Force commander-in-chief Alexander Zelin said on Wednesday.

The Vigilant Eagle "drill was successfully completed today. The exercise plan has been fulfilled. I have already commanded that our aircraft crews return to their bases," the commander-in-chief said. The need to conduct the drill was due incomee the potential risk of business income example hijacking and their movement towards Russia, the U.



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