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Are we all born yesterday. This is an admission that this was a planned provocation. I think Russia should really kill a few people with Novichok and throw the U. Instagram The relationship between Germany and Russia has reached its lowest point since Berlin supported the pro-Western coup in Ukraine six years ago and Russia subsequently annexed the Crimean Peninsula.

He reportedly awoke from a coma on Monday. German Chancellor Angela Merkel personally announced at a press conference last business plan a vending machine for selling water that a chemical weapons laboratory of the Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) had proved "beyond doubt" that Navalny was the victim of an attack using the Novichok nerve agent.

She called on the Russian government to answer "very serious questions. The poison was said to be a variant of the warfare agent -- one even more dangerous than that used in the Skripal case in Britain.

It purportedly could enter the body simply through inhalation, usdt to usd its production and use required skills possessed only by a state actor. Germany and the European Union are threatening Russia with sanctions.

The German government has even questioned the completion of the almost finished Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, which it had categorically defended against pressure from the US and several Eastern European states. The German media business buy turnkey gone into propaganda mode, repeating the accusations against Russian President Vladimir Putin with a thousand variations. Seventy-nine years after Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union, which claimed more than 25 million lives, German journalists and politicians, in editorials, commentaries and on talk shows, speak with the arrogance of people who are already planning the next euro to dollar rate on forex campaign against Moscow.

Anyone who expresses doubts or contradicts the official narrative is branded a "conspiracy theorist. When Dagdelen gently pointed out that, so far, no evidence whatsoever has been presented identifying the perpetrators, she was accused of "playing games of confusion" and "encouraging unspeakable conspiracy theories. It questions whether Navalny was poisoned at all and has called on the German government to "show its cards" and present evidence. Berlin, according to Moscow, is bluffing for dirty political reasons.

For example, the German authorities have so far published no information or handed evidence to Russian investigators identifying the business plan a vending machine for selling water with which Navalny was poisoned. Novichok is merely a generic term for several families of warfare agents.

No explanation has been given as to why no one else showed signs of poisoning from a nerve agent that is fatal even in the tiniest amounts, if touched or inhaled. This is only one of many unexplained anomalies in the German government's official story. Career diplomat Frank Elbe, who headed the office of German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher for five years and negotiated the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons as head of the German delegation in Geneva from 1983 to 1986, wrote on Facebook on Friday: "I am surprised business plan a vending machine for selling water the Federal Ministry of Defence concludes that the nerve agent Novichok was used against Navalny.

There was something strange about this case, Elbe said. The poison was sold in the 1990s for small sums of business plan a vending machine for selling water to Western secret services and economic criminals, and the latter made use of it. For example, in 1995, the Russian banker Ivan Kiwelidi and his secretary were poisoned with it. The chemist Leonid Rink confessed at the time in court that he had sold business plan a vending machine for selling water to criminals sufficient business plan a vending machine for selling water kill hundreds of people.

Since the binary poisons are very stable, they can last for decades. The Navalny case is not the reason, but the pretext for a new stage in the escalation of German great power politics and militarism. He also met with the fascist politician Oleh Tyahnybok, whose Swoboda Party glorifies Nazi collaborators from World War II. Yanukovych's successor, Petro Poroshenko, one of the country's richest oligarchs, was even more corrupt than his predecessor.



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