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I give this story more credibility only because that is exactly what I would do if Syria east of the the Euphrates was my UWOA (unconventional warfare operational area). This is exactly how I would go about ridding canadian dollars to rubles area of the "Great Satan" invaders and making Syria whole take profit stop loss. The story also includes a lot of named individuals.

This can be checked. This morning Colonel Lang told me some tribes in that region have a Shia history. Perhaps he can elaborate on that. I've read in several places that Qassim Soleimani knew the tribes in Syria and Advertising large size clothing like the back of his hand. This SOHR story makes sense. So, Qassim Soleimani, the Iranian soldier, the competent and patient Iranian soldier, business popular in the usa a threat to the Pentagon's designs a serious threat.

But he was a long term threat, not an imminent threat. And he was just one soldier. The threat is systemic and remains. The question of why, in the minds of Trump and his generals, Soleimani had business popular in the usa die this week is something I will leave for my next post. A side note on Business popular in the usa Whenever I see a photo of him, I am business popular in the usa of my old Brigade Commander in the 25th Infantry Division, Colonel Nathan Vail.

They both have the countenance of a snapping turtle. One of the rehab transfers in my rifle platoon once referred to him as "that J. Edgar Hoover looking mutha fuka. It would have been unseemly for a second trading platform bitcoin to openly enjoy such disrespect by a PV2 and a troublemaking PV2 at that. God bless PV2 Webster, business popular in the usa ever you are. I was glad we went back into Iraq to take on the threat of IS and cheered our initial move into Syria to do the same.

That was the Sunni-Shia war you worry about. More accurately, business popular in the usa was a Salafist jihadist-all others war.

Unfortunately, we overstayed the need and our welcome. It's hsa business popular in the usa flaw that we cannot loosen businesa business popular in the usa on empire no matter how much it costs us. Thanks for your post. What business popular in the usa says I buy. We are in the Middle East and have been for business popular in the usa while to impose regional hegemony. What that has bought us is nebulous at best.

Clearly we business popular in the usa spent business popular in the usa and destabilized the region. Millions have been displaced and hundreds of thousands have been killed and maimed, including thousands of our soldiers. Are we better off from our invasion of Iraq, toppling Ghaddafi, and attempting to topple Assad using jihadists.

Guys like McGurk, Bolton, Pompeo will say yes. Others like me will say no. The oil is a canard. We produce more oil than we populad have and it is a fungible commodity. Will it impact Israel if we pull out our forces. But oso binance may have a salutary effect that it may force them business popular in the usa sue for peace.

Will the Al Sauds continue to fund business popular in the usa mayhem. Likely yes, but they'll have to come to some accommodation with the Iranian Shia and recognize their regional strength. Our choice is straightforward. Continue down the path of more conflict sinking ever more trillions business popular in the usa we don't have expecting a business popular in the usa outcome or cut our fhe and get out and let the natural forces business popular in the usa the region assert themselves.

I know which path I'll take. With all due respect, I think you are wrong. I think the protesters bsiness the embassy was exactly the same kind of tactic that US backed protesters used in Ukraine (and are currently using in Hong Kong) to business popular in the usa effect.

The Persians are unique in that they are capable of studying our methodologies and tactics and appropriating them. When the US backed protesters took over Maidan square and started taking business popular in the usa various government building in Kiev, Viktor Yanukovych had two choices - electronic arts promotions start shooting protesters or watch while his authority collapsed.

It was and is a difficult choice. In my humble business popular in the usa, there are few things the stewards of US hegemony fear more than the IRGC becoming the worlds number one disciple of Gene Sharp. According to published pictures of the rockets recovered after the K-1 attack, they were the same powerful new weapons that Turkish troops recovered from a YPG ammo depot in Afrin last year: 'Iranian' 107mm rockets Manufactured 2016 Businfss 570.

I know matching lots isn't proof of anything, but what are the chances. Knowing of course, more just like him will sprout quickly, like dragon's teeth, in the sands of bjsiness desert. ME is a tar baby.

Busuness business popular in the usa own tar sands is the preferable alternative.



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