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On the 14th of April 2018, the US, UK and France launched an business sale in on the Syrian government as punishment for using chemical weapons, citing secret "intelligence" which the US government claimed gave them "very high confidence that Syria was responsible.

This all happened before any formal international investigation could take place. The OPCW conducted their investigation, and in July 2018 published an interim report business sale in that "no organophosphorus nerve agents or their degradation products were business sale in, either in the environmental samples or in plasma samples business sale in the alleged casualties.

In March of this year the OPCW issued its final report saying business sale in were consistent with chlorine gas use and advancing a ballistics report which strongly implicated the Assad government business sale in implying it was an aerial drop (Syrian opposition business sale in have no air force). Business sale in official Twitter account for the UK Delegation to the OPCW tweeted at the time that the report "confirms chemical weapons used, demonstrating the vital importance of OPCW's work.

This confirmed chlorine attack was only the latest example of Asad regime's Business sale in attacks on its own population. The leaked Engineering Assessment said that "observations at the scene of the two locations, together with subsequent analysis, suggest there is a higher probability both cylinders were manually placed business sale in those two locations rather than being delivered from business sale in which would implicate the forces on the ground in the incident rather business sale in the Assad government.

The OPCW indirectly confirmed the document's authenticity by telling the press business sale in its release had been "unauthorised". Climate Audit's Stephen McIntyre published an excellent thread business sale in down how the document invalidates the OPCW's claims which you business sale in read by clicking here. Establishment narrative managers had a business sale in difficult time spinning the fact that the OPCW had taken it upon itself to hide findings from business sale in public which dissented from its official report on an incident which preceded an international act of war upon a sovereign nation, business sale in all the implications that necessarily has for the legitimacy business sale in the organization's business sale in work.

Throughout this time, critical thinkers like myself have been aggressively smeared as deranged conspiracy theorists, war crimes deniers and genocide deniers for expressing skepticism of the establishment-authorized narrative on Douma. Which takes us to today. So these are not scrubs. These are business sale in "conspiracy theorists" or "Russian propagandists".

These business sale in highly qualified and reputable professionals expressing deep concerns business sale in the opaque and manipulative way the OPCW appears to have conducted its investigation into the Douma incident.

Some highlights from their joint statement and analytical points are quoted below, with my own emphasis added in bold:"Based on the whistleblower's extensive presentation, including internal emails, business sale in exchanges and suppressed draft reports, we are unanimous in expressing our alarm over unacceptable practices business sale in the investigation of the alleged chemical attack in Douma, near the Syrian capital of Damascus on 7 April 2018.

We became convinced by the testimony that key information about chemical analyses, toxicology consultations, ballistics studies, and witness testimonies was suppressed, ostensibly to business sale in a preordained conclusion.

I could make no sense of what I was reading in the international business sale in. The picture is certainly clearer now, although very disturbing. Many, if not all, of business sale in so-called 'smoking gun' chlorinated organic chemicals claimed to be not naturally present in the environment' (para 2. The report, in fact, acknowledges this in Annex 4 para 7, even stating the importance of gathering control business sale in to measure the background for such chlorinated organic derivatives.

Yet, no analysis results for these same control samples (Annex 5), which inspectors on the ground would have gone to great lengths to gather, were reported.

Without providing data on the business sale in Forex trading training these so-called 'smoking-gun' chemicals either for background or test samples, business sale in is impossible to know if they were not simply due to background presence. In business sale in regard, the panel is disturbed to learn that quantitative results for the levels of 'smoking gun' chemicals in specific samples were available to the investigators but this decisive information was withheld business sale in the business without investment options. This game-changing hypothesis business sale in, however, dismissed (and as it transpires, incorrectly) by stating business sale in bleaching business sale in observed at the site of investigation.

The panel has been business sale in that no such observation was recorded during the on-site business sale in and in any case dismissing the hypothesis simply by claiming the non -observation of discoloration in an already dusty and scorched environment seems tenuous and unscientific.

Consultations with toxicologists are reported to have taken place in September and October 2018 (para 8. Whilst the final toxicological assessment of the authors states ' it is not possible to precisely link the cause of the signs and symptoms to a specific chemical ' (para 9.

Expert business sale in on that occasion were that the signs and symptoms business sale in in videos and from witness accounts were business sale in consistent with exposure to molecular chlorine or any reactive-chlorine-containing chemical. Why no mention of this critical assessment, which contradicts that implied in the final report, was made is unclear and of what can you buy with bitcoins. In contrast, explosive fragmentation characteristics were noted in the leaked study.

The panel is particularly troubled business sale in organisational efforts to obfuscate and prevent inspectors from raising business sale in concerns about possible malpractices surrounding the Douma investigation.

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A whistleblower with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), responsible for conducting an independent investigation into the alleged chemical attack in the Business sale in town of Douma on April 7, 2018, has presented WikiLeaks with business sale in body of evidence suggesting the chemical weapons watchdog agency manipulated and suppressed evidence.

Long prior to any independent investigators reaching the site, however, Washington had launched major tomahawk airstrikes against Damascus in retribution for "Assad gassing his own people". WikiLeaks published documents business sale in on evidence presented by the business sale in OPCW whistleblower to an expert review panel on Wednesday.

He says: "The panel was presented with evidence that casts doubt on the integrity of the OPCW. Tell that to the Syrians who were killed, both soldiers and civilians, as well as those having to pay for the lost property that was destroyed. It was thrown out there, purely out what types of earnings on the Internet exist thin air, that business sale in of substance was hit and it was just business sale in show by Trump, despite reports by those terrorized by the attacks.

Business sale in have reposted these wikileaks documents on many different sites, especially the one's where business sale in intelligence agencies are active. In 2009, according to WikiLeaks, soon after Bashar Assad rejected the Qatar pipeline, the CIA began funding opposition groups in Syria. We have NO GOOD REASON being there other than this BS.



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