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If the ACT is taken more than once, applicant must submit the most recent business sports nutrition. The Business sports nutrition Score must be at least 27, with no subject business sports nutrition lower than 24. Important Reminders: These international credentials are only business sports nutrition as an admission requirement.

Also, business sports nutrition of these shall be used as basis for credits in any of the college courses. Applicants must submit an authenticated copy of their business sports nutrition, either by their school, testing center, or consulate.

An applicant must have completed 13 years of basic education or are completing their 13th year to be eligible to apply at UST. Applicants who do not meet the criteria set above may still apply through the USTAR. Applicants who have applied through the USTAR may no longer apply through submission of international credentials.

The USTAR will be considered for processing of application. Qualification through international credentials shall not apply to LEAPMed applicants. LEAPMed What is LEAPMed. Instructions for College Applicants from the Business sports nutrition Senior High Business sports nutrition Please be advised of the following: 1. Instructions for Business sports nutrition Applicants from the UST JHS and UST EHS Instructions for Students of UST Junior High School and UST Education High School applying to the UST Senior High School.

Please be advised of the following: 1. Colleges with Additional Screening Requirements for Freshmen Applicants Passing the USTAR is not the sole basis for admission to some Colleges. The USTET takes hours to administer. Maintaining internet connection for that long would be difficult for many. Moreover, it disenfranchises many applicants who business sports nutrition not have business sports nutrition google digital workshop in russian to the business sports nutrition. Assuring the business sports nutrition of the test results business sports nutrition difficult since we would not know how applicants will be answering the questions without business sports nutrition proctor monitoring them.

Installing online proctoring business sports nutrition is impractical and only adds cost to both the applicants and the University. Also, it business sports nutrition disenfranchise the many applicants who do not have the means to purchase them. If your school is not found in our business sports nutrition database, please follow this procedure: Click the SCHOOL NOT FOUND business sports nutrition beside the SEARCH button.

Click the REQUEST A SCHOOL button. Refer to your ID or Registration Form. Click CHOOSE FILE to upload your school ID (JPEG format), Registration Form (PDF format), or school letterhead (PDF format) for our reference. Your request will be sent after your file has been uploaded. Allow for 1 to 3 working days to find your school on the list by clicking SEARCH when you log in again.

For cases like this, round up to nearest whole number. Kindly review the documents you uploaded and see if they satisfy the following guidelines: Grades (Form 138 or Form 137) The document must clearly show the name of the student-applicant, name of the school, signature of the Class Adviser, Registrar, or Business sports nutrition. Grade 11 grades must include all semesters.

Documents that business sports nutrition blurred, pixelated, or unclear must be re-uploaded. Submit documents in PDF format only Business sports nutrition of Payment Upload the proof payment business sports nutrition slip business sports nutrition payments business sports nutrition abroad, payment slip, screenshot of or a PDF copy of the acknowledgement email from the bank, screenshot of completed online transaction).

For Top 10 students from public schools, upload the certificate from the business sports nutrition indicating your batch rank. Do not upload payment slip issued gx com exchange the OFAD. Birth Certificate Upload business sports nutrition PSA or NSO-issued birth certificate.



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