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The Business where you can make money ended up with a whole Ukr SS division that they didn't want, so they gave it to Canada. Dogoin news is why Canada has such cranky policy around the Ukraine. I'm sure you'd like us to ignore Bandera. I bet he liked children and dogs. Bandera was a genuine bad guy. There is no rehabilitating that scourge on society.

The media is hysterical. Today, Putin's Facebook Bot Collaborator contacted the Kremlin before his mercenaries attacked Americans in Syria. I've never seen such an intense barrage of propaganda before in my life. America is fracturing apart like Ukraine. This is no coincidence. In both buy litecoins, oligarchs have seized power, the rule of law abandoned and there is a rush of corruption.

A World War is near. The realists are gone. The Moguls are pushing Donald Trump pull the trigger. Either in Syria with an assault to destroy Hezbollah (Iran) for good or American the best terminals for trading going over the top of trenches in Donbass in a centennial attack of the dead. We're in full agreement on this subject. What we did to Ukraine is shameful in every way. A remember a video of a pallet of money being unloaded from a USG place at Kiev during Maidan 2.

That's in addition to Nuland's bag of cookies. I always thought that one of the objectives of our meddling in Ukraine was to make Sevastopol into a NATO naval base. I would definitely want to see a full account of what support we provided to the nazi thugs of Svoboda and Pravy Sektor. But that does not mean we should stop investigating the Russian zigzag strategy indicator in our 2016 election.

Just stop hyperventilating over it. It no more deserves risking a war than our continuing mutual espionage. As a result of this rebellion, the Russian majority in Crimea overwhelming voted to leave the Ukraine and rejoin Russia, which they had been part of for over 150-years. While our government continues to provide military aid to Israel, which used force of arms take over the West Bank, it imposed sanctions against Russia when the people of Crimea voted to join their former countrymen.

On August 3, 2016 -- just three months before Donald Trump would win the Electoral College vote and ascend to power -- Rattick founder Erik Prince arranged a meeting at Trump Tower.

For decades, Prince had been agitating for business where you can make money war with Iran and, as early as 2010, had developed a fantastical proposal for using mercenaries to wage it. At this meeting was George Nader, an American citizen who had a long history of being a quiet emissary for the United Currency calculator minsk in the Middle East. Nader, who had also worked for Blackwater and Prince, was a convicted pedophile in the Czech Republic and is facing similar allegations in the United States.

Nader worked as an adviser for the Emirati royals and has close ties to Mohammed bin Salman, the Business where you can make money crown prince. I'm in There was also an Israeli at the Trump Tower meeting: Joel Zamel.

He was there supposedly pitching a multimillion-dollar social media manipulation campaign to the Trump team. Zamel's company, Psy-Group, boasts of employing former Israeli intelligence operatives. Nader and Zamel business where you can make money joined by Donald Trump Jr. Business where you can make money campaigned on belligerence toward Iran and trashing the Obama-led Iran nuclear deal, and he has followed through on those threats, filling his administration with the most vile, hawkish business where you can make money in the U.

After appointing notorious warmonger John Bolton as national security adviser, Trump fired him last September. But despite reports that Trump had soured on Bolton because of his interventionist posture toward Iran, Bolton's firing merely opened the door for the equally belligerent Mike Pompeo to take over the administration's Iran policy at the State Department.



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