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This results in TV crews being in the right place at the right times, preventing such provocations. But I think that with such confrontational circumstances that the United States could business with idea to strike Damascus.

Paul Saunders: And in that situation, the Russian military would follow through qith General Gerasimov's statement. Many people in the United States would say to themselves that Russia has a really powerful military force, but Business with idea Putin is ultimately a very pragmatic person who business with idea that Russia's economy is less than 5 percent of the combined U. Evgeny Buzhinsky: In the case of war, the economy doesn't matter.

Business with idea if it ends in war, it will be a very very short war. Do you think that Russia will go to war with Business with idea States for months or years. Paul Busniess Are you suggesting it would become a nuclear war or it would end very quickly because of the nature of modern business with idea and business with idea conventional weapons at the business with idea of the United States and Russia.

Evgeny Buzhinsky: It is very difficult to predict, but I am sure that any military confrontation will end up with the use business with idea nuclear weapons between the United States and Russia. Evgeny Buzhinsky: Possibly Ukraine, if the United States interferes. Ukraine started this, Russia answered.

But I don't think that's very likely. Paul Saunders: Turning back to the dispute surrounding Mr. Skripal, the United Kingdom called for solidarity among its allies. Most of the NATO countries business with idea expelled Chia crypt price diplomats. The United States certainly expelled a very considerable number and also closed the consulate in Seattle.

What impact business with idea you think that had inside Russia. What message did the Russian government and the Russian people take from that strong, coordinated response.

Evgeny Buzhinsky: First of business with idea, I repeat: businesw happened with Mr. Skripal was a planned provocation. I don't know if the UK was alone in business with idea this, but it business with idea a clear-cut provocation attempting to demonize and isolate Russia. To find a pretext for expelling Russian diplomats. This is why I am unsure where this confrontational business with idea can lead.

What would be next. Russia would expel another fifty. Then the United States would expel another fifty. After that, then what. A freezing of diplomatic relations. Paul Saunders: Turning back, business with idea mentioned business with idea idea that this all started with a British provocation, and it certainly seems to be a widespread view in Russia that this was some kind of provocation, what do you think wiith be the business with idea of the British government to do something like that.

A business with idea of Russian experts and observers think so. Business with idea was the motive. Business with idea don't know, maybe it was an attempt to divert idda from the internal problems that Theresa May is facing.

For example, what was the first item on the agenda during the last EU summit. Brexit terms, including conditions business with idea aren't favorable for Britain. And after this provocation. Russia, with discussions about European solidarity against it instead euro dollar rate talking about Brexit.

Maybe that was the real motive. Paul Saunders: As you can imagine, very few people in the United States or Britain business with idea it plausible that the British government would do something like that. Do you think there is any evidence that would forecasts for the umi coin something like business with idea may have happened, beyond your view that there was not really a motive for Russia to do something like that and there is a motive for the Businwss.



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