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Ilya Barabanov was detained three minutes after Navalny. Navalny, while sitting in a police bus together with other activists, shared an instagram photo of the cheerful detained protesters:Another videoalso shot inside a police bus, showed protesters discussing the salaries of police officers, laughing a lot. The most interesting part of the post-election rebellion is not its peaceful manner (also an important feature compared to violent nationalist riots), but its new demographics.

Later, these observations were added: the age of the protesters was between 16 and 33 and for many of those who were detained this was the first street action experience. Business without large investments from scratch happened to him, no one can say for sure yet (or does not want to). Written before it was not unsurprisingly "revealed" by the Germans that Navalny was poisoned with "Novichok". I recall how in 2012, having spouted business without large investments from scratch usual bullshit to the mob at Bolotnaya, Navalny left the stage but did not join the sheeple, some of whom wished to storm business without large investments from scratch police lines containing them in order that they not cross a nearby bridge over the Moscow River and business without large investments from scratch for the Kremlin, but went the opposite way, where a line of OMON personnel prevented persons from venturing any business without large investments from scratch. A gap then appeared in the OMON cordon, through which the Bullshitter nonchalantly proceeded, whither no one fool online for real money. I used to teach a bloke at KPMG who believed that Navalny was employed by the FSB.

He was a regular business without large investments from scratch of bloke: mid-30s, married, young family, well educated, business without large investments from scratch travelled, a tax specialist. Politically, he was right of centre, but not much: certainly not a Libtard and no rampant nationalist either. Business without large investments from scratch had a younger brother, he told me, who was still at college and whom he considered to be a dickhead because he was a Navalny hamster who attended the Bullshitter's unsanctioned assemblies.

There have been a few Orcs who business without large investments from scratch expressed their opinion to me over the years that Navalny is a latter-day "Father Gapon". I still believe Ritchie Blackmore is the greatest rock guitarist who ever lived, but if he announced he was moving to Canada to run for Prime Minister, I would just laugh.

There is no crossover in those skills. Well, I couldn't actually give less of a fuck who is the next Prime Minister of Canada, so perhaps it's not a good example, and Blackmore would doubtless do as well as anyone else. But you see my point, I'm sure. Being a Navalny-follower is cool because it is an act business without large investments from scratch rebellion.

Lyosha was a real-estate lawyer, and his understanding of massive organizations like the Ministry of Finance or the labyrinthine workings of the tax code is strictly at business without large investments from scratch newspaper-commenter level.

To be fair, that's true of many Prime Ministers and Presidents as well, but they rely on Heads of Departments and Ministers to know that stuff. Navalny seems to think those people would serve him loyally and make his imaginings come to life if he could just win.

It's surprising he has not looked to America there, too, for his inspiration. Was that Obama's experience. I don't think so. Nor is it Trump's. I suppose Lyosha reasons that if he eur usd forex forecast just get elected, Harvard would send a team of experts to help him remodel Russia, and doubtless it would.

But that was tried once already, and I think the reaction to business without large investments from scratch repeat attempt would be a little less welcoming this time around. In this case, during his entire stay, neither his kidneys, nor his lungs, nor his liver were (affected.

And I am willing to bet that at the Omsk hospital they have business without large investments from scratch of their analyses on hand to prove this. They used a USA manufactured machine to do these analyses, by the way. I guess their hope was that Russia would just deny and then subside into sullen acceptance when it could not be heard.

It does not look like that is going to happen. Russia should not let up, and not accept non-answers like 'results classified for reasons of national security'.

This is going to be interesting. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva has business without large investments from scratch working away on researching that lab in Georgia. There has now been a data leak of hundreds of documents from the lab.

She had discovered something fishy going on there earlier in the year, a biological warfare program franchise small town on Georgian soil by the US.

Interesting, everyone involved in fighting disinformation then turned on her and said it was Russian propaganda. More recently, there have been claims in the media further obscuring the actual work there by saying that the lab has been working on COVID research. Anyway, Dilyana's twitter feed is worth checking.



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