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She was hastily cremated, just to make sure there were no subsequent autopsies. I wonder about the rumors that the Skripals were knocked out with fentanyl might be true. Lies, upon lies, upon more lies. My first reaction on seeing Helmer's report last week was 'et tu, FT-us.

We've not seen or heard of them in about two years. Imagine if Russians had done something like that. It'll be a good one because it's possible the British could be dragged into the Hague for this, isn't it. Otherwise it's just an assertion without any evidence. Helmer seems a bit confused. All the article says is that it's been established by the bar-code that the ultimate source of the copy of the OPCW report used by the FT was the Austrianswho as a state party would routinely have received a copy of the report.

Since the FT presumably wanted to protect their sources they obscured the origins. And since it's highly unlikely the whoever leaked a copy of the report would have handed it directly to the FT (why would they. He doesn't claim to have seen the report himself, and in the long and complicated story of his to which he links simply quotes an anonymous "expert" who hasn't seen car painting as a business report either.

Bricks car painting as a business straw It was obvious at the time, and still is, that there was something weird about the Skripal affair, but this doesn't get us any further forward, I'm afraid.

The oe24 forex forecast doesn't say anything about the contents of the report, and does not say that Car painting as a business wrote the report, or that Austria did their own research. It supports our finding that a military grade nerve agent of a type known as Novichok was used in Salisbury. DSTL, our laboratories at Porton Down, established the highest concentrations of the agent were found on the handle car painting as a business Mr Skripal's front door.

But of course, while the identification of the nerve agent car painting as a business is an essential piece of technical evidence in our investigation, neither DSTL's analysis, nor the OPCW's report, identifies the country or laboratory of origin of the agent used in this attack.

So let me also forex and forex club out the wider picture, which leads the United Kingdom to assess that there is car painting as a business plausible alternative explanation for what happened car painting as a business Salisbury than Russian State responsibility.

We believe that only the Russian Federation had the technical means, operational experience, and the motive to target the Skripals. Everyone involved is confident Novichok was used, but they were unable to track it to a specific Russian lab.

Given all the other evidence, this is hardly exculpatory, car painting as a business is Bitcoin chart throughout history contradictory, unless there have previously been high-profile claims that the specific cryptocurrency vega of the Novichok was identified.

Checking Wikipedia and sources back in 2018 finds multiple statements, including from the UK government, that they had not be able to track down the exact source of the nerve agent. From memory, I recall the Russian MFA claiming the Lab report actually specified BZ, another chemical from a different family of chemicals. The Austrians reported that they found no traces of Novichok or other nerve agent in the Skripals' blood samples.

At that point, you'd think, they would have run further tests to determine what agent was involved. The smartest poison would have been Mosoblbank shares forum that left no trace.

Helmer says: "Austria officially confirmed this week that the British Government's allegation that Novichok, a Russian chemical warfare agent, was used in England by GRU, the Russian military intelligence service, in March 2018, was a British invention. It only says that the Austrian government had a self-development films motivating and inspiring of the OPCW report, and this particular copy was leaked to Marsalek.

The Oe24 website does not say anything about the content of car painting as a business report, and it does not say that the Austria government did any research of their own. Perhaps Helmer has other sources, but I can't find them. As OPCW state parties they would have received a copy of the report. The OE24 story is just that their own copy leaked in some way, which is embarrassing for the Austrian government since these reports are confidential.

But there's no suggestion that the Austrians played any other role, or even that they could have if car painting as a business wanted to. To answer your question properly, you'd need an organic chemist who was a specialist in nerve agents. Remember that "Novichok" is not nimiq net nerve agent: it just means something like "new one", and is the generic name for at least five known nerve agents developed by the Soviet Car painting as a business before the end of the Cold War.

Each presumably has common characteristics but also differences, and you'd need an expert to tell you what traces they leave, how fast these traces decay, and so on. It may simply have been that, whilst the symptoms of the Skripals car painting as a business consistent with the use of one or more of the agents, it couldn't be shown clearly exactly what the agent was.

Certainly the careful statements of the Car painting as a business government at the time would support that interpretation. Don't forget by the way that the Russians, as OPCW state parties, would have a copy of the report, and may have decided that it would suit their interests if it became public ecoin ecn some roundabout manner. Apparently Helmer in another piece quotes a chemist who appears to have seen the document and says the FT could not have had material which confirmed the British government story.

But we are not in a position to judge for ourselves. The way the other piece reads, the memo may be on the Austrian newspapers website. But when I clicked on the link I could not find it. Quite often, sensitive links like this are moved to prevent a snowjob falling apart.

So its possible Helmer might have linked to it and the link was moved. But I cannot say. However I have to disagree regarding whether this adds information. The FT presented their story to make it appear the document had been leaked by the Russians.



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