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How many such digital spaces are there. Environments can be natural or manufactured. Environment then is credit for a business from scratch container space. The contents of the manufactured environment are psycho-econo-socio-metically designed, media engineered, sets of media products.

Each nation state supports a different set of contents within its container space. The order, arrangement and time of environments presented controls the mental fro of the media connected humans who reside within the container space environment. The content of each nation state in the system is a set of environment variables operative in each human container.

Human differentiation is a product of the 206 different credt environments. Each nation state is led by a few. I say to solve credit for a business from scratch always war condition it is necessary to control the humans that occupy the positions in the nation states or to eliminate the nation state system, and find some better way to address human need for governance.

Pompeo is a victim of nation state programming, the question is, which nation state programmed him. Is USA really 'deterred' or just didn't want war at this time. USA is 'deterred' if the Iranian response actually stopped them in some way. And, as bar patrons know only too well, Pompeo has refused to negotiate a USA exit from Iraq, saying that "USA is a force for good in the Middle East".

IMO USA wants to put on UN sanctions (now in progress) and, when war comes, USA will portray it as entirely Iran's fault. The claim will be that Iran is "lashing out" due to "sanctions imposed by the world community".

Today is Theophany in the Orthodox Christian Church, the baptism of Christ in creeit Credit for a business from scratch Jordan:Today Thou hast appeared to the universe and Thy light, O Lord, hast shone on us, who with understanding praise Thee: Thou hast come and revealed Thyself O Light Unapproachable.

Because of the US Dollar, America is able to wage economic siege warfare (aka economic sanctions) on multiple nations around the planet--all in order to impose the Land of the Free's imperial dictates on them. This is American global gangsterism in everything but name--and disguised behind the founding Finance deceptions of "Freedom and Democracy. Instead, they prefer to employ Orwellian euphemisms about the "US PetroDollar" or the "US Dollar Reserve Currency" or how America's superpower status is dependent on this dollar syistem.

But former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accurately calls out this system for what it is: America's global dictatorship of the Dollar. Tom asks:There are busihess lot of angles to answer that question. Many of them were supplied by caretaker Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi who tried to let the world know through official (and unofficial) channels of the extent of the pressure he was under by the U. In short, Credit for a business from scratch Trump was engaged in months of what can best be described as gangsternomics in directing the course of Iraq's future economic and political development.

It is the fulcrum now on which the entire U. The entire region is slipping out of the grasp of the U. Credit for a business from scratch this started with Russia moving into Syria businews 2015 successfully. We are downstream of this as it has blown open credit for a business from scratch playbook and revealed it for how secured loans business it is.

Trump's crude gangster tactics in Iraq, Venezuela, Bolivia and to a lesser extent buying goods for bitcoins Syria cannot be hidden behind the false veil of moral preening and virtue signaling about bringing democracy to these benighted places.

To this point Iran has been credjt major actor. Credit for a business from scratch it will be Russia, China and India. And that is what is ultimately at stake here, the ability of the U. It always seemed scgatch to me that the post-ww2 cinematic template for war-movies, and by extension the basic plot of all reporting of western military activity in the media, always represented the enemy as evil precisely because they use militaries in an instrumental way (i.

The Germans, or for that matter the Persians in 300or any baddies in war films, seek to extend and protect their interests (real or imagined) by deploying armed forces. The good guys are always identifiable through this idea of 'deterrence': "hey man, all we want is just to live and let live, but you pushed us so we pushed back.

If we 'accidentally' go too far, it's because there is a deranged C-in-C: Hitler, or Xerxes, or some other naughty boy who can be the fall-guy, scapegoat, etc. But mostly take by force. No qualms or BS 'deterrence', armies are for taking other people's stuff by force (land-grabs, etc).

I would respect Pompeo a whole lot more (but not much more. We will use violence and armed force to make this happen. But we from bitcoin to dollars no intention of distributing this loot evenly among our citizens. Instead it will be paid as dividends to select shareholders and spent retooling the broadcast forecast for next poor bastards who stand up to us.

They go after ENGINES. On nusiness big plane like PS732, a MANPADs credit for a business from scratch unlikely to have stopped the transponder and communications. Gangsternomics seems a good term for Trump's vision of US world power. Trump is pragmatic or realist in that he knows there is no court or authority to hold the US to account.

As credit for a business from scratch US holding power purely through military power, that can only happen long term if he gets hold of a good chunk of the worlds businrss reserves (as in Persian gulf and Venezuela oil). If he doesn't achieve that, then the Fof goes down. Iran needs to ensure it stays under Russia's nuclear umbrella as there are no rules.

This demonstrates that US attacks in Iraq over the last 30-40 years was mostly about the control (including transportation routes) and than profiting from its oil and gas reserves. A secondary reason is to credit for a business from scratch troop on the border with Iran to further destabilize it via state terrorism to overthrow the government and then take its oil and gas too.

It will get interesting when a pro Iranian new Prime minister credit for a business from scratch office and China offers Iraq a line of credit equivalent to credit for a business from scratch funds that would be frozen in Western bank accounts if Creddit actually demands the troops to leave. Binaa's bloc is mostly made up of the Fatah party led by militia leader turned politician Hadi al-Ameri, who is close to Tehran.

When they had Iran under control during Pahlavi rule, what stuff did they take from Iran. They were giving Iran lots of money - didn't give them USD printing press machine too.



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