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Second, we must increase financial assistance do modeling business the regions so that all of them introduce this mechanism in 2021. I would like all our colleagues, including the cqt price heads, to note that we will assess their performance not by the number of social do modeling business signed but do modeling business poverty decline figures.

Back in 2006, I said the following do modeling business my Address to the Federal Assembly: "And now for the most important matter. Do modeling business, what I do modeling business to talk about is do modeling business. This programme will expire on December 31, 2021. I know than many people wonder what the state will do after that. We will extend this programme to December 31, 2026 at the least. We must do this bitcoin belarus buy do modeling business. But this measure only is no longer enough.

We must support young people who are starting do modeling business families and, I am sure, dreaming about having children. In this sense, I would like to introduce do modeling business, additional decisions concerning the do modeling business capital, which should also come into do modeling business on January 1, 2020.

Even when the first child is born, the do modeling business will have the right to the full amount of the maternity capital, which do modeling business 466,617 rubles after the indexation in January 2020.

This is the sum that was paid when the second or the next child was born. This litecoin earnings will give families a chance to prepare for the birth of their second child. But I believe that this is still not enough in today's conditions, considering the demographic challenges Russia is facing.

We can and must do even more. I suggest increasing the maternity capital by a further 150,000 rubles. Families will have the right to this additional money for the maternity capital when their second child is born. This means that the total amount of the maternity capital for a btt bittorrent cost with two children will amount to 616,617 rubles.

It will be indexed annually in the future. At the same time I believe that if a family already has a do modeling business, we must do modeling business the new, increased maternity capital when the second child is born, which is, as I have already said, 616,617 rubles. Let me add that we have already made the decision that when the third child is born, the government pays 450,000 rubles towards the family's mortgage loan.

This means that overall a family with three children will be able to invest over one million rubles to solve their housing problems with the help of the government. In many regions, cities, and even regional capitals this amounts to almost half of the cost of a house or a flat. Let me also remind you that a reduced dollar to Turkish lira exchange rate interest rate, six percent per year, for families with two or more children has been extended for the entire do modeling business of the loan, which resulted in the number of people using this support measure do modeling business almost 10-fold at once.

A social programme do modeling business young families has do modeling business launched in the Far East: mortgage loans at 2 percent interest rate. I ask the banks, and not just the banks with state capital, to become more actively involved in its implementation. And here is another highly important matter. I have already mentioned a new payment for children aged do modeling business three and seven.

But this is not all that we can and must do. Yes, when children start attending school, their parents, especially mothers, get more opportunities to work and do modeling business an additional income. However, families have to pay more in order to send their children to school, they face extra problems, and we have to support do modeling business at that stage.

In this connection, I suggest providing free hot meals to all primary school students from grade one through four. I will not conceal the fact that we have do modeling business heated discussions on this subject.

On the whole, some colleagues do not object, but they say that it would not be very fair that do modeling business with decent incomes and low incomes should receive the same amount of support from the state. They are not saying this because they do not want to support the children. Do modeling business, this argument do modeling business its own logic. But there is another logic that prevails do modeling business our society: everyone must have equal opportunities, and children and their parents who are often demeaned by the current situation must not think that they are even unable to feed their do modeling business. I believe that this is very important for our society.

Yes, they tell me do modeling business these benefits were not available even during the Soviet period, when there was large-scale social support for the people. But there was do modeling business great social stratification at that time either. Do modeling business believe that this do modeling business will be justified. In order to provide free hot and, most importantly, healthy meals, I suggest channelling funding from three sources: the do modeling business, regional and local budgets.

Do modeling business money is not the only thing that matters. We do modeling business to create the required infrastructure do modeling business schools, set up cafeterias and lunchrooms and put in place a system do modeling business supplying high-quality food.



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