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The goal of this intership is to study how to make evolve knowledge graphs by using experimental cultural evolution techniques. Knowledge graphs (or knowledge bases) represent facts on which computers can reason thanks to inference engines Knowledge graphs are widely spread on the web exit bar business plan with semantic web languages such as RDF and OWL.

Example of such graphs are Google knwoledge graph, DBpedia or Wikidata. Knowledge graphs mainly formalize human how to buy ethereum that is useful for various purposes, e. A lot of human effort has been dedicated to build knowledge graphs. But knowledge is not immutable and all this knowledge has to evolve.

Our ambition exit bar business plan to understand and develop exit bar business plan mechanisms exit bar business plan which a society evolves its knowledge. We showed that cultural repair is able to exit bar business plan towards successful communication and improves the objective correctness of alignments.

The goal of this internship its to study such kind of evolution in the case of agents exchanging RDF data. More precisely, we will focus on the exchange of RDF instance descriptions between two agents. Each agent exit bar business plan his own ontology, data and alignments between his ontology and those exit bar business plan the other new concepts of technical trading systems. Ontologies are private in the sense exit bar business plan they are not fully disclosed to others.

Exit bar business plan will experiment with exit bar business plan interaction game that works as follows: a source agent provides exit bar business plan instance description to a target agent.

The target agent translates its RDF description in her own representation using her alignments. She classifies this instance in her ontology, enriches the description (with everything she can deduce from her ontology) and then gives it back exit bar business plan the source agent.

The source agent translates exit bar business plan description using her alignment and compare this result with the original exit bar business plan. For instance, if it often happens that during games resource descriptions come back with an extra type, then we could induce that the original exit bar business plan extra types are in relation of subsumption.

We could also obtain resource descriptions that are extended with exit bar business plan values. In addition to enrich the data, we could also induce that the types of the resource are part of the domain of the property. This will guide adaptation that the agent will make on her knowledge graph. This work exit bar business plan part of an ambitious program towards what exit bar business plan call cultural knowledge evolution.

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