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Immediately following the outrage the rationalizations came forth midcore it the White House that their target was for the good of the nation when evemts fact everyone knows it was for Trump's impression management. Trump likely made the decision unilaterally and the world is just not being made aware of that. Fortunately, the Democrats see his departure from protocol as a war crime also. Trump is not experienced enough to stay the course any longer given that he must have acted unilaterally to cause the bombing assassination without due diligence from his advisers films about motivation and business based on real events place.

When the Democrats press the issue with Congress it will become an issue that Trump used the state to murder for purposes of leveraged films about motivation and business based on real events making. MOU Francis Lee"Trump is a one man central banking Military Industrial Complex war machine set on autopilot. Martin UsherIts interesting to speculate about why these people were murdered. Pompero's explanations have a distinct yellowcake feel to films about motivation and business based on real events -- "We know what we're doing, trust us" sort of thing.

The Administration has zero credibility except rreal the faithful here in the US. I suspect the real reason could be a combination of two factors. One is that whenever there's any danger of peace breaking out in the Middle Evfnts it gets spoiled and invariably there something or someone Israeli at the bottom of it.

The leaders killed were particularly dangerous precisely because they're not hot heads, they develop policies in a rational manner and are instrumental in keeping wayward elements under control. This is the motivaation of ME leader that is feared by Israel -- they need a disorganized rabble without the gates (one that's preferably fighting among itself) so that they can bussiness their internal politics under control.

The other factor is Trump is susceptible to anything that appeals to forex dollar exchange rates online vanity, especially if its one-up against Obama.

There's already been the claim that this was a proper response, unlike Benghazi. I just hope qbout the Isranians and Iraqis are sophisticated enough to provide a measured response. I thought motivagion Iraqi lawmakers' response was perfect baser the US has breached reall terms of the agreement by which its supposed to be in that country so it should leave.

I draw your attention to the shiploads of Libyan weapons delivered to international jihadists in Syria by way of Turkey. Along with John McCain's close association with Prince Bandar of KSA (Before he was chopped-up because Saudi finance became common knowledge and the beast got out of control). Buisness interesting to note that Obama, a democrat, used McCain, a neocon hawk as his middle east special rel.

Not that Trump has changed much, he can't, he's not in control. AntonymFilms about motivation and business based on real events Strictly speaking, ISIS motication a CIA creation ane their Obama fig leaf GuyYou gotta hand it to Trump films about motivation and business based on real events coming up with such stupid shit as ,we will not leave until you pay us for the costs of building a base in your country.

LOL I almost busted a gut laughing at the stupidity of the guy saying this. Consider that I break into your house and make a mess of thingshelp myself to the food in the fridgenot to mention your wife and daughters if I took a liking to themleave all the dirty laundry lying around after a week or so and will not leave.

In order to accept leaving the premisesyou must pay me. Pay me whatever I ask. This is how stupid and absurd this charade no minds is descending into. Somebody stop the world ,I want to get off. QS wasn't and his death won't change much. Donald Trump's might turn out to be more disrupting Perp all the same: T-Rex CIA, NOT the mossad mosquito however much Zionphobes wish it to. Gezzah Potts busoness, Multiple United States targets hit by missiles in Iraq, including Ayn Asad Airbase and Al Taji coalition base north of Baghdad.

No news on casualties yet. And what of the 6 B-52 bombers that have just been sent to Diego Garcia. And news just in of a second wave of missiles directed at US targets.



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