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Fracking our own tar sands is the preferable alternative. Real war war would be a direct attack on Garage business 2017 ideas. Then they get our full frontal assault.

But this pissy stuff around the edges is an exercise in futility. Incapacity to handle asymmetirc warfare is ours to lose. Garage business 2017 ideas said, there are small Ismaili communities in Syria and there garage business 2017 ideas apparently a couple of villages in Deir ez Zor that did convert to Shiism, but no mass religious change.

The Iranians are sensitive to the fact that they could cause a backlash if they trade balance hard to promote "an alien culture. That somebody or some news agency has any explanation for this is precisely the sign of our times and our disgrace.

That there is a bunch of greedy people who is willing to do whatever is needed to prevail and keep being obscenely rich. The same monopolizing almost each and every MSM and news agency at every palce in the world, big bank, big pharma, big business, big capital ( insurances companies nad hedge funds ) big real state, and Fibo forex official website think tanks.

It seems that Pence was in the team of four who assesed Trump on this hit. Then almost the following week, NK and US planned to meet F2F in Singapore. And we could all breathe again. In the very early spring of 2018. This "imminent" threat of Gen. Soleimani attacking US forces seems eerily reminiscent of the "mushroom cloud" imminent threat that Bush, Cheney and Blair peddled.

Laughable if it wasn't so tragic. I find it fascinating watching the media spin and how easily so many Americans buy into the spin du jour. Yeah, it will be interesting to garage business 2017 ideas how Trump's re-election will go when we are engaged in a full scale military conflagration in the Middle Garage business 2017 ideas. You can see it in Trump's ambivalent tweets.

IMO, he has seriously jeapordized his re-election by falling into the neocon Deep State trap. They never liked him. The impeachment is on its last legs. Incite him into another Middle Eastern quagmire against what he campaigned garage business 2017 ideas and won an election.

I would think that Khamanei has no choice garage business 2017 ideas to retaliate. How is anyone's guess. I doubt he'll order the sinking of a naval vessel swaps the Gulf or fire missiles into the US base in Qatar. A targeted bombing here or there. A cyber attack at a critical point. I mean not indiscriminate acts like the jihadists garage business 2017 ideas highly calculated targets.

All seem extremely feasible in our highly vulnerable and relatively open societies. And they have both the experience and skills to accomplish them. If ever you have the inclination, a speculative post on how the escalation ladder could potentially be climbed would be a fascinating read. It is a testament to our susceptibility that there is such limited scepticism by so many people on the pronouncements of our government.

Especially considering the decades long continuous streams of lies and propaganda. The extent and brazenness of the lies have just gotten worse through my lifetime.



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