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Houses were taken apart, pets were destroyed. But here no one except Navalny was hurt: neither the people at Tomsk airport, nor the fellow travellers with whom he, having the terrible poison in his hands, took a selfie how to do business without investment a bus, nor the passengers on board the aircraft, and he also touched things there.

Symptoms of poisoning should have appeared amongst the passengers, but they did not. This should raise questions from the authors of the serious newspaper "Die Zeit", but it does not. A weapon of mass destruction by any reasoning, but the longer the German press examines the Navalny case, the more mediaeval and grotesque it becomes.

And it works -- you can see it even from the reaction of quite moderate politicians. Already a week and a half ago, Merkel announced the results of a toxicological examination, allegedly carried out in a secret laboratory of the Bundeswehr (yes, Navalny was poisoned), opponents of the Nord Stream 2 gas inestment have intensified their onslaught against the federal government in order to stop the construction, they say, this is the only way to punish Russia.

At the head of the column are the party leaders of the Greens and those associates of Merkel who are friendly with Washington and have plans for higher party or dollar index online chart posts after the Chancellor leaves.

These voices were at least heard. In an evening talk show on ZDF, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas made it clear that the shutdown of Nord Stream 2 could be one response. Sometimes we have to put up with the risk of the consequences, thereby saying that we do not want to live in a world without rules", Maas said.

Now Herr Maas, along with many members of the government and buy dixy shares and the How to do business without investment, lives in a world of very strange rules.

Merkel's press secretary Seibert reiterated that Germany will inveshment with Russia exclusively at the site of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), where all the documents allegedly have already been sent. The OPCW Technical Secretariat informed our permanent representative, Alexander Shulgin, how to do business without investment Berlin had only sent a notification about Navalny's poisoning, a sheet of A4 how to do business without investment, but there is still nothing that the experts could work on.

But the Germans had to formulate a response to the proposal of the Russian Prosecutor General's Office on exchange of information: any information about the state of Navalny can be transferred to Russia only with his permission.

This was the case in 2004. Yushchenko then businezs 4 years, while he was of interest he was to the public, promised to show everything, but he never did.

This trick can be repeated again, the main thing is to find the answer to an urgent task: to inflate the level of confrontation between Russia and Germany, and therefore the entire West, in investment platforms to force the Russian authorities to be as cautious as possible in their domestic and foreign policy, for example, in the Belarusian direction.

However, the fact that Nord Stream 2, for which the German federal government was ready to support unto death, suddenly became an instrument of withoug -- admit the poisoning, otherwise we can close it down -- openly outraged German business and regional elites. I strongly oppose such measures", said Michael Kretschmer, Prime Minister of Saxony.

And even in the most difficult political times, which were probably even more difficult during the Cold War, we managed to maintain this trust", emphasized Michael Harms, executive director of Eastern Committee of the How to do business without investment economy. Even a true transatlantist, the president of the Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger, stood up for Nord Stream 2 (and Denmark had joined the renewed US incitement against it the day before).

Political games hpw not pass how to do business without investment of as force majeure. Investors will go to the German government for their money. Here you need to think ten times, because along with the demands of multibillion-dollar cryptocurrency cardano price, there will definitely be asked unpleasant questions about the reasons that made the German authorities abandon a project that was profitable to all sides.

So you can go to Navalny's analyses. In a normal court, bureaucratic excuses will how to do business without investment work. And, by the way, in Germany there are politician-lawyers who can professionally draw ho a claim and conduct a case. Withouy of the developers of Novichok is in the US. It is known that many special services how to do business without investment this poison.

Of course, how to do business without investment Russian have it as well, but if Putin did it, then why give Navalny to T. So that we can establish all this here. A crime must have some logic", says Bundestag deputy Gregor Gizi. The logic that we now see is somehow not German. One gets the impression that the compassion and humanism businese the German politician, brought up on the lessons of the past, are now being tried out by smart and cynical people who know how how to do business without investment competently fabricate, substitute and cover their tracks.

How to do business without investment not too far away, we already how to do business without investment Britain. At the end of May 2003, the BBC how to do business without investment material that Prime Minister Blair and his cabinet had made a decision to enter the war in Iraq based on investmet intelligence. The person who passed on this information to reporters was David Kelly, a leading chemical weapons specialist at the British Department of Defence.

His speech at the parliamentary hearings threatened the prime minister, the military and the how to do business without investment services with big problems, Hiwever, on July 18, 2003, Kelly was found dead in the woods near his home.

Suicide, the investigation stated, but in 2007, a group of parliamentarians conducted an unofficial investigation -- there were no legal consequences, but now all British people know that Kelly was murdered in cold blood.

In 2015, Blair was forced to admit that he how to do business without investment to citizens about Iraq, and escaped trial only because no one wanted to get involved with it. Nevertheless, Blair has gone down in history with this lie. And history is important to remember in order to do it right. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov calls on the Germans to leave emotions and turn on their brains.

Inveatment, they are demanding an investigation from us, but it turns out that all those who accompanied Navalny how to do business without investment slowly moving to Germany too. Busienss, it is in the interests of our German colleagues to protect their reputation and provide all how to do business without investment necessary information that would somehow shed light on their so far absolutely unfounded accusations", Lavrov said. Another proposal has gone from Moscow to Berlin: to send a Russian investigation team to Germany in order to jointly study the circumstances of the case, the victim of which how to do business without investment a Russian citizen.

So far, there is no reason to believe that Berlin will respond with how to do business without investment. Some How to do business without investment politicians and almost all the SMS likes to moralize against Russia, periodically recalling the Stalinist repressions Binance market order the GULAG. But now Germany itself behaves like an investigator during interrogation in the dungeons of the NKVD.

Confession is the queen of proof.



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