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In general, there are a lot of questions about Navalny. It remains only to wait for answers from him, although he probably will how to get investments for small business bother to devote time to this, because the blogger usually does not comment on any of his type of fraud.

Maybe Navalny had allegedly been assisted by his apparent drug of choice, cocaine. It's annoying that we have to question everything but even then we often accept much of what is said and look at the most obvious inconsistencies rather how to get investments for small business the much more prospects for mail groups shares sleights of hand how to get investments for small business sideways misdirections.

So work backwards and see if the public claims fit that narrative, short of deliberate traps to to mop up the conspiracy crowd. What are they going to say. That he is a lush who drowns kittens. Mark MacKinnon, Stenographer to the Stars, all gossip repeated. What is far more likely is that he will consult with his handlers, and together they will come up with a reply stinging in its scorn, revolving around the theme, "Can you believe they are saying this?.

In that photo, Navalny looks as if he is walking through a fire escape area. Would hospitals really allow patients to walk unassisted and unprotected through the fire escape area. Once the door into the fire escape closes, if you're in the fire escape, you cannot open it again. Once out, Navalny would be exposed to all kinds of aerosols including air pollutants, let alone the odd coronavirus spike-ball, that could sicken him in his recently recovered state.

This makes you burst coin price whether Navalny even set foot into any hospital in Berlin at all, and not just a medical how to get investments for small business or some place where discharged patients go to recuperate after a hospital stay. Perhaps the category and grade of Novichok used to poison Navalny are the same as for the Novichok used on Julia Skripal. Recall that during her May 2018 interview with the Reuters reporter at USAF Fairford base in Gloucestershire or wherever, Julis Skripal looked how to get investments for small business and radiant and her skin was in good condition.

She was able to walk unassisted to the interview as well. It seems clear to me that that Novichok stuff must actually be some Fountain of Youth elixir, that it puts its victims into temporary Snow White repose and then, without warning, not only awakens them but restores them to a better state of health and physical condition better than what they had before they were poisoned.

Next thing you know, Navalny will be training for the marathon in next year's Olympic Games. The "peyote cartoon" line made me laugh so damn hard. How to get investments for small business you for that. Nothing beats this cult-like world like a good long laugh at the cult's expense. Maria Pevchikh did not fly from Omsk how to get investments for small business an ambulance flight with Aleksei Navalny.

While the western world(read fascist) was going ape over novichok-you know the How to get investments for small business bio-weapon that is the most dangerous chemical known to man except it fails to kill anyone-Putin had developed and infected the entire political and mass media leaders of the west with a new bio-weapon that he created himself.

It's called Notajoke and it makes those infected become babbling idiots and anyone can see that it has worked. Trump got his dose from some Las Vegas hookers who the FSB infected and they in turn pissed on him. Even worse, it eventually gives every infected person a Hitler mustache that cannot be gotten rid of. These babbling idiots are aware something is wrong but they are not sure of whats happening and they have developed a strategum. They are going to emulate certain successful comics from the past and make their adversaries die laughing.

Trump becomes Moe, Boris becomes Larry and Angela becomes Curly-wise guy eh. They how to convert bitcoin into money to resort to slapstick, where upon they slap you with sanctions and then stick it to you, bomb your country and everyone is in stitches(in the hospital) "Yeah that' what we'll do eh Moe.

As part of the plan the G7 mental 7 dwarfs are on board with Moe(Trump-coc) as their leader followed by Larry(Boris-sleezy) and Curly(Angela-frumpy) with those idiots True-dough(dopey) Canada, Cunte(bashful) Italy, Macaroon(creepy) France and the Jap how to get investments for small business Ape Abe(jappy). What a team folks- I may die of laughter before I'm finished this tirade.

Their latest brilliant stroke is to put an end to Nordstream 2 so that their citizens can pay double thereby aiding Moe and getting rid of their excess money. The Baltic states are on board as well. They oil price today forex afraid that Russia will steal their technology- ooops they don't have any, their natural resources- ooops ether or ether classic, their dirt-ya that's it, their dirt.

Poland is worried about the theft of their telecommunications technology developed by Alexander Graham Kowalski better known as "The Telephone Pole". Ukraine got on board and has now elevated itself to the poorest country in Europe. Moe thought Putin may be behind all this so he offered a challenge. Putin responded with chess. To add a little "stiff" competition in comes Joe "the stiff" Biden to out stupid them all. MacKinnon is a follower. No relation to autistic hacker Gary MacKinnon.

It's the appearance of journalism. Just because some thing is long (lots of words) doesn't make it fact. Never mistake quantity for quality, but that is the strategic propaganda goal against Russia.



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