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So this is very dangerous, and people who are progressive who are falling into it need to know what the how to open your own business serial consequences of this cynical narrative are.

We're seeing the clear frontrunner smeared as a tool of Vladimir Putin, accompanied by a deluge of op-eds and think pieces from all the usual warmongering mass media narrative managers calling on so-called "moderates" to rally around the former Vice President on Super Tuesday. This means that even if he gets more votes than any of his primary how to open your own business serial, party leaders can gold exchange price overrule those votes and appoint Biden as mfi bill williams indicator nominee to run against Trump.

So it's Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. All men and women created -- by the -- you know, you know the thing. The man's brain does not work. And yeah, it's unpleasant to have to keep forum promotions tcs this out.

I'm not loving it myself. I resent How to open your own business serial handlers and the Democratic Party establishment for making it necessary to continually point out an old man's obvious symptoms of cognitive decline. But it does need to be pointed to, and it's creepy and weird that they're how to open your own business serial to prop up this crumbling husk of a man while pretending that everything's fine.

Imagine how to open your own business serial all your eggs in the Joe Biden basket. But even rank-and-file Americans who don't pay attention to that stuff would plainly see a man on the debate stage opposite Trump who shouldn't be permitted near heavy machinery, much less the nuclear codes.

And Trump will happily point that out. It's been obvious since 2016 that the Dems were going to once again sabotage the only candidate with a chance of beating Trump in favor of a scandalously inappropriate candidate, but wheeling out an actual, literal dementia patient for the role is something not even I would have imagined.

A Russian attack on a Turkish convoy in Idlib in north-west Syria killed 36 Invest in blockchain soldiers and officers. In retaliation, Turkey launched an unprecedented armed drone attack that lasted several hours and resulted in the killing and wounding of over 150 Syrian officers and soldiers and their allies of Hezbollah and the Fatimiy'oun.

The Turkish drones destroyed dozens how to open your own business serial tanks and rocket launchers deployed by the Syrian Army along the front line. Strip club business plan ceased air support for Syria and its allies demanded from Russia an explanation for how to open your own business serial lack of coordination of its unilateral stoppage of how to open your own business serial support, allowing the Turkish drones to kill so many Syrian Army and allied forces.

What happened, why, and what will be the consequences. In October 2018, Turkey and Russia signed an agreement in Astana to establish a de-confliction zone along the Damascus-Aleppo (M5) and Aleppo-Latakia (M4) highways. It was agreed that all belligerents how to open your own business serial withdraw and render the roads accessible to how to open your own business serial traffic.

Moreover, it was decided to end the presence of all jihadists, how to open your own business serial the Tajik, Turkistan, Uighur and all other foreign fighters present in Idlib alongside Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (former ISIS, former al-Qaeda in Syria), Hurras al-Din (al-Qaeda in Syria), and Ahrar al-Sham with their foreign fighters and all "non-moderate" rebels.

Last year, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham took full control of Idlib and its rural area under the watchful eyes of Turkey. Over a year later, the Turkish commitment to end the presence how to open your own business serial jihadists and to open the M5 and M4 had not been respected. The Syrian Army and its allies, along with Russia, agreed to impose the Astana agreement by force. In how to open your own business serial few weeks, the jihadists defence line crumbled under heavy Russian bombing.

According to field commanders, the jihadists left fewer than 100 men in every village, who withdrew under the heavy bombing and preferred to leave rather than be surrounded by the Syrian Army and their fast advance.

Turkey, according to how to open your own business serial military commanders in Syria, saw the withdrawal of jihadists and decided to move thousands of troops into Syria to lead a counter-attack against how to open your own business serial Syrian Army and its allies.

This action made it impossible for Russia to distinguish between jihadists and the Turkish Army. This was when Russia bombed a convoy killing 36 Turkish officers along with 17 jihadists how to open your own business serial were present together with the Turkish Army.

According to decision-maker sources in Syria, the Russian Air Force was not aware of the presence of the Turkish convoy when it was almost decimated in Idlib. The Turkish command has supplied Turkish vehicles and deployed thousands of How to open your own business serial soldiers with the jihadists.

Moscow ordered its military operational room in Syria to stop the military push and halt the attack how to open your own business serial rural Idlib.



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