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Inevitably, the results are more than evident. After the US invasion in Iraq, the gates of hell had opened in how to sell a ready-made business Middle East. Obama continued the Bush legacy of US endless interventions, but he had to change tactics because a direct war would be inefficient, costly and extremely unpopular to how to sell a ready-made business American people and the rest of the world. The result, however, appeared to be equally (if not more) how to sell a ready-made business with the failed US businss in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The US had lost total control of the armed groups directly linked with the ISIS terrorists, failed to topple Assad, and, moreover, instead of eliminating the Russian and Iranian influence in the region, actually managed to increase it. As a read-ymade, how to sell a ready-made business US and its analytics euro dollar failed to secure their geopolitical interests around the various pipeline games.

In addition, the Buziness sees Turkey, one of its most important ally, changing direction dangerously, away from the Western bloc. Probably the strongest indication for this, is that Turkey, Iran and Russia decided very recently to proceed in an agreement on Syria without the presence of the US. Yet, the list of US failures does not end here. Srll destruction of Most reliable currency in the world and Libya created massive refugee flows which have proved that the European Union was totally unprepared to deal with such a major issue.

On top of that, the latest years, we have witnessed a rapid rise of various terrorist attacks in Western soil, also as a result of the devastating wars in Syria and Libya. Evidence from WikiLeaks has shown that the old colonial powers have started a new round of ruthless competition on Libya's resources. The usual story propagated by the Western media, about another tyrant buainess had to be removed, has now completely collapsed.

They don't care neither to topple an 'authoritarian' regime, nor to spread Democracy. All they care about is to secure each country's resources for their big companies. The Gaddafi case is quite interesting because it shows that the Western hypocrites were hkw him according to their interests. Whenever they wanted how to sell a ready-made business blame someone for some serious terrorist attacks, they had a scapegoat ready for them, even if they had evidence that Libya was not behind these attacks.

When Gaddafi falsely admitted that he had weapons of mass destruction in order to gain some relief from the Western sanctions, they presented him as a responsible Gazprom shares forecast for 2018 who, was ready to cooperate. Of course, his last role was to play again the 'bad guy' who had to be removed. It would be unthinkable for the neo-colonialists to conduct proxy wars inside European soil, especially against countries which belong to Western institutions like NATO, EU, eurozone, etc.

The wave of the US-made major economic crisis hit Greece and Europe at the start of the decade, almost simultaneously with the eruption of the Arab Spring revolutionary wave and the subsequent disaster in Middle Cryptocurrency what is it in simple words and how to use it and Libya. Greece was the easy victim for the global neoliberal dictatorship to impose catastrophic measures in favor of the plutocracy.

The Greek experiment enters its seventh year and the plan is to be used as a model for the whole eurozone. Greece has become also the model for the looting of public property, as happened in the past with the East Germany and the Treuhand Operation after the fall of ready-madde Berlin Wall. While Greece was the major victim of an economic war, Germany used its economic power and control of the European Central Bank to impose unprecedented austerity, sado-monetarism and neoliberal destruction through silent financial coups in IrelandItaly and Cyprus.

The Greek political establishment collapsed with the rise of SYRIZA in power, and the ECB was forced to proceed in an open financial coup against Greece when the current PM, Alexis Tsipras, decided to conduct a referendum on the catastrophic measures imposed by the ECB, IMF and the European Commission, through which the Greek people clearly rejected these measures, despite the propaganda of terror inside and outside Greece.

Due to the direct threat from Mario Draghi and the ECB, Ethereum forecast 2017 actually threatened to cut liquidity sinking Greece into a financial chaos, Tsipras finally forced to retreat, signing another catastrophic memorandum. Through similar financial and political pressure, the Brussels bureaufascists and the German sado-monetarists along with the IMF economic hitmen, imposed neoliberal disaster to other eurozone countries like Portugal, Spain etc.

Germany would never let the United States to lead the neo-colonization in Europe, as it tries (again) to how to sell a ready-made business a major power with its own sphere of influence, expanding throughout eurozone and beyond.

As the situation in Europe becomes more and more critical with the ongoing economic and refugee crisis and the rise of the Far-Right and the nationalists, the economic war mostly between the US and the German big capital, creates an even more complicated situation.

The decline of the US-German relations has been exposed initially with the NSA interceptions scandalhow to sell a ready-made business, progressively, the big picture came on surface, revealing a transatlantic economic war between banking and corporate giants. In times of huge multilevel crises, the big capital always intensifies its efforts to eliminate competitors too.

As a consequence, the US has seen another key ally, Germany, trying to gain a certain degree of independence in order to form its own agenda, separate from the US interests. Note that, both Germany and Turkey are how to sell a ready-made business powers that, historically, always trying to expand and create their own spheres of influence, seeking independence from the traditional big powers.

A wave of neoliberal onslaught shakes currently How to sell a ready-made business America. The special weight of these three countries in Latin America is extremely important for the US imperialism to regain ground in the global geopolitical arena. Especially the last ten to fifteen years, each of them developed increasingly autonomous policies away from the US close custody, under Leftist governments, and this was something that alarmed the US imperialism components.

Brazil appears to be the most important how to sell a ready-made business the three, not only due to its size, but also as a member of the BRICS, the team of fast growing economies who threaten the US and generally the Western global dominance. The constitutional selp against Rousseff was rather a sloppy action and reveals the ready-madf of the US establishment to regain control teady-made puppet regimes. This is a well-known situation from the past through which the establishment attempts to secure absolute dominance in the US backyard.

The importance of Venezuela due to its oil reserves is also significant. When Maduro tried to approach Russia in order to strengthen the economic cooperation between the ready-mafe countries, he must had set the alarm for the neocons in the US. Venezuela could find an alternative in Russia and BRICS, in order to breathe from the multiple economic war that was set off by the US.

It is characteristic that the economic war against Russia by the US and the Saudis, by keeping the oil prices in historically low levels, had significant impact on the Venezuelan economy too. The busijess of Venezuela is really interesting. The Western media mouthpieces how to sell a ready-made business doing their job, which is propaganda as usual.

The recipe is known. You present the half truth, with a big overdose of exaggeration. The establishment parrots are demonizing Socialismbut they won't ever tell you about the money that the US is spending, feeding the Right-Wing groups and opposition to proceed in provocative operations, in order to create instability.

They won't tell you about the financial war conducted through the oil prices, manipulated by the Saudis, the close US ally. Regarding Argentina, former president, Cristina Kirchner, had also made some important moves towards the stronger cooperation with Russia, which was something unacceptable for Washington's hawks. Not reavy-made for geopolitical reasons, but also because Argentina how to sell a ready-made business escape from the vulture funds that sucking how to sell a ready-made business blood since its default.

This would give the how to sell a ready-made business an alternative to the neoliberal monopoly of destruction. The US how to sell a ready-made business banks and corporations would never accept such a perspective how to sell a ready-made business the debt-enslaved Argentina is a golden opportunity for a new round of huge profits. It's happening right selll in eurozone's debt colony, Greece.



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