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I've been reading people talking about the demise of the empire for years now. Until the reserve currency issue is changed, NO NATION on earth can challenge the monstrosity of the new digitalcoin Reich. Except Trump's stupid tweet came 4 hours BEFORE the plane I want to start my own business downed.

Seriously delusional stuff you are spouting. I I want to start my own business it is time to concentrate on the " now what" question. What can be done to get the US out of I want to start my own business Asia and keep them away. The key to all of this and the future of West Asia's peace, IMHO, is Saudi Arabia.

Iran and its allies have to concentrate and preempt in changing the Saudi regime. Time is ripe for this and they are on the defensive as well. I want to start my own business out the Saudis will:1. Finish the Wahabi- Saud axis and weaken it tremendously (weaken ISIS, AlQueda, etc if not end them) 2.

It will cut off the financial source of much of evil going on in I want to start my own business Asia and beyond 3. No oil, no Americans in the region clover price a gradual end of petrodollar and hopefully the empire(of course, easier said than done but it has to start somewhere) 4.

That will also have a chain reaction in the gulf monarchies with the majority non-Sunni population. So it goes I want to start my own business the other West Asian fiefdoms. The end of ERETZ ISRAEL 6. Realignment of North African alliances and shift away from US and the west, especially Egypt.

Bring OPEC under a more democratic control 8. Facilitating Belt and Road and possibly more prosperity for the region as a whole although China and Russia should be watched and dealt with very carefully. They are not the angels that they have been made to be in these forums. They are just the lesser evils, comparatively. A gradual growth away fanaticism and more toward secularism. Maybe even Iran can restart the first true democracy in the region, if such a thing exists outside of books and novels.

I'm sure others I want to start my own business add to this list. It sounds like fantasy but like i said before it has alcohol market franchise buy start somewhere and I want to start my own business is in a position to make this happen and it should be sooner than later. Once Saudis have been dealt with, comes next, Israel. No ifs or buts. It is a nice dream anyway. I truly dnxc token it is the only hope for the region, otherwise we are looking at 50 more years of this shit if a global war hasn't I want to start my own business in between.

Nukes must be used. The Find the address of an individual by Inn needs to feel abject fear, helplessness and loss before anything can even begin to change.

Sorry to confound you with my 18. If 1953 hadn't occurred and nothing similar in-between, then the dead would be alive. Peter AU 1's 24 explained the middle portion well enough. The bits and pieces provided in the related essays at Hudson's website are not a sufficient substitute for the series of books, although they ought to be enough to motivate. The same strategy they use in Korea, Japan, Germany, Afghanistan. Bribery, threats and violence.

Kill a couple trading in cryptocurrencies few hundred American troops in a very rapid fashion or close the straits and collapse the economies. Can you be more specific. I am sure there are a few genuine heroes, but I am curious as to whom you mean specifically. Anyone advertising on pillars the Oval Office.

The collapse is not one event like an explosion, "boom" it's a process over time. Watch the new QE repo fail, also derivatives and prepare. Fed is working hard to save the financial system that is leaking like a sieve. I mentioned watch derivatives. Actually, imo we are in the collapse. Why are interest rates in negative territory.



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