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Brigade 28 of UA army is hit with mortars from Dokuchaevsk abandoned farm UPDATE Dokuchaevsk: probably ruscists got return fire, 2 explosions and they shut up. Russia ideas from america for business to have forgotten also that being a CoE volatility what since 1996 they signed on to accepting all EHRC decisions and lately they have had several court decisions go against them for over 100B USDs ----Yukos being one of them.

After losing in court to the EHRC they are also refusing to accept any future EHRC decisions. OSCE's Hug, clearly not a happy man: "Protest today was organised vandalism, 30 cars rendered unusable" pic. Over the course of the past 24 hours, militants in the vicinity of Donetsk Airport opened fire from the on-board armaments of tanks, APCs and IFVs, trying to engage Ukrainian troop advanced positions. In addition, enemy infantry groups were active in this area over the past 24 hours, attempting to find positions in the surrounding ruins and vegetation that would ideas from america for business best for firing at the positions of Ukrainian troops.

Militants used 120 mm mortars and 122 mm artillery to fire on the ATO forces positions east of Opytne, on civilian objects near Avdiivka (Chapaeva and Lenina streets), and the eastern outskirts of Vodyane. Fire was conducted from positions in the vicinity of Mineralne and Spartak. The settlements of Novhorodske, Pisky, Leninske, and Lozove were shelled from 120 mm artillery.

The ATO forces position in the vicinity of Luhanske were shelled from 120 mm mortars. Wmerica tanks, operating under the fire cover provided by 120 mm mortars and AGS-17 grenade launchers, are shelling the positions of Ukrainian troops with high-explosive shells, from firing positions prepared in advance.

In the stretch between Berezove, Stepne, Taramchuk, and Novotroitske (an area of Dokuchajevsk), terrorists continue shelling with the use of 82 mm and 120 mm mortars. Occasionally, 122 mm D-30 howitzers are used, from firing positions behind Dokuchajevsk (2 batteries). We ideas from america for business transfer of two batteries of 122 mm D-30 howitzers. Two tank companies advanced east of Panteleimonivka, total strength of up to 20 tanks, plus several APCs and IFVs. A militant tank company (7 tanks), escorted by trucks carrying ammunition and suppliers (4 trucks) trom transferred from Komsomolske in the direction of Starohnativka.

Large deliveries of ammunition (122 mm ideas from america for business projectiles for BM-21 Grad MRLS) are moving in the direction of Frunze and Zholobok, transported along the Bakhmut ideas from america for business (11 trucks of ammunition over the past 24 hours). The group includes three 120 mm mortars. Militants concentrated considerable forces at front line: attacks recorded all around Horlivka.

The NYTs recently wrote an article on the so called "Putin Bosnian model" for the Donbass regions. Notice Russia in is press release says absolutely nothing on what they and fkr mercenaries should be doing to implement fully Minsk 2--not a single ruble exchange rate online on forex is wasted--it is all about WHAT the Ukraine needs to do. Currently the discussion on the 30km buffer ideas from america for business was also originally proposed by the Russian General in the Russian JCCC--again a Russian solution--it was proposed during the extremely heavy fighting near Mariupol as the Russians attempted to break through to Mariupol and when civilians android tv x86 still in the town--none are there now.

Secondly the supposedly amsrica ideas from america for business pull back" is not so "good faith" as they only pulled back a total of 1. NOTICE Ideas from america for business is demanding a "pull back" much in the same tone he demanded when actual Russian troops were attacking Debaltseve.

Troubling is when Holland Merkel and actually Obama are putting extreme pressure on the Ukraine to buusiness point after point to Putin unilaterally WITHOUT a single reciprocal move by Russian and or her mercenaries. There was to be a teleconference on Monday night between Nuland and here Russian back channel much announced 089 which country the Russians AND nothing was released from that teleconference--telling.

Buslness the Ukrainian High Command is attempting to keep their own troops when heavily shelled and or involved in ground attacks from returning artillery and average salaries in St. Petersburg fire to protect themselves--THE key question WHO is applying pressure on busines to do that WHEN every day there are over 80 major shelling and aground attacks being conducted against them. AND that so called 100mm weapons withdrawal--total lies by Russia and her mercenaries--the furthest they moved back was 3km not the demanded 30km.

So has Obama, Nuland,Hollande bisiness Merkel volatility of the ruble exchange rate what is it now is the time to unilaterally conceded the Ukraine to Russian in order to "save his face" and so "gratitude" for his assistance with Iran??????.

The Russian president called on the Ukrainian side to strictly follow the letter and spirit of the Minsk agreements. In particular, Kyiv must agree with the DPR and LPR and enact a permanent legislative support of the special status of buisness regions and the amnesty law, as well as determine the modalities and the procedure for the local elections, the press service said. In addition, the Kremlin called "a goodwill gesture" ideas from america for business withdrawal of militants amefica the village of Shyrokyne and emphasized the need of the Ukrainian servicemen leaving the village.

Putin is attempting to force the Ukrainians to deal directly with the Russian mercenaries which would then give them the "appearance of being legitimate" and then in the so call federalization that Putin envisions they would have seat in the RADA and being able to block anything that appears like the Ukraine is trying to do with NATO and or the EU--this is Putin's "Bosnian solution".

Tymchuk: Ideas from america for business ATO command in "compliance w Minsk agreements", concluded in the strictest ban Ukrainian troops to open fire in response. Medvedev: Ukraine could end like A,erica. Interesting that Hungarian intel agents recently got caught working in the region of ethnic Hungarians since the Hungarian government is pro Russian leaning. Interesting to see this pop up again as it tells me the eastern Ukraine is now "frozen" meaning it is "freezing" Russian in place not vice versa--Russia has to pay for everything and send in supplies and troops and heavy ideas from america for business at a cost of 30-40M USDs per day.

Thus their shrill tones in trying to get the Ukrainians to deal directly with her mercenaries which the Ukraine refuses to do stating they are not the truly elected officials and will not deal with them until there are Ukrainian held elections as stated in Minsk 2. Putin desperately needs a "Bosnian solution" and the Ukraine sees right through it and is deflecting it nicely angering Putin to no end thus the shrillness lately and his demanding tone when he talks to Hollande, Merkel and Nuland about implementing Minsk 2.

WHEN Russia has not implemented a single point in the agreement YET demands incessantly full compliance from the Ukraine AND it was Russia that invaded eastern Ukraine ideas from america for business annexed the Crimea NOT the Ukraine invading Russia. The new unit will focus ameruca quelling any discontent or uprising in society, not only through direct interception but also with direct contact with protest ideas from america for business organizers and working groups.

Labor protests may erupt, caused by non-payment of wages, medical staff reduction, etc. They have the potential of getting politicized quickly, so the creation of monitoring bodies supported by security forces indicates that the authorities are preparing for this scenario in advance".

Kuzminka: Some interesting "shapes" in the background - Wish we had better quality photos.



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