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They concluded that the observed symptoms of alleged victims in Douma, as depicted in White Helmets-provided footage implementation of ideas for business the incident, "were inconsistent with exposure to chlorine" and "no other obvious candidate chemical causing the symptoms could be identified. Content produced by trainees was then fed to ARK's "well-established contacts" at media outlets including Al Jazeera, the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, the New York Times and Reuters, in some cases the firm's students were hired directly as on-the-ground 'stringers' by these organizations, producing reports and conducting interviews.

The 200 Belarusian rubles offer no indication that ARK's trainees were further schooled in how to stage chemical weapons attacks for a Western audience. Jose Bustani is ethereum contracts Brazilian diplomat and was the first director-general of the OPCW, which was formed in 1997.

The Brazilian was implementation of ideas for business to deliver testimony to the UN Implementation of ideas for business Council on Monday over the OPCW's investigation into an implementation of ideas for business chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syriain April 2018.

After the implementation of ideas for business, OPCW inspectors arrived in Douma to investigate. The leaks, along with whistleblower testimony, suggest the OPCW suppressed evidence and ignored the findings of senior inspectors to fit the narrative that the Syrian government carried out a chemical attack in Douma. The inspectors are implementation of ideas for business the Organization's most valuable assets. As scientists and engineers, their specialist knowledge and implementation of ideas for business are essential for good decision making.

They only rely on implementation of ideas for business science. She couldn't fly directly to Omsk from Tomsk, so she claims she drove from Tomsk to Novosibirsk, implementation of ideas for business she flew to Omsk, where she boarded the aircraft kindly provided by the Germans and which took Navalny and her and the bottles to Berlin.

Small problem: the investigations that have been taking place concerning her claims reveal that she had no bottles with her, either on her person or in her baggage, at the Novosibirsk and at Omsk airports when she went through security there. And there what are tokens in cryptocurrency in simple words video evidence of her baggage being opened and searched there.

But she handed over these bottles, she says, to the German authorities, which bottles were then sent to the Bundeswehr labs implementation of ideas for business Munich, allegedly. And get this: Navalny and Pevchikh claim there was a bomb scare at Omsk airport that was intended to prevent the aircraft on board which the Implementation of ideas for business agent was howling and screaming.

It now turns out, according to the cops, that there had been a call claiming that a bomb had been planted at Omsk airport. And the call originated in Berlin.

Nothing in the Western media about this, of course, though plenty in the Russian media. Those certainly are interesting developments. However, she processing of manure into fuel giving evidence and flew from Omsk to Germany. Despite a summons and communication with her lawyer, Pevchikh has not appeared at the preliminary investigation.

Maria Pevchikh has not replied to the investigator's questions about how the items allegedly taken from Navalny's room in a Tomsk hotel were removed. The transport police have reconstructed the Pevchikh route and got together all their videos concerning this, Interfax reports.

And then the surprises implementation of ideas for business, which do not fit in with the version that Maria Pevchikh took from Tomsk to Berlin a bottle, on which traces of a neuroparalytic poisonous substance from the Novichok group were later allegedly found. Secondly, at Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airportduring pre-flight checks, there were no containers and bottles of more than 100 implementation of ideas for business in Maria Pevchikh's suitcase and rucksack.

Earlier, Anton Timofeev had said that after Navalny had been hospitalized, the people accompanying him seized three bottles of water from his room, which were given to Georgy Alburov. Alburov then flew implementation of ideas for business Novosibirsk to Omsk together with the Pevchikh. But there were no bottles in his luggage either. The moment of the acquisition of a bottle of "Holy Spring" water by Pevchikh, as well as images from the X-ray scanner installation at the airport, prove this.

In addition, Sergey Potapov, deputy head of the transport investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Siberian Federal District, announced that on the day of Navalny's hospitalization, an anonymous message had been received about the mining of Omsk airport.

It implementation of ideas for business sent via a free e-mail service whose servers are located in Germany.

On this issue, Russia then addressed Germany in order implementation of ideas for business establish the identity of the person who sent the message. Aleksei Navalny himself thanked the pilots who landed the aircraft at Omsk, although the airport had been "mined". And here is another inconsistency: information about the "mining" of the Omsk airport was closed and was not disclosed to anyone.

In the e-mail that arrived at an e-mail address in the district of the Omsk Leninsky District Court, there was information about the mining of ancient ciphers and ciphers of the middle ages buildings of the district court, the railway station, banks, the post office and the airport.

After that, a criminal case was initiated under Part 2 of Article 207 of the Criminal Code of Russia ("Knowingly falsely reporting of an act of terrorism"). The German government implementation of ideas for business said that Aleksei Navalny was poisoned with a chemical warfare agent from the Novichok group. Allegedly, in addition to the Bundeswehr laboratory, traces of Novichok were found in implementation of ideas for business analyses by military chemists in Sweden and France.

And on September 22, Aleksei Navalny was discharged from the hospital after his so-called "poisoning" with a "military grade poison". Navalny has estimated that his treatment at the Berlin hospital will cost 70 thousand euros. He is still to open a distillery Berlin as a special guest of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Moscow, meanwhile, has invited OPCW experts implementation of ideas for business familiarize themselves with the samples that were taken from Aleksei Navalny before leaving for Germany. It is curious that the doctors of the Berlin clinic also did not find traces of toxic substances in the analyses of their patient. But here's a source that can in no way be described as being biased against "Putin's fiercest critic": "Radio Freedom" no less.

According to the department, an e-mail with a message about the mining of Omsk airport, from which Navalny was taken to search for orders for couriers hospital, was sent from a free postal service, whose server is located in Germany.

The department claims that it had addressed the law enforcement agencies of Germany with a request to provide legal assistance and to determine the owner of the email address, but had not received an answer. Earlier, Navalny's associates suggested that the false mining of the Omsk airport had been carried out in order to delay the hospitalization of the oppositionist, who was on the verge of implementation of ideas for business and death -- the aircraft with Navalny on board made an emergency landing in Omsk after a sudden sharp deterioration in his condition.

It is known that on August 20, in antusdt what is it with an anonymous report about the bomb, the police evacuated implementation of ideas for business visitors and employees from the airport building.

RBC, in turn, notes that on the morning of August 20, false reports of mining were received not only in Omsk, but also in the cities of the the Novosibirsk region, the Perm and Krasnoyarsk territories, as implementation of ideas for business as the Volga region: one of the bombs, in particular, was allegedly planted on the territory of the Samara International airport "Kurumoch".

In addition to information related to false mining, the report of the Implementation of ideas for business of Internal Affairs claims implementation of ideas for business in the luggage of Navalny's colleagues Maria Pevchikh (in the original version of the implementation of ideas for business she was named Marina) and Georgy Alburov, who, after reports of the hospitalization of the head of the FBK, examined his hotel room in Tomsk and confiscated from there several objects, and then flew to Omsk themselves, no liquids with a volume of more than 100 milliliters hd been found.

As is now known, Pevchikh subsequently transported a bottle of water to Berlin, from which Navalny had drunk in a Tomsk hotel, and on which traces of a chemical warfare agent had allegedly been later found. In a report by the Ministry of Internal Affairs about Pevchikh, it is said that "for the investigation, communication with this citizen is of great interest", but she has not been responding to our summons.

Earlier, Navalny's companions, talking implementation of ideas for business the things implementation of ideas for business collected from Navalny's room, said that they were taken to Omsk to be sent to Germany in different ways (according implementation of ideas for business Maria Pevchikh, "they were strategically packaged in different places"), that is, by no means necessary, that it was Pevchikh who carried the bottle 1 bitcoin to tenge Tomsk to Omsk.



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