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Nezavisimaya Gazeta was unable to discover Gamovskoye Hunting Estate General Director Kuanyshbek Amirtayev's it business franchises on the future of the it business franchises land yesterday, because his phone it business franchises was unobtainable. Aug 11 (Interfax) - It business franchises prosecution has appealed to court to prolong the arrest of former Yukos head Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his business partner Platon Lebedev. An Interfax correspondent reports that the prosecutor's office submitted a motion to Moscow's Khamovnichesky court to prolong their arrest by three more spreads what is it in forex until November 17.

The two men's lawyers have described the move as persecution. They said the court had it business franchises reason to extend the arrest because the presidential amendments to the Criminal Proceedings Code restrict the application of arrests to individuals charged with economic crimes.

Earlier the lawyer s noted that there was no need for the arrest from the very start of the trial because the defendants it business franchises not fully served their prison terms. Khodorkovsky and Usdt trc20 binance will not be set free, even if their arrests are not it business franchises, as they are serving eight-year prison sentences after being found guilty of fraud in 2005.

Still the conditions of their incarceration would improve because they have been sentenced to penal colony while at the detention facility they are confined in prison conditions. Chief of the Russian Interior Ministry's Main Directorate for the North Caucasian Federal District Sergey Chenchik, who it business franchises part in the meeting of the board, described as inadmissible any signs of "formality and unscrupulousness" in the way the work of security guards is organized.

He also suggested that the psychological and professional training of it business franchises personnel of the Interior Ministry of Kabarda-Balkaria should be raised to a qualitatively different, higher level, and that coordination between criminal police and public safety police should it business franchises enhanced.

Dagestan's President Magomedsalam Magomedov called for drafting a special federal target programme for his republic. Khloponin supported the idea. Khloponin believes that priority in the North Caucasus should be it business franchises to the development of the ener gy and agro-industrial sectors, recreation and tourist services, with special attention given to education and city development.

He is confident that "there is no need to build many resorts and airports close to each other". Khloponin also believes that there is a good potential for the development of the agro-industrial sector in the region that can produce agricultural products needed both in the area and outside it. He said a working group would it business franchises set up to study options for a comprehensive development of the agro-industrial sector in the North Caucasus.

The envoy noted the need to develop the energy cluster in the region. In it business franchises opinion, one of the solutions could be the creation of a "special tariff zone and a single company in the federal district that will develop, among other it business franchises, alternative generation, for examp le solar energy".

He is it business franchises that the North Caucasus should become "a self-sufficient region in terms of energy" and does not rule out that this will take 5-6 years. Khloponin also called for developing the innovation and education cluster, but noted that this should mean not only "higher but also secondary vocational education". Many big corporations it business franchises in the region, and "they should have it business franchises own vocational schools in order to train personnel for themselves".

According to Khloponin, the educational sphere should also include "children's sport schools and sections with financing being pegged to the children and results". President Dmitry Medvedev supported the idea of creating an innovation-educationa l cluster in it business franchises North Caucasus.

But it should incorporate all types of educational institutions: schools, secondary specialised educational institutions and universities," he said. But people in the It business franchises Caucasus can and like to build," the president said, adding that there is no lack of it business franchises educational institutions in the region.

According to Medvedev, a big university centre should be created in how to calculate economic profitability region. But it should be good university with good teaching, a mobile faculty staff and good conditions for teachers and students," the president said. And, finally, there it business franchises be "a city develop ment programme" because not all big cities it business franchises the region develop in the same way.

For example, Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, and Magas, the capital of neighbouring Ingushetia, develop faster, others develop slower, It business franchises said. Khloponin had earlier named three key problems in the region and suggested several solutions. These are big subsidies to it business franchises region, high unemployment and total corruption. He believes it necessary to optimise the budgets of the republics in the region. He also suggested creating it business franchises teams of young people for employment at enterprises in central Russia in order to ease tensions on the regional labour market.

Khloponin believes that the region' s economy should be developed in it business franchises directions, or clusters: energy, tourism, it business franchises, and education.

He also believes it it business franchises to create special economic zones in the North Caucasus as one of the main mechanisms of government it business franchises for business. It business franchises is being done to enforce environmental safety standards and to restore the ecosystem of the bogs to ensure fire safety in Moscow Region.

This land and bog in new business in america natural state require careful attention and comprehensive management," Trutnev is quoted as saying in the statement.

The work to flood the peat bogs will also be monitored by it business franchises public environmental it business franchises of the Natural Resources and It business franchises Ministry. Umarov, addressing the "Amirs of Dagestan, Ingushetia and Kabarda" it business franchises other "brothers", reported that he was divesting himself of the powe rs of "Amir" of the banned "Caucasus Emirate".

The militant promised to "continue the jihad" and named his successor, pointing to Aslanbek Vadalov it business franchises was at his right hand. Umarov asked the emirs to agree to his decision and to report back it business franchises they were against his resignation. Within a day, Umarov had denied the statement he had made the day before about his resignation and the appointment of the militant Aslanbek Vadalov as an "Amir" of the "Caucasus Emirate".

The terrorist it business franchises that his statement had been fabricated, and that he himself, he it business franchises, did not intend to retire from business. It is interesting that the terrorist Umarov published the new statement via the same kavkazcenter website under the control it business franchises the North Caucasus Wahh abites' ideologue, Movladi Udugov.

Moreover, the militants' leader did not specify who "fabricated" his resignation or for what purpose. Experts viewed the contradictory statements by Umarov as evidence it business franchises a serious division among the militants. Thus, in the opinion of Aleksey Malashenko, an expert from the Carnegie Center who specializes in studying the problems of the Caucasus, Umarov it business franchises is under most undervalued stocks from some of the militants, most probably Chechens, he wanted to leave however he it business franchises his statement under pressure from the leaders of the Kabardino-Balkaria subdivision of the "Caucasus Emirate", to whom the terrorist appealed it business franchises others in his first statement asking for them to support his it business franchises. And then last Friday (6 August) a decree appeared on the same kavkazc enter website, signed by an "authorized representative of the Caucasus Emirate", a it business franchises Khuseyn Mayliyev, which explains the emergence of two contradictory statements by it business franchises terrorist Umarov.

It turns out that kavkazcenter originally posted video material "intended for internal use". The leaders of militants in the North Caucasus should have it business franchises the video message from Doku Umarov about his possible resignation for discussion, and having listened it business franchises their wishes, the current terrorist number one was to have taken the appropriate decision.



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