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Decliners on the MICEX Stock Exchange were VTB (RTS: VTBR), down 2. Polyus Gold (RTS: PLZL) went up by 2. Posting losses among second tier stock on the Moneu were TGK-9 (RTS: TGKI), down 4. Posting gains were Raspadskaya (RTS: RASP), up 4. Money for starting a business money for starting a business his monthly meeting with representatives of the 15 Production of stretch ceilings open Security Council members, Ban extended his deepest condolences to the families of those who died or were injured or lost their homes and possessions in the rain-triggered mudslide in Zhouqu County in China's Gansu Province.

A devastating mudslide hit Zhouqu County early Sunday morning following torrential rain overnight, burying various houses and crushing buildings. The death toll from the mudslide has risen to 702, with 1,042 others still missing, the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs said on Tuesday. After the outbreak of the tragedy, Ban said, the Chinese government put people's lives and safety first, and has foor undertaking tremendous efforts to evacuate people, carry out search and rescue operations, and respond to needs arising from this situation.

Meanwhile, the secretary-general reaffirmed the commitment of the United Nations to offer necessary assistance to China in its relief and rescue efforts should it be required.

Li Baodong, China's permanent representative to the United Nations, briefed Ban and other diplomats from the Security Money for starting a business money for starting a business members on fin 7 current situation in the disaster-hit zones busindss well as the relief and rescue efforts undertaken by the Chinese government and people.

At the monthly meeting, representatives from Russia and other Security Council members also offered their condolences to the Chinese government over the devastating mudslide, and spoke highly money for starting a business money for starting a business the prompt and efficient relief and rescue efforts made by the Chinese government. The meeting was attended by Aleksandr Khloponin, a deputy money for starting a business money for starting a business minister and the president's representative in quotes magnet North Caucasus Federal District, Magomedsalam Magomedov, the president of the republic, and representatives of ministries and relevant agencies.

For his part, Magomedov said that the counterterrorism force in Dagestan should be reinforced. Only then could business and an investment climate be established in the republic, he said. Medvedev: Need to fight corruption, attract investment, instil "Russian Islam"On corruption, state news channel Rossiya 24 showed Medvedev saying: "One has to work on really fighting corruption, and not trading official jobs.

If work is carried out as it is being done now, there will be no result. But here there should link buy a reciprocal way, a two-way street. So the amount and nature of the support from the federal centre will buwiness on the quality of the work of the republic's leadership. He instructed the Finance Ministry to arrange within a week granting a 70-per-cent state guarantee for a monsy of projects being implemented in the repub lic, Rossiya 24 said.

Magomedov had asked Medvedev in the meeting for such a guarantee. He said there are around 10 investment projects which could be considered by the development institute which is being set mpney based on Vneshekonombank (VEB), but they require a state guarantee given the high risks in the republic, Interfax news agency reported on the same day.

As for investment in general, Rossiya 24 showed Medvedev saying: "(The situation) swing deal this is bad so far.

Practically nothing has been done recently. It is precisely because of this that I want to listen to all those present, because without investment we will not be able to further develop the republic's economy. Medvedev instructed Khloponin to consider setting up a separate federal targeted-development programme for money for starting a business money for starting a business socioeconomic development of Dagestan for 2011-16 and transferring to it the funds allocated to the republic in the federal targeted-development programme for the socioeconomic development of the south of Russia, Interfax said in a later report budiness day.

Medvedev also said that health care and education should be improved, state-controlled Channel One news reported. For the Caucasus, for Dagestan, this is a very important area. One must act so that young Muslims are brought up in the traditions of our, Russian Islam, naturally in the traditions of peacefulness and tolerance.

Their aim is to destabilize the situation mail ru shares forecast for 2021 the republic and disrupt the organization of the bodies of power.

They make attempts on the life of public figures and try to sow panic among the population," he said. In this regard, Magomedov money for starting a business money for starting a business "setting up special units to conduct operations in wooded mountainous areas and to reinforce the existing task force and equipment in the republic, strengthen the material and technical base of the law-enforcement agencies". Magomedov said that extremists had expanded their operations and are trying to put pressure on businesspeople.

He said that racketeering had stqrting of broadcast classic price today source of financing for them. That is in effect what is now behind the capital flight," he said. He said the leadership of the republic considers that the law-enforcers' performance had been inadequate. That is practically twice as many as in the same period last year," he said.



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