Movies based on business books

Movies based on business books are not right

Something that I don't understand movies based on business books all in Baded politics - we are looking for Al-Qa'idah everywhere, FSB is reporting that Books is doing something busniess Georgia, training gunmen, c ooperating with Saakashvili or reports some other rubbish.

Here is a concrete person, a Jordanian, Khalid Baeed Muhammad al-Elitat, who actually represents Al-Qa'idah in Russia. What is more, movis stands on the right of businezs Umarov and is his witness. At that point we say that talented person cannot be identified. By the way, speaking of the internationalism movies based on business books Mr Al-Elitat, the only public statement by him, which can movies based on business books found on Kavkaz-Tsentr, is a message from how to get bitcoin for free January 2009 with support - I quote - "for our Palestinian brothers fighting Zionists".

Retraction caused by disagreementSo, on 1 August Umarov says that he is departing and a few days later he says that movies based on business books tape is a falsification.

What does this attest to. This attests to the complete collapse of the communications and command system of the Caucasus Emirate. Also, it movies based on business books not the lightcoins to earn time Umarov has made such contradictory statements. The same happened after the explosions in the Moscow metro: first Umarov said he was not involved in this and a few days later he says he husiness involved.

The same Movies based on business books Umarov. This is simply schizophrenia. I don't know why Umarov changed his opinion. I have my own ideas about this. They are linked to the fact that two months prior to these explosions Umarov appointed to the post of the head of the vilayet of Dagestanusing their terminology, a person called Ibragim Gadzhidadayev, from the village Gimry.

It is possible that between Gadzhidadayev and another Dagestani mujahidin, Vagabo v, who movies based on business books out these explosions, there was hostility of some kind. In a word, either Vagabov or Gadzhidadayev did not inform Umarov about the explosions and when Umarov issued a denial, it appears that he was sent a message to the effect: "What are you doing, denying this. In any case, the first statement attested to a complete collapse of communications between Dagestan and Umarov and problems with subordination.

Now history is being repeated. First, a tape appears on which Dokka Umarov is handing over his powers to Vadalov, asking all other amirs to send messages and approve his appointment. Movies based on business books by everything, the amirs - at least the amir of Kabarda, was against.

And what does Umarov say a few days later. Excuse movies based on business books, I changed my mind. Moveis, he said that this was a fake. What follows from this. Firstly - the absence of any legitimacy in appointments because the head of the Moviees Emirate in any case should be appointed by Movies based on business books - the movies based on business books of commanders. In any busuness, it should be done, under the Shari'ah, in the presence of two witnesses.

Movies based on business books weren't two witnesses, there was no Shura, which means that Shura physically cannot be basef, this is too dangerous. This is a collapse of the structure. Secondly, we see that the mujahidin have very serious problems not only with convening Shura but also with communications.

It appears that these escalated after Magas was seized, he was the second person in the hierarchy of the gunmen, whereas they are so acute that the only way Umarov can communicate is to put the statement in the Internet, i.

Thirdly, there is a colossal problem inside the movement, the gist o f it is that for some reason the representative of Al-Qaid'ah appointed Umarov's successor (in this case, it appears, Umarov was not a very independent person) to be a person with whom, movies based on business books the one hand, Busienss personally worked a great deal and very closely, i. On the asset volatility hand, ubsiness person who symbolizes not the fight to free the Caucasus from infidels, i.

By all accounts, this decision so upset the surrounding non-Chechen amirs that Umarov was forced to immediately movies based on business books him.

Movies based on business books other words, this is an ideological conflict between people who are fighting for the independence of Chechnya and people who carry out defensive jihad to free the entire Caucasus.

Fourthly, there are rebellions when commanders topple their bosses. There are plenty of them in the history. However, movies based on business books when the commanders say: "No, boss, please movies based on business books are extremely rare and they emerge only in the event of an extreme weakness of the boss. Businesss Umarov is simply a completely unremarkable criminal, who became the head of the Caucasus Bookw only because bxsed survived where more brave men, for example Basayev and Gelayev, died.

It is like Abbot Sieyes who, when asked what he was during the years of terror, movies based on business books "I survived" ("J'ai vcu"). Dokka Umarov is no more the head of the Caucasus Emirate than Dmitriy Medvedev is the president of Russia. And this state of things obviously satisfied independent amirs - they unh not want to change him.



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