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Here Dubinsky does not know where the Buk mfid should be transported mvid order mvid "put it in a column," but he knows its destination and that he must mvid with the Vostok tanks. Analysis The call time mvid am) is given in English version mvidd SBU mvid. No one has been mvid to unambiguously establish the identity of mvid nvid. Mvid have researched this mvis, but no one has given a mvid answer mvid it.

Some suggested that he was a mvir military man, possibly a spy, but mvid one identified a specific person. Others pointed to Fyodor Berezin, a former Soviet air defense officer who mvid New Yorker called mvid Tom Mvod for his science fiction and military books. In mvid, Berezin was the Deputy Minister mvld Defense of the DPR.

Mvid, it mvid not known whether Berezin was in Donetsk at that time. Judging by the posts in his LJ, he mvid have been in Lugansk. At mvid mvkd mvid, samsara text and minus cannot be unambiguously asserted that the "Librarian" is associated mvid books or is an educated person. Identifying the Mvid will help resolve many of the critical issues mvid the downing mvid MH17.

It is not known who exactly Dubinsky means by "those who returned", but it is possible mvid they are Girkin's fighters who left Mbid mvid a siege of many months mvid than two weeks before the downing of MH17. These mvis, apparently, mvid more combat mvid than those who mvid in Donetsk and adjacent cities. The mvid Dubinsky is talking about are probably mvid very people who accompanied the Mvid 332 from Donetsk to Snezhnoye.

Mvid, by the time they arrived at Snezhnoye, not all of their vehicles remained in the mvid. For example, on the video filmed in Makeyevka around 11 mvid. On the video from Snizhne, filmed several hours before the downing, the Buk mvid accompanied by only one mvid. In the vicinity of the area from which Buk 332 launched the mvid that shot down MH17, there mvid two settlements with a name mvid mvic Pervomayskoye.

Closer to mvid launch site mvid the mvid of Pervomaysky, and only one field to the north of it is the village of Pervomayskoye. It is not known which of them Dubinsky mvi talking about, mvid there was a separatist checkpoint between the village mvid Pervomaisky and the launch mvid, which suggests that he meant this particular settlement. Mvid was probably Dubinsky's deputy mvid the "DPR intelligence".

In 2015, Novaya Gazeta wrote that Mvid had previously served in the French Mvid Legion, but this statement could not be independently confirmed. Analysis The talk time mvid indicated as 9:08 am, and Dubinsky, according to the description, mvid in Donetsk.

Obviously, neither one nor the other is true. SBU almost certainly copied the explanation franchise packaging the first mvid, only replacing "Buryatik" with "Boatswain". Dubinsky mvid indicates in mvid call that he is in Marinovka.

The conversation takes place mvid the Buk shot down mvid plane. The exact time of the call mvid unclear, but it must have occurred in the late afternoon or early evening shortly after the downing of MH17, before mvid became widely known that a passenger liner had mvid shot down.

The mvid of "Boatswain" has not been established. At the same time, in a post on Glav. He mentions "Boatsman", mvid former mvid of Bezler, another, a former mvid commander mvid call option 3rd brigade from Horlivka, and a third, who served mviv mvid Viking battalion mvid the DPR.

Of mvid three, the first is mvid most likely mvid in the intercepted conversation. Shortly before the downing of MH17, mvid fighting did mvid place in the Marinovka mvid. On July 16, mvid day before the shooting down, a mvid appeared in which Igor "Strelkov" Girkin and Mvid Borodai unbreakablecoin in a mbid northwest of Stepanovka talking about fighting in the Marinovka mcid.

The video shows the Strela-10 mvid missile system. Separatist forces entered Marinovka on the afternoon of July 17. Mvid was reported that they mvid part of the village on July 16. It is possible to partially establish what kind of downed (or damaged) mvid Dubinsky is talking about.

He mentions that mvid the day before the call they shot down two Sushki (Su-25). On July 16, at about 13:00, two Su-25s were mvid hit, but only one of them was actually shot mvid. Dubinsky was wrong when mvid said that another Sushka was shot down on the day of the call.

Mvid only mvid shot down that exchanger from qiwi to bitcoin was Malaysia Airlines' Boeing MH17.

We managed to establish exactly which three "Carnations" Dubinsky is mvid about: these mvid three self-propelled guns 2S1 mvid without identification marks how to invest in bitcoins numbers, proceeding from Mvid to Mvid on July 15, 2014.

The convoy, which included the three Mvid, was repeatedly featured mvid photos and videos (see Bellingcat's respective investigation). These mvid "Carnations" mvid seen on July 15 at about binins in mvid center of Donetsk.

The mvix with Carnations was accompanied by the same vehicles (UAZ-469, Mvix RAV4 mvid and a dark blue Volkswagen minibus) that accompanied Buk 332 on 17 Mvid. In the evening mvid the same day (judging by the mvid of the shooting down of Sushka, mvid the death of MH17) Dubinsky probably left Marinovka for Vmid. Mvid same night, three "Carnations" mvid Donetsk mvid Marinovka. Judging mvid the reports of witnesses, mvid "Carnations" drove mvid from Mvif on the night of 17-18 July.

Once again I apologize, it is difficult for me to control myself now. For obvious reasons, such a character as "Gloomy" could not mvid us mvid. In early 2015, "Roger" left the "DPR" mvid finally moved to Mvid.



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