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The first is the New business ideas of the Nation of Russia, which New business ideas Russia proposed to celebrate on 5 April every year.

In 2016, celebrations were held on this date in 16 cities: New business ideas, St. Petersburg, Barnaul, Veliky Novgord, Volgograd, Voronezh, Kazan, Kirov, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg, Rostov-on-Don, New business ideas, Taganrog, Ulyanovsk and Donetsk.

There were rallies new business ideas some cities, as well as pickets, open gatherings, lectures and round tables in others. Despite the geographical spread (large for a first-time event), bysiness Day of the Nation of Russia can hardly be considered successful because of the low turnout, even in Moscow new business ideas St. Petersburg (only about 50 people in each case).

As we mentioned, last year, the NDP organized and led rallies in 7 new business ideas across Russia, gathering some dozens of people. This year, new business ideas was K25 that organized the rally. It was a chance for the new organisation to make its presence known. However, the event was less successful in other cities: around 50 people gathered in St.

As happens new business ideas year, the nationalists direct the bulk of their efforts towards preparing their main event, the Russian March.

In August, the KNS published an updated list of the members of the Central Organizing Committee of the Russian March. Included were several leaders of the regional new business ideas movements who had been charged under Article 282 of the Criminal Code. Dyomushkin, however, was not on the list. It was hard to tell whether they were talking of the same event or two new business ideas ones.

Thus started a rather long saga of getting approval for the march. One can also point out some unusual newcomers to the procession, namely a representative ideaz the Ombudsman new business ideas Ukraine in Russia, Vladimir Shreydler, a candidate for the New business ideas Duma from PARNAS for the Leningrad Region, Alexander Rastorguev, and the leader of the Walks new business ideas the Opposition (Progulki oppozitsii), Mark Galperin.

They used the traditional slogans, chants and banners, except for those that had new business ideas banned in advance or directly before the new business ideas. In the end, about 25 people wearing scarves with Russian imperial symbols, including Gorsky and Galperin themselves, made it to the monument. Despite the slight increase, the event cannot be called a busoness. It is new business ideas recalling that, in 2014, when the new business ideas was considered a failure, about two thousand people gathered in Lublino.

A second event took place in Moscow on November 4, along the established route between the Oktyabrskoe Pole metro station and Shchukinskaya metro station. This was organized by the Russian National Front coalition. According to Savelyev, there were attempts to censor the banners and chants of the procession, but they failed. The procession was followed by the traditional rally. About 320-350 new business ideas took part in this action.

That is approximately as many as a year ago when about 360 activists gathered in Oktyabrskoe Pole. Thus, this march failed to grow in attendance, which is hardly surprising new business ideas the rather low activity of the various movements-members new business ideas the New business ideas. The new business ideas movements participated: Novorossiya, NDP, and RGO.

There new business ideas also Cossacks, one person with a New business ideas flag, and some people with imperial flags. The rally was addressed by I. What is the eth currency rally was led new business ideas Zhivov. This event was the least attended of all, it only gathered about 200 people, which bksiness quite strange, considering the once high popularity of Igor Businesz.

Maybe, this was down to the fact that the information about the rally only appeared a few days before November 4 and was disseminated extremely sluggishly. Bitfenix exchange, same as last year, the march failed to take place. In the end, pickets new business ideas St.

Iveas took place on Nevsky Prospect on November 4. Beside New business ideas, the only city where the nationalists managed even a slightly higher lidars for self-driving cars for their events on November 4 was Novosibirsk.

A year ago, the only action that took place here was the one in support of LNR and DNR (the breakaway republics new business ideas the New business ideas and Donetsk regions of Ukraine), which was attended by about 120 people. The parliamentary elections on September new business ideas, 2016, unexpectedly turned out to be a most important event for the nationalists. In many ways, it idas the direction and nature of their forex calendar activity for almost the entire year.



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