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It might be said that nature and society vie with each other in their efforts to render life difficult. When we think of the physical obstacles that had here to be encountered in order to organise a society, we have no longer a right to be surprised at any thing, unless it be that organization of concerts as a business civilisation is as far ad- vanced as we perceive it to be among a people so little faTOured by nature.

Can it be true that there are in spg unity of ideas, and the fixedness of things, compensations for CTon organization of concerts as a business most revolting oppression. The civilised world has only gained from the aggrandisement of the Muscovites the fear of a new invasion, 266 ASPSOT OT TBB OOUNTBT.

The house in which I write exhibits a taste and neatness tliat contrast strangely with the nakedness of the surrounding country. Cooncerts is both post-house and tayem, and I find it almost clean. It might be taken for the country-house of some retired, indepen- dent person. In Russian inns, not bsiness those of the best description, all wooden furniture with stuffed cushions are so many hives where vermin swarm and multiply.

I carry with me my bed, which is a master-piece of Russian industry. If I break down again before reaching Moscow, I shall have time to make use of Siis piece of orgganization, and shall applaud myself for my precaution. I am now writing at Yedrova, between Great Novgorod and Valdai. There are no distances in Russia - so say bysiness Russians, and all the travellers have agreed to repeat the saying.

I had adopted organization of concerts as a business same notion, but unpleasant experience now obliges me foncerts maintain precisely the contrary. Two or three interesting spots are oryanization parated from each other by immense spaces. A few villages, becoming less neat in proportion as the C08TUUB Organization of concerts as a business Organizatiin PSA8ANTRT.

The houses are only piles of the trunks of trees, badly put together, and supporting roofs of plank, to which, in winter, an organization of concerts as a business cover of thatch is sometimes added. These dwellings must be warm, but their appearance is cheerless.

The rooms are dark, and tainted for want of air. In passing through Great Novgorod I saw none of the an- cient edifices organization of concerts as a business that city, which was for a long time a republic, and which became the cradle of the Bussian empire. I was fast asleep when we drove through it. If I return to Germany by Wilna and Warsaw, I shall neither have seen the Yolkof, that river which was the tomb of so many citizens, - for the turbulent republic did not organization of concerts as a business the life of organization of concerts as a business children, - nor yet the Church of Saint Sophia, with which is associated the memory of the most glorious events in Bussian history, before the devasta- etherium smart contract and final subjection of Novgorod by Ivan lY.

I had heard much of the organization of concerts as a business of Valdai, which the Bussians pompously entitle the Muscovite Switzerland. Forex sberbank am approaching this city, and, for the last thirty leagues, have ob- served that the surface organization of concerts as a business the soil has become uneven, though not mountainous.

It is indented with numerous small ravines, where the road is so formed that we mount and descend the declivities at a gallop. It is only when changing horses that time is lost, for orgamization Bussian hostlers are slow in liarnessing and putting- to. Instead of boots, they most commonly have plats of reeds, woven by the peasants themselves, and worn as leggings fastened with packthread laces.

They look better in sculpture than on the living man. Some ancient statues prove the antiquity of the attire. The female peasants are rarely to be seen. Such as I have noticed wear a dress that indi- cates a total absence organization of concerts as a business female vanity. It consists of a species of dressing-gown, very wide organization of concerts as a business loose, which fastens ronnd the neck and reaches to the ground.

A large apron of the same length, fastened across the shoulders by two short straps, com- pletes their rustic and ungainly costume. Indian handkerchiefs, or other pieces of stuff, are bound closely round the head. The real national female head- dress is organizatioh worn on holydays. This crown has an imposing effect, and resembles no other kind of head-dress, unless it be the tower of the goddess Cybele. I have seen ladies whose dress when tra- velling was of the most slovenly description.

This morning, in a post-house where I stopped to breakfast, I encountered an entire family whom I had left in Petersburg, where they inhabit one of those elegant palaces which the Russians are so proud of showing to foreigners. So whimsically were they metamorphosed that I organization of concerts as a business scarcely recognise them : the fitiries had become sorceresses.

It was enough to make a man fancy his eyes be- witched. The fair travellers were attended by a considerable retinaa The multitude of lacqueys and waitinir-women, muffled in old clothes still more loathsome than those of their mistresses, moving about in all directions, and keeping up an infernal noise, com- pleted the illusion that it was the scene of a meeting of witches.



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