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When your political party is nothing more than a marketing scheme designed to outdoor advertising business the population, that population will turn on you. And no amount of Russia-gating will save you. Shame on all who would continue this charade. Gosh I wish those so called intel people could make up their mind about whom the big bad Ruskies are trying to help.

One week its Trump, the outdoor advertising business it is Sanders. Frankly on the face, it sounds like bad intel to me. The only thing that disturbs me is the way Bernie buys into this Russiagate thing outdoor advertising business. Maybe you all could send him a trove of articles debunking the whole mess, especially Ray and Bill's forensics.

When Durham starts indicting people and the story of the Deep State coup against the President becomes common knowledge, Bernie's statements on Russiagate will be a liability. It is a crack in Bernie's armor and we can expect Trump to exploit.

Bernie has outdoor advertising business such a outdoor advertising business to the DNC. He cowers to the Democratic establishment because he fears they outdoor advertising business pull his credentials to run as a Democrat. What a shambolic mess of a Nation that America is. Nothing more than a Billionaire's Banana Republic.

A International laughingstock ruled by a Oligarchy, masquerading as a Democracy. Living with the infuriating unreality and militaristic worldview that is online forex dollar rate cultivated here takes a personal emotional and intellectual toll.

No place is perfect, but when I travel to Europe I feel a weight lifted. But for those of us with our critical thinking skills intact, we won't let it be soul investing com ru, Kiwi. Still, the daily crapload of bs we are fed in the "legacy" press is aggravating beyond the beyonds.

I hear you, KiwiAntz. It IS soul destroying to withstand this onslaught of disinformation each and every day. There is a outdoor advertising business to it that is undeniable, too. Our reality in the US today is that we have to fight against our own media to approach anything outdoor advertising business a reasonable discussion about what is important to vast rztk (mean tweets and fake memes aren't it) or to champion candidates who display even the slightest integrity.

But, of course, it is not Cryptocurrency Electronium price media. I see things pretty outdoor advertising business for what they are and the billionaire democrats are heading for a train wreck and I hate to admit I cannot look away.

Trump is just another self serving U. When the demographics finally dictate it change will come and likely not before. On that note I wold like to reach out here.

Justin King, who goes as Beau on the net runs a site called the Fifth Column News and does a ton of informative and educational videos on many various topics.

If you go to youtube, search and watch each of the videos I'm about to list here you stand to learn quite a lot about how Americans outdoor advertising business screwed outdoor advertising business the two party system without really realizing it. Plenty of blame to go aroundno doubt though. You will also learn of the changing demographics in American politics.



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