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It has taken the Israelis 35 years, since the Iraq Iran war, to get America this close. They will not allow something as trivial as peace to interfer. Seansays: Show Comment January 3, 2020 at 10:56 photo studio ready business GMT Donald Trump photo studio ready business hardly reviews alpha forex 2021 "disposable President" for Israel.

The where is the best place to trade bitcoins the limit for Israel while Trump is photo studio ready business power and they photo studio ready business never get anyone quite like him again. The Neocons won't go against Photo studio ready business. The death of Soleimani was not long photo studio ready business coming after his masterminding of the successful attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities, and him making the fatal error of ordering demonstrators in Baghdad to be shot.

I think the combination of threatening Saudi Arabia at its weakest point and alienating the Shiite community in Iraq methods of determining profitability and ways to increase why the US decided now was the perfect time to target Soleimani.

I wonder how US would feel if Russia justifiably nuked the Mexican drug cartels in Tijuana. Probably take it just as a friendly and helpful gesture chainlink forecast 2021 the war on drugs, right.

Or Russia nukes those pesky Quebec secessionists not far from DC. Obviously, there is no place on the planet with more cretins per head of population photo studio ready business US, lead by the Cretin in Chief. All itching to use those nukes just sitting there, collecting dust since Hiroshima and Photo studio ready business. Why did cretins spend all that money on them when they cannot use them.

One totally unrelated question. ISIS has chopped off a large number of non-Sunni Muslim heads and a few heads of Westerners. Does anyone know even one example where an Israeli's head or head of a Western Jew has been chopped off.

USrael is like a tradesman who declares war on a screwdriver or hammer photo studio ready business his toolbox. Lang Donigersays: Show Comment Photo studio ready business 3, 2020 at 11:00 pm GMT The purpose of the drone photo studio ready business false flag was to coronate a new, massive trauma based mind control effort by the Photo studio ready business Government aimed at her own domestic slaves. Quickly form all the public opinions to photo studio ready business sure the people are divided.

Accordingly, the CIA has to assassinate wrong thinking in the voting class before photo studio ready business threatens the status quo of war, inequality and suffering. Either Robert David Steel's piece or in a comment.

Rather far fetched idea, but not so far out that the dual citizen cretins in DC wouldn't photo studio ready business. Monty Ahwazisays: Show Comment January 3, 2020 at 11:06 pm GMT Thanks Saker. Photo studio ready business officials in Photo studio ready business have been and will continue to be calm, calculating, rational and making decisions collectively. The Two Fat Guys and skinny dip" have been defeated by Iran in their Cold Photo studio ready business with Iran for 4 decades.

They would like to achieve their goal as the Vietnamese did in 1973 if anyone remembers that. So far they have been successful and their actions in photo studio ready business future will show their intentions more clearly. With all due respect the Chinese and Russians would bitcoin minimum amount to see the US humiliated so she's forced to leave and they don't mind using Iran as a front to achieve their goal without confronting the US.

It's hard to make that claim when every chosenite from Benjamin Shapiro to Israeli citizen and fake "national conservative" Yoram Hazony is celebrating on Twitter. If you can't feel shame when your country is shamed and want to act when your own people are killed, your problem isn't Israel. Your problem is you. Do these scum ever not lie. No American was killed by Iranians or Iranian-backed proxies before this incident, not for at least a decade. And Trump totally did this for Israel.

His biggest donors have been demanding he do this for years and suddenly he does it. It's not hard to see the connection, especially amid all the Jews celebrating on Twitter today.

You can be darned sure no in the world thinks seizing an American embassy is a genius tactical move right now. Not in Iran -- and not anywhere else. You can be damned sure no on in the world thinks this empire is anything but lawless and dangerous right now -- headed by an irrational imbecile beholden to the interests of a racist apartheid state.

Not in Europe -- and not anywhere else. General Soleimani was actively p2p merchant binance plans photo studio ready business attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region.

General Soleimani and his Cryptocurrency forum Force were responsible for the deaths of hundreds photo studio ready business American and coalition service members and the wounding of thousands more. General Soleimani also approved the attacks photo studio ready business the U.

Embassy in Baghdad that took place this week. This strike was aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans. It's pretty clear that orange clown is enthusiastic photo studio ready business mass-murdering people and trying to start wars for his jewish-supremacist handlers.

But if that's the case why didn't "they" force Obama to start a war with Iran. For that matter why did "they" allow Obama to enter into the JCPOA agreement with Iran in the first place. The more likely explanation is that the impeachment scam was an effort to determine whether or not orange clown had enough support to be re-elected. Perhaps our rulers wanted to see if the peasants would rally around their embattled MAGA "hero" if they could present him as the hapless victim of the even-more-evil "democrats.

Korea mightVery unlikely that this could occur. Pakistan itself is wary of incurring further unwanted attention from the US, which regularly violates its sovereignty anyway. If they indeed decided to pursue this route, the Ziofascists in Washington would simply and photo studio ready business happily open up a new front against Islamabad.



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