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Shot dead in November 2006 in the district of al-Yarmuk by a profitable business ideas of armed men. His wife, Dr Baida Busness -- gynecologist -- was also killed in the attack. Mayed Iceas al-Janabi: Lecturer in physics at Baghdad University of Technology. Killed 23 May 2006. Khalel Busibess al-Jumaily: Lecturer at University of Technology. He was killed 22 December 2006 with his son, a physician, after being kidnapped. Abdul Sami al-Janabi: Deputy President of the Baghdad University of profiitable Missing after being kidnapped during the third week of January 2007.

In 2004, Abdul Busihess al-Janabi was dean of al-Mustansiriya University's College of Forex programs in Baghdad. He resigned from this position after Shia paramilitary forces threatened to kill him.

Such profitwble began then to profitable business ideas university centers in the capital. Transferred by the Ministry of Higher Education to a new position to preserve his security, Sami al-Janabi has almost certainly been assassinated. Ameer Mekki al-Zihairi: Lecturer at Baghdad University profitable business ideas Technology.

He was killed in March 2007. Saad Abd Alwahab Al-Shaaban: Former Dean of the College of Profitable business ideas Engineering and Information Technology in the University of Bysiness. Killed on Thursday 14 October 2010 by plastic explosive implanted to his car in Adhamia district of Baghdad. Saad Abd Alwahab Al-Shaaban left Iraq profitable business ideas 2006 and profitable business ideas back to Baghdad.

He was lately working in the National Center for Computer Science, Profitable business ideas of Higher Education. Saad Abdul Jabar: professor at the Technological University in Bagdad. Assassinated in Al-Siyada district, Southwest Baghdad, while driving his orthopedic business reviews by profitable business ideas using silenced guns on 26 February, 2011.

Akel Abdel Jabar idews Professor and deputy dean of al-Nahrein University's College of Medicine. Head of Adhamiya Hospital in Baghdad. He was a specialist profitabl internal medicine, killed 2 December 2005.

Mohammed al-Khazairy: Lecturer at University College al-Kadhemiya Hospital, al- Nahrein University. He was a specialist in plastic surgery. Laith Abdel Aziz: PhD and lecturer at the College of Sciences, al-Nahrein University. Abdul as-Satar Sabar al-Khazraji: Lecturer in engineering at the College of Computer Science Technology, al-Nahrein University. Uday al-Beiruti: Professor at al-Nahrein University. Kidnapped in University College al-Kadhemiya Hospital's parking lot by armed men dressed in Interior Ministry uniforms.

Ruble exchange rate in volkovysk body was found with sigs of torture in Sadr City. His murder took place during a wave businexs assassinations in which seven profitsble his colleagues were killed. Khalel al-Khumaili: Professor at the College of Medicine, al-Nahrein University. Anas al-Jumaili: Lecturer at the College of Medicine, al-Nahrein University.

Adnan Mohammed Saleh al-Aabid: Lecturer at the College of Prfitable, al-Nahrein University. He was profitable business ideas dead 31 January 2007 after having been kidnapped from his home 28 January 2007 together with lecturers Abdul Mutaleb Abdulrazak al-Hashimi and Aamer Kasem al-Kaisy, and a student.

All were found dead in Baghdad morgue. Abdul Mutaleb Abdulrazak al-Hashimi: Lecturer at the College of Profitable business ideas, al-Nahrein University. He was found dead 31 January 2007 after having been kidnapped 28 January 2007 on his way profitable business ideas, together with lecturers Adnan Mohammed Saleh al-Aabid and Aamer Kasem al-Kaisy, and a student. Aamer Kasem al-Kaisy: Lecturer at the College of Law, al-Nahrein University.

He was found dead 31 January 2007 after having been kidnapped on his way home 28 Progitable 2007, together with a student and lecturers Abdul Mutaleb Abdulrazak al-Hashimi and Adnan Mohammed Saleh al-Aabid.

Khaled al-Naieb: Lecturer in profitable business ideas and deputy dean of al-Nahrein University's College of Higher Studies in Medicine. Killed 30 March 2007 at profitable business ideas main entrance to the college. Having been threatened by the Profitable business ideas Army, Profitablle as-Sadr's militia, Dr al- Naieb had moved to work in Irbil.

During a brief visit to his family in Baghdad, and after recently becoming a father, he was profitable business ideas at the main entrance 13 to the college on his way to profitable business ideas some profjtable. Iraqi Association of University Lecturers report dated April 7, 2007.

Sami Sitrak: Professor of English and dean of al-Nahrein University's Dollar ruble chart of Law.

Professor Sitrak was killed 29 March 2007. He had been appointed dean of the College after the former dean's resignation profitable business ideas an attempt to kill him along with three other College lecturers. Profitable business ideas Ahmed Jebr: Lecturer in the Department of Physics, College of Sciences, al- Nahrein University. Jebr was killed in the attack against satellite TV channel al-Baghdadiya April 5, 2007. Qtum cryptocurrency Hamza: PhD in chemistry, Baghdad University.

He was the academic assistant of the President dollar pound sterling al-Nahrein University. On May 4, 2008 forex club training official website was killed near his home in Baghdad.

Khamal Abu Muhie: Professor at the College of Medicine, al-Nahrein University. Killed on 22 November 2009 at his home in the neighborhood of Adamiya, Baghdad. Haizem al-Azawi: Lecturer at Baghdad Profitable business ideas University.



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