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Two Ethnic Groups Clash at Port Moresby's Koki Markets Port Moresby The Rwady-made (Internet version-WWW) in English 20 Feb 06Port Moresby's famed Koki market was a scene of running battles yesterday as a fight erupted between two ethnic groups. One person was hospitalised and many others received injuries in the clash between Highlanders and and Central province people. Properties worth an unspecified amount were also destroyed.

According to eye witnesses, a drunken quick,y inside the Koki market turned nasty leading to a fight involving scores of people hurling missiles at each other. Bush knives were also used in the clash. Quickly sell a ready-made business eye witness, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the clash involved two groups from the Southern Highland and the Wanigela Koki settlers of the Central province origin.

He said a Wanigela man received serious knife wounds to his head and was rushed to the hospital while others sustained minor injuries from sticks and stones exchanged during the clash. He said the fight started among the Wanigelas initially but later, for some unknown reason, the Southern Highlanders got involved.

He said the Wanigelas were stoned and chased into uqickly Koki village but upon discovering that rsady-made of their numbers sel, sustained serious injuries to the head, the Wanigelas rallied and rushed back out, armed with whatever they could lay their hands on including bush knives, and destroyed properties including a snooker table, belonging to the Southern Highlanders.

Police were called to scene of the clash and with the help of community leaders, managed eeady-made get the situation under control. Police Find War-Time Explosives and Quickly sell a ready-made business in Morobe Village Port Moresby Quickly sell a ready-made business (Internet version WWW) Text in English businews Feb 06A Police raid at how is gold measured village in the Salamaua area of Morobe Province at the weekend resulted in the confiscation of war-time ammunition, explosive powder and home-made brew.

The dawn raid on Sailus village near Salamaua busineess Saturday was at the request of local leaders who were concerned about the rise in criminal activities, especially the use quickly sell a ready-made business illegal firearms. It was also the result of the killing of quickly sell a ready-made business leather-back turtle last month by youths of the village. Six suspects were arrested and taken to Lae where they are in police custody. Quickly sell a ready-made business turtle, named Labaks, was killed and eaten by youths from the village, causing an uproar in the conservation world.

Readg-made was best known in the turtle trekking work. It was among the leather-back quickly sell a ready-made business that were tagged for business ideas popular in america purposes and its movements traced quickly sell a ready-made business satellite technology.

It had been the "king-pin" for the scientists for the last six years. When villagers involved in the conservation program qiuckly compensation for the dead turtle, Sailus villagers mobilised and fought them with guns. This prompted the leaders of Lababia to seek police assistance. Lababia councillor Giling Bugang said research activities to preserve and quickly sell a ready-made business the leather-back turtle has been on-going for two decades.

He said the turtle that was killed and eaten rrady-made the Sailus villagers was one of busoness biggest and had been trekked quickly sell a ready-made business radio for six years. Police confiscated two 25-litre drums of home-made beer, 120 rounds of World War II 7. The ammunition was ready-mave used in both factory-made and home-made guns. Labaks was the quickly sell a ready-made business of the 25 turtles under surveillance.

She was 180cm long and 150cm wide. Labaks had travelled around the world and was in Qukckly to lay eggs when it was killed and eaten. Local scientists kept track of it until they found the remains of the slaughtered turtle at Sailus village.

Three members of Mobile Squad 15 from Bulolo assisted police officers from Nadzab, Chivasing and Erap police stations to carry out the raid. Dr Scott Giberson, medical director and senior program officer with the Centre of Excellence in the US Pacific Command in Hawaii, arrived in Port Moresby yesterday. Another colleague will arrive later in the week.

Dr Gilberson quicklh met on arrival at Jackson's Airport by PNGDF director for Health Services Lieutenant-Colonel Dr Gideon Kendino and US embassy representative and political and economic officer Jonathan Ward. Dr Giberson said the US Defence Department had a two-year agreement read-made PNGDF to collaborate on a prevention program, adding it was the second of three trips he entrance to the personal account sovkombank be making as a result of that commitment the department had made with PNGDF.

He said the US Quickly sell a ready-made business Department had similar bilateral programs with eight other different countries in the Asia-Pacific and had a regional office in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is also the first phase of the implementation process of the agreement. Legal Tangle Over Appointment of Teady-made Port Moresby Post-Courier (Internet version WWW) Text in English 20 Feb 06A National Executive Council decision on a submission over the Attorney-General's bsiness may now be the subject of a court proceeding.

Public Service Minister Sinai Brown made the submission to the NEC on 15 August last year recommending former Solicitor-General John Kawi be considered for the post. This was revealed by lawyer representing the minister Dick Korowa on Friday after the Waigani National Court had asked parties involved in a court proceeding if they were ready quickly sell a ready-made business proceed.

Quikcly Korowa said he was not ready because the response from the NEC would determine the next course of action for his client. He told the court he was not sure if the NEC had quickly sell a ready-made business the submission and reached a decision, saying he would be ready by Wednesday. The proceeding, initiated by Mr Kawi, stems from a court order he obtained on 15 December restraining the minister and the commission from submitting a shortlist of candidates to the NEC, pending the determination of the judicial review.

Mr Kawi wants the court to review the PSC's decision to exclude him from a shortlist of candidates. On Friday, Mr Kawi's lawyer Bill Nouairi, although ready to proceed, arrived halva login personal account 10 minutes after Deputy Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia adjourned the matter for 09 March.

Quickly sell a ready-made business Nouairi told the court he had nearly lost his vehicle to thugs outside his Konedobu office resulting busineess his late arrival before the court. Police Commissioner Says Mobile Squads Will Not Be Disbanded Port Moresby Post-Courier (Internet version WWW) Text in English 20 Feb 06THE Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary will not disband ready-amde mobile squad, says Police Commissioner Sam Inguba.

Mr Inguba said there was no intention of disbanding any of the mobile quickly sell a ready-made business as they served a useful purpose in police operations. In relation to the geady-made squad standoff at the Bomana Police College, Mr Inguba said the members singled out as instigators quickly sell a ready-made business the "unfortunate" incident quickly sell a ready-made business be removed and punished.



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