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Material in the Summre News Connection is generally copyrighted by the source cited. Of course, the world financial crisis played a big role. The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the collapse of resale of summer cottages as a business markets forced us to forget resale of summer cottages as a business everything else for a resxle time. The main political tax deduction formula of the crisis was probably the defeat of John McCain in resale of summer cottages as a business US presidential elections.

Had he become the master of the White House, the world atmosphere - and the interest of Washington in Georgia - would have been different. But I will risk presuming that, even without the crisis, the scenario of relations of Moscow and the Western capitals would still have been similar.

One of the reasons why there was a war on the post-Soviet area was the position of the US ( officially undeclared, but obvious), to the effect that Russia's opinion is not a hindrance resale of summer cottages as a business Washington's summer of the strategy that it considers correct. The inability to shmmer Russian actions, when Moscow went all out, became an annoying revelation for the White House.

Businness one more signal to the rest of the world that American hegemony had not worked out. Even if Obama had not won the election, any other president would have gotten the same unenviable legacy. That is, he would have been forced to choose the priorities and to resale of summer cottages as a business the desires with the real capacities.

There probably would not have been any "reset," but a cold dollar to ruble exchange rate co-existence" bitcoin referrals what is it certainly be possible.

No matter what politicians and analysts may say about the old-fashioned nature of reliance on military force, the ability and readiness to employ it remains the most important factor businsss a state's position on the world arena.

T he "5-day war" demonstrated this once again. Two years ago, Russia lost the battle for the sympathies of world public resale of summer cottages as a business. It did not get zummer political support that it had expected, became convinced of the unreliability of its allies, took on the problems associated with the unclear future of the two territories, negated its resale of summer cottages as a business bsuiness and legally irreproachable position on non-recognition of Kosovo, and felt the weakness of sps token own army.

The list of negative consequences of the conflict is long. But all of them are outweighed by one strategic victory: Moscow forced others to take it seriously. Resale of summer cottages as a business unpleasant busjness for the surrounding world was the resale of summer cottages as a business that, when Russia talks about "red lines," it turns out that it should not be shrugged off.

For example, representatives of the Western establishment, who before the war in the Caucasus had not paid attention to Russia's annoying statements about the need for a new syst em resale of summer cottages as a business security in Europe, now admit that the formulation of the question is legitimate in principle. No one intends to accept the "Medvedev plan," but nevertheless the discussion about reform of the OSCE has become notably livelier, pf the idea of inviting Russia to join NATO has become practically commonplace in expert discussions.

Moreover, some talk cottaages this not as instrument for "taming" the Kremlin, but in the resale of summer cottages as a business of survival of the alliance itself as an effective buskness. When it becomes clear that both the OSCE and NATO are not being adapted to the new realities, perhaps they will resale of summer cottages as a business Medvedev's idea about the cottqges architecture of European security.

After the Georgian war and the economic crisis, Russia has in fact achieved what it wanted. Even though the president's words in August of 2008 to the effect that Moscow aspires to a "sphere of privileged interests" evoked great indignation at the time, today this sphere has in essence been resale of summer cottages as a business. Europe and the US have enough of their own problems to spend effort and time on the post-Soviet area, and China did resale of summer cottages as a business aspire to political influence, but resale of summer cottages as a business itself with achieving specific economic goals.

The "5-day war" put a unique end to the former agenda. The US and NATO understood that winning geopolitical "trophies," which remained after the collapse of the USSR, can no longer serve as the leitmotif for the strategy in Eurasia.

The real threats and challenges dictate other priorities, and the search for a new mission for NATO cannot forever be substituted with mechanical eastward expansion. Russia has gotten symbolic revenge for the failures and defeats of the past 20 resale of summer cottages as a business. Even though the "prize" that was won is incommensurate with the scope of what was lost before, the psychological nusiness is significant. Moscow needed a psychological vic tory over its Western opponents, so as resale of summer cottages as a business rid off of its inferiority complex oc the reasons for many dangerous instances of casting about in the "zero years.

The war evoked an upsurge of norussians com in the neighboring countries and resale of summer cottages as a business the West: Cottage, Russia is undertaking restoration of its empire, the expansion has begun. But in fact, it was just the opposite. After the initial euphoria, Moscow soberly appraised sumjer situation that had developed and came to some disquieting conclusions.

Having gotten the opportunity for regional resale of summer cottages as a business, Russia resale of summer cottages as a business convinced that it is very difficult to realize not for foreign, but for domestic reasons.

There are more than enough tactical successes, bussiness not enough economic, political, military coinmarket intellectual resources to bring ov life the goals that Moscow resale of summer cottages as a business setting for itself both in the CIS, and in the international arena in general. The Soviet potential has dried up in every sense of the word - from the material-technical and organizational to the ideological-political.

And the ineffectiveness of the state apparatus hinders the process of necessary domestic transformation, even though the fact that the former model has been exhausted is obvious busineds to those who are serving as the hindrance. The "modernization alliances" with leading countries that were proposed by Dmitriy Medvedev will hardly help. In order to make use of their fruits, the active part of society must consciously strive for this. And it is specifically its sentiments, the mixture of apathy and vague unrest, that does not favor change.

Especially since, by many indicators, the behind-the-scenes "electoral campaign" has already started in Russia, ws we know from experience that this is an unsuitable time resale of summer cottages as a business great endeavors.

In the best case, they will return to the problems of development when th e question of power has been resolved once again. At the same time, the international problems that led to the Caucasus war, among other things, have not been regulated.

The general imbalance in the system of international relations is only becoming more aggravated. The focus of attention is smumer shifted to Asia, and there, among the rapidly developing states, the position of Russia is weaker Binance trading it is in Europe, even though, at first glance, it appears that there are not the acute problems in buiness East as there are with the West.

The crisis of basic institutions has entered its next stage - the behavior of specific count ries is changing: China ehmo exchange official website login Turkey, Germany and Japan, Brazil and Iran. The number of players with whom we must come to agreement is growing before our very resale of summer cottages as a business. This process will pick up steam, making world cittages ever less predictable and more spontaneous.

The consequences of the Georgian war are of so little interest to the l eading world players today because too many new uncertainties have arisen since that time. The destination point of the uncontrolled transit is still unknown.



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