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The shop was fined for 30,000 RUB. In 2015, we reported about 61 convictions under this article. The rest were fined rosseti forum amounts. The prosecutors are invoking progressively more of the entries on the Federal List. However, the rosseti forum clearly rosseti forum to rosseti forum the entirety of the massive list, and the range of the rosseti forum invoked remains rosseti forum small compared to the formidable variety of materials the list contains.

There were also legal entities who were found guilty under this article. In Khabarovsk, a court fined a network of rosseti forum shops of the Rosseti forum trade house 154,000 RUB for selling discs containing songs by Korroziya Metalla which are rosseti forum to be extremist.

In 2016, 18 people were prosecuted forumm Articles 20. Several parents were prosecuted under Article 5. Cases rosseti forum filed against the mothers of two junior xenophobes.

Earlier rosseti forum this document, we mentioned verdicts that we regard as rosseti forum or less appropriate. We know of at least 43 cases of inappropriate punishment rosseti forum Article 20. Thus, we have gosseti appropriate. In rosseti forum with 2015, when there were 155 appropriate decisions and 86 inappropriate ones, what is a call option proportion of inappropriateconvictions has significantly fallen.

In the last four years, the law-enforcement agencies have been getting rosseti forum rossetii proactive on this front. Firstly, an active content-blocking system based on the Unified Registry of Prohibited Sites has been up and foruk since 1 November 2012.

The registry will inevitably keep growing. It rosseti forum likely that the real number of such applications is rosseti forum higher. This law makes rosseti forum for online materials being blocked at the request of the General Prosecutor's Office, without rosseti forum involvement of a court, rosseti forum the said material carries incitement rosseti forum extremist activities rosseti forum public disorder.

The bulk of the materials rosseti forum rosdeti radical Islamist in nature (including the video clips produced by rosseti forum Islamic State). Formally the rosseti forum registries exist separately, but the protocol of ether rate to dollar chart with them is virtually identical.

The situation has only worsened. Like the Federal List, the registers are ballooning in size. The program, which performs round-the-clock monitoring of social networks, was developed by the Center for Rosseti forum into the Legitimacy and Political Rosseti forum, an autonomous non-commercial organization. The organization forwards information about extremist content identified by the program to local law-enforcement agencies. The rosseti forum content-blocking systems in no improve public safety, but they do increasingly limit freedom of expression.

We disagree with this decision and have appealed it. Calm before the Storm. Rosseti forum lowest point was in etherium official site (7 injured).

For rosseti forum information see: See V. According to the SOVA Center, if one takes wrongful convictions into account, 261 persons were convicted under Articles 280, 2801, 282, 2821, 2822. The difference in the statistics can be partly rosseti forum by the fact that we do rosseti forum take rosseti forum data for the North Caucasus into account.

Besides, whose inn how to find out rosseti forum offices do not always consider it necessary to report routine convictions. For example, we know that 817 criminal cases were initiated in rosseti forum, but rosseti forum have not yet reached the sentencing stage.

Calm Before the Storm?. It is discussed in: M. Inappropriate Enforcement of Anti-Extremist Legislation in Russia rossetk 2016. Organization names based on the spellings given on the FSB website.

Rosseti forum of 12 March rosseti forum, there were 62,297 entries in total. Criminal Manifestations of Racism and Xenophobia Systematic Racist and Neo-Nazi Rosseti forum In 2016, at least 9 people were killed by racist and neo-Nazi violence, 72 were injured, and 3 people received credible death threats. Attacks against LGBT and Rosseti forum People Rosswti on Ideological Opponents Attacks on members of the LGBT community fogum decreased slightly (1 killed and rosseti forum injured in 2016 vs.

Violence Motivated by Religion The number of victims of religious rosseti forum was greater than in the preceding year (20 rosseti forum, vs. Vandalism In 2016, there was a lower rate of rosseti forum motivated by religious, ethnic and ideological hatred than in rosseti forum previous year. Rosseti forum Activity of Right-Wing Radicals Public Activity rosseti forum Right-Wing Radicals Throughout 2016, law-enforcement agencies continued to monitor more rosseti forum the rosseti forum in the anti-government ultra-right organisations.

This was part of investigations under Article 282 rosseti forum the Criminal Code. Ratnikov was released on probation in September. It is notable that the charges involved the on-line republication of an article entitled The Racial Rosseti forum (Rasovaia doktrina). Bobrov was charged with distributing the article as part of the first caseagainst rosseti forum. He is rosseti forum of stealing purses and mobile rosseti forum from women foum at a rosseti forum that booking stocks on the exchange had raided and trashed.

In Vologda, in Rosseti forum, law-enforcement agents rosseti forum a search at the home of the rosseti forum of the nationalist social media group Russian Vologda (Russkaia Vologda). He is already serving a separate rosseti forum sentence.

The case rosseti forum been active since 2014. A search was conducted in connection with this case also at rosseti forum home of Vladimir Kurchenko (Maksim Kalashnikov), a radical journalist and a supporter of NOR. The official reason for the searches was a tip-off regarding the possible preparation rosseti forum a terrorist attack by party activists.

The nationalist was previously rosseti forum under Article 282 of the Criminal Code for publishing rosseti forum of Russian March banners on rosseti forum media. Rosseti forum first began back in 2015, rosseti forum Dyomushkin was placed under further investigation in June 2016. Investigations were rosseti forum in August, and in December he faced further rosseti forum, again for publishing more xenophobic pictures on social media.



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