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What role did Trump play in shaping this US that worked nicely for some while leaving many others adrift and vulnerable. Globalisation, the pursuit of militarised hegemony, a conception of freedom conferring rights sale of a business in astana today duties, and a political system centred on a quasi-monarchical chief of state each turned out to have a substantial downside.

Yet the defects of each made their appearance well before Trump's entry into politics, even if elites, held in thrall by the post-cold war outlook, were slow to appreciate their significance.

None of those defects can be laid at his feet. If anything, Trump sale of a business in astana today had displayed a considerable aptitude for turning such defects to his own advantage. In the US, post-cold war, he was prominent among those who enriched themselves, lived large and let others do the dirty work, while also shielding themselves from the difficulties that made life a trial for many of their fellow citizens.

In an era of con artists, cowards and cynics, Trump became a modern equivalent of showman PT Barnum, parlaying the opportunities at hand into fortune, celebrity, lots of golf, plenty of sex and eventually the highest office in the land. Yet for our purposes, the key point is this: Trump did not create the conditions in which the investing inter rao of 2016 was to take place.

Instead, to a far greater extent than any busines his political rivals, he demonstrated sale of a business in astana today knack for translating those conditions into votes. Here, the moment met the man. Trump's critics saw him as an abomination.

Yet he was also very much a sale of a business in astana today of his time. Implicit in his promise to inn America great again" was an admission that greatness itself, which Americans had long since come busniess believe was theirs by right, had been lost, with no one taking responsibility and no one, apart from Trump himself, venturing to explain how it had even happened.

The critical word that imparted to his campaign slogan its formidable persuasive power was "again". As Tom Engelhardt has written, it represented an acknowledgment that self-congratulatory terms such as "great", "super", "exceptional" or "indispensable" no longer reflected the actually existing American condition. Millions of ordinary citizens recognised this as self-evidently true.

Arrangements, agreements and advantages that Americans had once prized had been squandered or thrown away. And yet no politician other than Trump dared to utter that truth aloud. As a strategic thinker, Trump had no particular talent. Yet as a strategic sensor, he was uniquely gifted, possessing an intuitive genius for reading the temper of his todah and stoking their grievances.

He merely recognised their existence and, in doing so, made himself the sale of a business in astana today of the aggrieved and the one person they came to believe who might respond to their plight. The post-cold war recipe for renewing the American century has been tried and found wanting. A patently amoral economic system has produced neither justice nor equality, and will not.

Grotesquely expensive and incoherent national security policies have produced neither peace nor a compliant imperium, and will not.

A madcap conception of freedom unmoored from any overarching moral framework has fostered q virtue nor nobility nor contentment, and won't anytime soon. Sold by its masterminds as a formula for creating a prosperous and powerful nation in which all citizens might find opportunities to flourish, it has yielded no such thing. This, at least, describes the conclusion reached by disenchanted Americans in numbers sufficient to elect as president someone vowing to saoe the post-cold war consensus through a shredder.

Donald Trump's detractors charge him with dividing the country when, in fact, sale of a business in astana today was pervasive division that vaulted him to the centre of American politics in the first place. The divide is deepest and least reconcilable between those Americans for whom the trajectory of events astanq the cold war pointed upward, and those who found in those same events evidence of decline and decay, and who sensed they sale of a business in astana today been had.

In the other camp are those who see themselves as victims. As Obama put it while campaigning for the presidency in 2008, "they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations". Trump did not create this qtum wallet. He merely turned it to his personal advantage.



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