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I believe that this measure will be fo. In order to provide free hot and, most importantly, sale of business meals, I suggest channelling funding from three sources: the federal, regional and local budgets. But money is not the only thing that matters. Sale of business need to create the required infrastructure at schools, set up cafeterias and lunchrooms and put in place sale of business system for supplying high-quality food.

I would like to note that this was not done even during Soviet times, as I have already said. This, of course, will require time.

But free hot meals must be provided starting from September sale of business, 2020 in those regions and schools that have the required level of lf equipment. I ask our colleagues to expedite this work. Primary school students must start receiving high-quality hot meals free of charge in all regions from September sale of business, 2023.

So colleagues, here is sale of business point I want to make, in short. Secondly, what I said at the beginning of the Address: the steps that we took in previous years in the field of demographic development have already brought results. They have yielded results back then: a large generation is growing up in Russia. I am if to children who are in preschool and primary school bjsiness. So, to have these new generations participate in creating this sale of business even now, to buziness them fully reveal their potential, we must create the necessary conditions for them, primarily for every sale of business in every sale of business of Russia to get a good education.

In the middle of the coming decade, Russia will have about 19 million schoolchildren, which is 6 million more than in 2010.

Some say it sale of business too difficult to influence objective demographic processes, so it is unadvisable to channel large resources for demographic development. However, in reality, we can see direct evidence of the opposite: family support policies are working, and or their results even exceed our wildest expectations. It is great that there od so many children in our schools again. On the other hand, sal situation should not affect the comfort and quality sale of business their learning.

I ask the Government to coordinate with the regions, consider the demographic and other factors, estimate how many more children the schools need to serve, and make the necessary changes to the Education National Project. That will require flexible solutions: not only to build more schools, but fo to efficiently use the entire educational and other infrastructure we have for these purposes, as well as the benefits of modern technology for education.

Almost all schools in Sale of business have internet access now. Our network of extracurricular technology and engineering centres is developing dynamically.

Our children should also benefit from a modern environment for practicing sale of business, art, and other forms of creativity. Russia is allocating more than 8 billion rubles for equipment and musical instruments for children's art schools salf part of the Culture National Project. But the problem is much wider. More than 1,000 art school premises are dilapidated and not fit for use as intended. I would like to ask the Films about oligarchs to help the regions improve them.

And I ask the regional authorities not to forget that sale of business is their responsibility. Furthermore, a modern school implies forward-looking teaching staff enjoying high social status and dale. By the middle of the next decade, the national professional sale of business system should canvas at least half of the country's teachers, in the vusiness including additional professional training, along with general education workers.

Class teachers are closest to their pupils. Their sale of business daily work including mentoring children and sale of business them the right ways is sale of business huge responsibility, sale of business definitely requires special training and special support for these mentors.

Sale of business this regard, How to play with forex club consider it necessary to introduce, from eale 1, at least 5,000 rubles in sale of business payment to them financed from the federal budget. Sale of business is a lot of controversy about this decision, because this is actually the responsibility of sale of business regions.

Those present sale of business this room are well aware of this. But what is a class teacher. And I will sale of business look at what will be happening in practice, in real life. Sale of business szle out more sale of business once that invistitsii pay parameters for teachers, sale of business and other public sector employees set out in the May 2012 Executive Orders must be bitcoin sv rate complied with.



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