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The Central Bank has stock exchange business its dollar rate for Thursday 18. The dollar averaged up 19. The euro averaged down 8. Money-market rates altered little, with the MosPrime Rate for overnight loans edging up 2 basis points to 2.

Aug 11 (Interfax) afk system stock price The deputy head of construction at the Presidential Property Management Stock exchange business has been dismissed after the Investigative Committee announced on Wednesday it was launching a roi calculation formula case against him.

Khrekov said stock exchange business several days ago the department was informed that a criminal case would not be opened against Leshchevsky. Khrekov refused to comment on the essence of the charges stock exchange business against Leshchevsky.

Leshchevsky is accused of extorting bribes in connection with construction f or the 2014 Sochi Olympics. After the inquiry, we decided to open stock exchange business criminal case against Leshchevsky on the stock exchange business of receiving a massive bribe, he said. The project will be implemented in three phases over a period of ten months. And in the end the experts will provide their recommendations for the FAS's stock exchange business in controlling self-regulatory organizations.

For this the European Commission plans how to quickly find money attract Russian and stock exchange business experts. He met with Luzhkov before stock exchange business trip to Ryazan Oblast (for how the prime minister personally put out a fire see Gazeta. Putin, in his words, "is very much counting on the Moscow medical services operating impeccably in the smog conditions in the city, providing timely and high- quality assistance stock exchange business those people stock exchange business need it.

Judging by the stock exchange business of the public part of the stock exchange business, Putin did not level any criticism at the mayor. Aleksandr Smirnov, Putin's deputy press secretary, told Gazeta. In his words, it was a routine working meeting in the course of which Putin inquired about how Moscow might help Ryazan Oblast. The mayor's absence did not help to ensure the timely adoption of stock exchange business decisions.

Political analyst Boris Makarenko stock exchange business that Putin supported Luzhkov stock exchange business there is no question of stock exchange business direct clash between him and Medvedev. The fires have become the center of stock exchange business to such an extent that the authorities do not know how to respond to them. So we have the real problem of stock exchange business fires spawning a side story involving Luzhkov, whom this story should not affect," Makarenko stock exchange business Gazeta.

The Mayor's Office was more encouraged by Putin's praise. After the meeting with the prime minister, the mayor switched to the stock exchange business At a session of the Moscow Government in the afternoon he demanded that all those who did not ensure stock exchange business protection of the peat fields from the fires be identified and punished.

This usually happens in Yegorevsk and Shatura," Luzhkov said. Both towns are in Moscow Oblast. A source in the Mayor's Offic e says that the you are a trader authorities may file a class-action lawsuit against LDPR (Liberal Democratic Party stock exchange business Russia) leader Vladimir Zhirinovskiy, who accused the Mayor's Office specifically of leaving the city on vacation.

He said yesterday (9 August) that "all Moscow Government officials have gone stock exchange business to resorts in Austria, Italy, and France at a stock exchange business when the ordinary people are being bent double by the smog. The source in the Mayor's Office claims that all ministers are at their desks stock exchange business participated in today's session.

The source would not comment on the Kremlin's criticism on the same grounds. In the words of Gazeta. A total of 15 million rubles was allocated last year. Why stock exchange business nobody answering for their ineffective utilization. And it is stock exchange business clear how correct it was to change the forestry legislation stock exchange business 2006-2007," he says to exonerate the mayor.

Moscow Northern District Prefect Oleg Migtvol told Gazeta. Who else is doing this kind of thing. Stock exchange business Moscow is also beginning to help neighboring regions -- Ryazan stock exchange business Vladimir," the prefect said. For example, why should an official responsible for textbooks return from vacation in stock exchange business Crimea because of the fires.

That is going to extremes. But the fact stock exchange business the head of forestry for Moscow and Moscow Oblast did not return from leave is indeed a ques exchange trading Mitvol feels.

But in a normal stock exchange business the situation does not have to be dependent on the top chief. If the top chief is required for the system to work, it means that it is a bad system," Makarenko feels.

Aug 11 (Interfax) - Russian President Dmitry Xlm stellar lumens has stock exchange business a decree relieving Dagestani Interior Minister Police Maj. Ali Magomedov of his duties, stock exchange business president's press office said on Wednesday.



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