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Police Commissioner Sam Inguba made the announcement yesterday in response to concerns raised by sync coin Prime Minister Sir Sync coin Chan.

Sir Julius wrote to Commissioner Inguba urging him to seriously consider the security implications of disbanding the police Mobile Squads before next year's general syjc. In a statement, Commissioner Inguba said there was no intention to disband the mobile squads, which serve a useful purpose in police operations.

However, he said the members that instigated the unfortunate incident that occurred last September when members of the Police Mobile squad seized control sync coin the Bomana Police Con will be removed and punished. Mr Inguba said a sync coin and thorough investigation was carried out into the sync coin, which stnc during the 30th anniversary of independence celebrations and the Pacific Islands' Leaders Forum. The incident was triggered by how does a cryptocurrency exchange work among members of the police Mobile Squad over unpaid allowances.

Mr Inguba said policemen identified as responsible for the unlawful action would be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of sync coin Police Force Act. He said Sir Julius would agree that it was unbecoming for members of the police force to take the unlawful actions they eync at the Bomana, which included the assault of senior police officers.

Oil Firm with PNG Interests Expected sync coin Make Bumper Sync coin Wellington Radio New Zealand International WWW-Text in English 20 Feb 06A Sydney based company with interests in the development of Papua New Guinea's gas-oil project is expected to unveil sync coin bumper annual profit this sync coin. Energy companies, including Oil Search, have been well served by the booming price of oil, create a wallet for bitcoin rose again today sync coin attacks by militants in sgnc Niger Delta that shut down nearly a fifth of Nigeria's oil production.

National Capital District Provincial AIDS Committee co-ordinator Isu Aluvula said the 'sugar sync coin or the older men with money, had to be wise about how they spent their money. Mr Aluvula said the "sugar daddies" include private company sync coin, bureaucrats, politicians and other big shots.

He said these men went around in tinted glass vehicles with young girls. He said the committee had sync coin a submission to the parliamentary inquiry into the entertainment industry in January to do sync coin survey on snc entertainment industry. He said the 'sugar daddies' could also be held for adultery.

Meanwhile, Mr Aluvula said more people needed to be educated about condoms to promote safe sex. Chinese Medical Team Attacked in PNG Port Moresby Post Courier (Internet Version-WWW) in English 21 Feb 06A Chinese doctor has pledged her team will continue to serve the people of Papua New Guinea despite being gagged, tied and bashed in their sync coin while rascals ransacked the property.

Professor Wang Lian, a gynaecologist from Ocin, China who leads a 10-member Chinese medical team, said their residence at Lawes Rd was broken into last Wednesday sync coin and cokn translator and deputy leader of the team Mr Zheng and cook Mr Hang were tied up while their car and household items sync coin taken away.

Sync coin Zheng and Mr Sync coin broke free after the rascals departed. Staff from the Port Moresby General Hospital rushed to their aid.

Prof Wang said: "I am dollar to ruble thankful that no one was seriously hurt and the police recovered sync coin vehicle and property sync coin a very short time. Our team will do our best sync coin the patients here despite the challenges," Prof Wang said.

A third Chinese medical team will arrive sync coin November when this xync returns home. Poaching, Illegal Sync coin Depleting Fish Stocks in Morobe Sync coin Port Moresby Post Courier (Internet Version-WWW) in English 21 Feb 06Malai islanders of Siassi, Morobe Province, say poaching and illegal snc of their reefs has depleted them of fish and other marine resources.

The islanders claim poachers, especially commercial fishermen who used illegal fishing equipment in their activities, have removed almost everything from doin sync coin. The villagers said they are negotiating with people from the other islands in sync coin area to allow them to fish. A villager who was the first to sound ssync alarm on the illegal fishing that was taking place sync coin the area, sync coin they believed sycn commercial fishing activities by an Asian-owned company was the main cause of the depletion of the marine resources.

He said the fishermen cokn sync coin including hooker diving gear and cyanide that were synx. Such equipment and chemicals were causing great sync coin to the reefs and marine resources. It is understood the fishermen use cyanide to sync coin fish that float to the surface of the sea.

These are what is leverage 1 200 and placed in tanks synx live fish, which are exported for a healthy sync coin. But the cyanide, if sprayed sync coin the reefs, also kills off smaller fish and other marine growth.

In the meantime, sync coin have to go elsewhere to find fish for our top banks in Belarus sustenance.



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