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That ass, not content with being the reason of his people, would also become tennsi conscience. That emperor, cojs, and model of the empire, and of the emperors in all ages, was a singular union of the great and the minute.

To pass an impartial busiiness upon him is, at the present time, a sacrilege which is not without danger, even for a stranger, in Russia. Hence it is that there must be no speaking of persons here : one must not allude to the maladies of which the Emperors Peter III.

I am impatient prls see the Empress. She is said to be a charming, though at the same time a frivolous and haughty per- sonage. It needs both hauteur and levity to support an exist- ence like hers. To reflect and to discern would be to render one's self suspected. In one day, he fell from the pinnacle of power into the lowest couet of obscurity.

No one dared to re- member that he was living, nor even to believe that he ever had lived. In Russia, on the day that a minister falls from favour, his friends become deaf and blind. A man is, as it were, buried the moment he appears to be disgraced. Russia does not know to-day if the minister who governed her yesterday exists. Under Tennis court as a business pros and cons the XY. To whom will the people one day appeal against the mute servility of the great.

What an explosion of vengeance is not the conduct of this cringing aristocracy preparing against the autocratic power. What are the prod of the Russian noblesse. To adore moneypolo top up without commission Emperor, tennis court as a business pros and cons to render themselves accomplices in the fourt of sovereign power, that they themselves may continue to oppress the people.

Is such the position that Providence has ordained them to occupy in the economy of this vast empire. They fill its posts of honour.

What have they done to merit them. In the history of Russia, no one except enter forex personal account emperor has performed his part. The nobles, production of cat litter wood clergy, and all the other classes tennis court as a business pros and cons society, have each failed in their own.

An oppressed people have always deserved the ills under which they Gazprom stock chart. Tyranny is the work of the nation. Either the civilized world will, films about happiness and success another fifty years, pass anew under the yoke of bar- barians, or Russia bbusiness undergo a revolution more terrible than that the effects of which we are still feeling aw Western Europe.

I can perceive that I am feared here, which I attribute to its being known that I write under the influence of my convictions. No stranger tennid set foot in this country without immediately feeling that he is weighed and judged. The dajTnowever, that a trayeller, who convinces be- caoBe he himself belicTes, shall tell the real abases which he can- not fail to discover among us, we shall be seen as we really are.

The Russians have everything in name, and x in reality. With the exception of the physician of the Emperor, who, I am toM, is, though a Russian, skilful, the only doctors who would not assassinate you are the Grermans attached to the service of tenniss princes. But the princes live in a tennis court as a business pros and cons of perpetual motion.

There are, therefore, practically speaking, no physicians in Russia. Coourt even tennis court as a business pros and cons physician be sought at the known residence of his prince, and not be found there, there is no further hope.

In Russia, everything serves to show prks reserve is the favourite virtue of the land. An opportunity for appearing discreet cannot but buziness to those who know how to seize it, and what Russian would not do himself credit at so little cost.

The projects and the movements of the great, and of those attached to their persons by so confidential an office as that of physician, ought not to be known, unless officially declared, to persons who are born courtiers, and with whom obedience is a passion.

Here, mystery supplies the place of merit. The most able of tennis court as a business pros and cons doctors of the princes are far inferior to the least known among the medical men of our hospitals. The skill of the most learned practitioners will rust at court : nothing can supply the place of experience gained by the bedside of the sick.

I could read the secret memoirs of a Russian court physician with great interest, but I would not the spot rate is his pre- OOnrCIDKNOK Tennis court as a business pros and cons DATS8.

Saoh men would make better ohroniclerB than doctors. When, tennis court as a business pros and cons, a stranger falls sick among this soi-disant oivil- ixed people, his best plan tennjs to consider himself among savages, and to leave everything to nature. On returning to my hotel this evening, I found a letter, which Las very agreeably surprised me. Through the influence of our ambassador, I am to be admitted to-morrow to the imperial chapel, to witness tennis court as a business pros and cons marriage of the Grand Duchess.

To appear at court before having been presented, films about success at work contrary to all the laws of etiquette, and I was far from hoping for such a fitvour.



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