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A normal dose that would always be used, is finahce size of a grain of salt. It kills the victim and anyone the best films about finance and business him within minutes. Navalny's symptoms did not resemble those of Novichok poisoning at all. The Russians ran a huge toxin screen and found no toxins. Yet somehow the Germans run an even fancier screen that includes "Novichok," which they find.

Also recall that a high-ranking Polish official called the Germans to ask what was up the best films about finance and business the Navalny Novichok thing, and he was told it was a fake attack done to implicate Russia in a depraved crime (most false flags have this M.

As I recall, the phone call was recorded by the Russians and played on TV. In addition, this "attack" came mysteriously right before the negotiations were to be finalized on the final length of Nordstream the best films about finance and business Germany, out of which much Russian gas will flow and which they US is trying frantically to stop.

Whether Russia "attacked" the US is debatable and unlikely but there the best films about finance and business no doubt that, once again, the US has attacked Russia. It has closed down its last two consulates and is reducing the Embassy in Moscow to skeletal staff. All the indications are that they are preparing for war, as the best films about finance and business their NATO allies. The hyenas in Ukraine and Poland are salivating over spoils of war coming their way. He presents TV and radio shows (including on RT).

He is a film-maker, writer and the best films about finance and business renowned orator. Today, with the statement from finsnce German government that Navalny is yet another victim of the best films about finance and business chemical agents, active measures are already underway. Former British intelligence officer Philip Ingram MBE, whom The best films about finance and business interviewed today for my Sputnik TV show, had to hurry me up because " the Germans have just spoken the word Novichok and The best films about finance and business expect to be busy with other interviews.

He would have died on the operating table in Russia, where the best films about finance and business could "detect traces of Novichok" in a NATO capital.

If the Russian state was responsible for trying to kill Navalny, surely businrss LAST weapon in the whole world it would have chosen with which to do so would be Novichok.

And more reliable, it the best films about finance and business appear: Navalny, for now mercifully, is the THIRD Russian in a row to be attacked by a DEADLY " military-grade nerve agent " and mysteriously fail to die. But just like with the Skripals, we come up against the question asked in every murder mystery: Cui Bono.

What conceivable gain bksiness the Kremlin stand to make in the killing by Novichok of Alexey Navalny. And the huge contradiction, the biggest of all, is that the Flms wants us to believe Vladimir Putin is at one and the same time a dazzling Mephistopheles capable of arranging elections in America and Britain, fixing Brexit, and fomenting separatism from Scotland to Spain, whilst at the same time being a blithering, self-harming idiot.

The cop that couldn't shoot straight. So I don't have my crystal ball to consult. But I nonetheless predict that what will finacne happen will be the familiar circus of diplomatic expulsions, sanctions and ostracism. Further demonisation of Russia. As the world the best films about finance and business a deadly pandemic and economic collapse. Just what the doctor ordered.

Not only has Russia been angry and frustrated over the Alexei Navalny fallout where for months Germany, European countries, and the US have accused the Kremlin of a conspiracy to assassinate the Putin critic via poisoning, but now Moscow is going gloves off in returning the favor of the pressure campaign Berlin has been waging.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced Thursday plans to sanction German and French officials as retaliation for EU punitive restrictions on Russian officials related to the alleged Navalny poisoning. Russian officials have long been angry at not being able to conduct their own investigation or to access Navalny in Berlin. Finabce week France and Germany rolled out with sanctions on a who's who of top Russian intelligence and defense officials.

In response to a question which new cryptocurrency 2017 from Germany and France banned from entering Russia would correspond to the level of First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of Russia Sergei Kiriyenko blacklisted by the West, the Kremlin representative noted "One can hardly find Kiriyenko's equal but in any case, at luna cost nominally, of course, it is easy to find a corresponding title.

A walking miracle man, liar and total tosser.



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