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The abdication by European governments of due process and of respect for Russian state laws, its government, and its president the most profitable production for small businesses astounding. They are indulging a foreign-sponsored gadfly as the most profitable production for small businesses he is the sovereign representative of the Russian Federation. Navalny and his the most profitable production for small businesses allies have lost the plot in their own telling of an alleged assassination plot.

First things first: he is a convicted felon who is answerable to Russian law. Pushing false flags and slanderous falsehoods from abroad with the intent of damaging Russia's sovereignty is an abuse of his rights. Arrogant and overindulged Navalny is patently incapable of even understanding his obligations under how to withdraw money from exmo to a sberbank card as the most profitable production for small businesses Russian citizen.

He evidently feels above the law, like many of his Western backers. That's why Russia is right to tell him to put up or shut up. This, coming on top of the poison in the tea in the airport cafeteria, followed by the poison in the water bottle picked up by Navalny's followers wearing no protective masks or gloves.

Of course with Bellingcat the most profitable production for small businesses by an unemployed ladies-underwear sales representative) involved in the latest installment in the farce, the obsession with Navalny's underpants becomes understandable.

That phone conversation Navalny had with "Kudryavtsev" surely had to be staged. What is it with the British obsession with underpants. All the more disturbing then that the real Kudryavtsev's mother-in-law ended up an indirect victim of British intel's stupidity, when her flat was invaded by one of Navalny's idiot groupie followers. We stopped on the way to vist my parents house.

My mother, the most profitable production for small businesses to the Professor, and asked in front of the others, "You do make sure zec currency changes his underpants don't you.

Obviously, the Russki FSB go around filling up machines with poisoned water bottles. So we must expect a massive "Novachoco" at German Airports any time now. The Investigative Committee of Russia announced on Tuesday that it has launched a fresh probe into the affairs of opposition activist Alexey Navalny, to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to charge him with fraud.

The Committee's spokesperson describes this as evidence of "fraud on a particularly large scale. In 2017, the most profitable production for small businesses Russian court refused to overturn a judicial decision in which he was found to have embezzled funds from a state-owned timber firm.

He had been allowed to run in the 2013 Moscow the most profitable production for small businesses race while he appealed the verdict, attracting around 27 percent of the votes, compared to the 51 percent won by the eventual victor, Sergey Sobyanin. Navalny has been in Germany since August, when he was transferred to Berlin's Charite hospital from a Siberian clinic.

He took ill on a flight from Tomsk to Moscow, in what his associates allege to be a poisoning with the nerve the most profitable production for small businesses Novichok. Earlier this month, world indices in real time online US and UK state-funded investigative outlet Bellingcat claimed to have mobile phone data that placed state security agents within a few miles of Navalny the day before.

It argued that he is no longer receiving hospital care and, "therefore the convicted man is not fulfilling all the obligations placed on him by the court. At motivational comedy annual end-of-year press conference in December, President Vladimir Putin told reporters that Navalny had links to "American special services" and that, if the Kremlin had indeed wanted the opposition figure dead, the security services would have "finished the job.

To date there's no clear evidence that Konstantin Kudryavtsev actually did speak to Navalny on the phone and the entire phone interview (during which Navalny was told that the FSB tried to kill him a second time by putting Novichok on his underwear) may have been a stunt pulled by people who stole parts of a phone database and the metadata attached to phone transactions on that database.

Der Trading currency, CNN, another media outlet and Bellingcat apparently paid Bitcoin or cryptocurrency of some sort to access the data from sources to whom the phone database xauusd chart online for today was "leaked".

This gives a whole day and seven hours for the FSB to do its dastardly work of trying to kill Navalny a second time while he was in intensive care and receiving (supposedly) intubation. B criticized Grayzone head Max Blumenthal for his initial criticism of Assaad's 2011 response to the "color revolution".

I think B's arguement has some merit but overall the reports from the Grayzone are very good and I'm hoping B online forex market his position which was critical the most profitable production for small businesses Max Blumenthal. Blumenthal, Mate and Anya Parampil all have interesting histories intertwined with The Nation, RT, DemocracyNOW, The Intercept and others.

They are careful about their criticism of these "leftist" groups and I think their stories are very good: Syria, Europe, Bolivia, Venezuela especially. How can the Russians do so, when the Germans refuse to hand over materials and information relevant to the investigation, and when the story keeps changing and becomes ever more fantastical.

In the meantime ava trade broker Russians are expected to investigate the circumstances of Navalny's poisoning and to admit that they are responsible for Navalny falling ill on the plane and nearly dying from at least two botched poisoning attempts. If Navalny is a convicted felon. Russia should put out ntf tokens for binance red notice on him.

Didn't the Germans say they found the Novichok on Navalny's water bottle. Now Russians trolling Navalny said they put it in his panties. How did the Novichok get from Navalny's panties to his water bottle.

Thanks guys, this Navalny Novichok BS keeps getting stupider and stupider. First of all, an FSB agent is so stupid as to answer the phone from someone he doesn't know and has never heard of and spill the beans about the whole plot.

I'm sure that intelligence agencies must have safeguards against enemy spies spoofing and pretending to be the agency's own people. No intelligence agency is that stupid, and the FSB is one of the best. Next, has anyone noticed Putin's reaction. Putin basically laughed and said, "Trust me, this guy is as insignificant as an ant.

He's not even worth going to the trouble of poisoning," which is what we had hypothesized all along. Has anyone else ever noticed the giveaway in all of eth how to buy endless NATO, US, and British false flags against Russia, Syria, etc. When something actually happens, the story doesn't usually change with the breeze. But in these provocations, lies, and false flags, the story changes every few weeks or so.

At the breakfast table in the airport in Russia 2. On the plane 3. Next, in his water bottle in his hotel room before the flight 4.

And finally the most profitable production for small businesses, in his underwear. Remember the man who invented Novichok said: It was made to be lethal, as lethal as an atomic weapon. It was never used anywhere and set aside for history. A sbt coin dose that would always be used, is the size of a grain of salt. It kills the victim and anyone around him within minutes.

Navalny's symptoms did not resemble those of Novichok poisoning at all. The Russians ran a huge toxin screen and found no toxins.



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